1. F

    New Member from Southern Indiana

    I just joined, looking for any tips/tricks and such for what I'm working on. I've got two vehicles, kinda trying to sell one or the other to fix the one I keep up for myself. Currently, I've got a running 1962 Chevy Corvair Monza 900. Wonderful car, mostly original, only replaced the gas...
  2. Slammed2000

    Lsxrt on lq4?

    I'm gunna be finding a lq4 to build for my single cab, I'm gunna put the biggest street able cam I can find or have spec'd out, and I may spend some money on some really nice heads, I also wanna use the lsxrt with a 90mm tb, I really don't have power goals, I'm not gunna do anything to the...
  3. T

    Important!: Question about tubing my rear and if I should tub my 2009 GMC Sierra

    I have a 2009, GMC Sierra on a 4-7 drop ( 7 inch flip kit in the back, 2 inch spindle in the back and 2 inch struts with 2 inch re-locators ) right now with 24 inch rims. The tires on it are 285/35 just in case that plays into tubing it. Now what my plans are is to go to a 6-9 drop or 6-10...
  4. DeanH1290

    NNBS Bolt-on Performance?

    Figured I would keep all of this info here to keep it easy to find for anyone looking for the same info. To start of, the truck has a 5.3l LC9 with the 6sp auto transmission with 3.42 gears. I'm looking to do some bolt on mods before I go forward with a tune on the truck. I currently have an...
  5. R

    Lil bagged cammed dime thang

    Traded my gfs corolla for this car because the guy needed something better for his wife , Mild cam, bored .030" over , under pulleys , efans, aem intake, edelbrock headers have a limited slip posi for the rear diff not installed yet , New camaro black steel take offs , hids , bolt on bag...
  6. Huck

    Body lift tips and tricks (NBS)

    I'm pretty sure we've never really discussed this in depth. But I'm putting on my Zone 1.5" body lift on my NBS this weekend and was just looking for some tips and tricks from those that have done it. My main concern is how you handle the front clip/core support. My thinking is, remove all...
  7. CammedVmax

    Best electric cutout

    I know a few of y'all have cutouts, I'm gonna be redoing my exhaust here soon hopefully and putting an electric cutout in it. Which one do some of y'all like the best? Like as far as not leaking and everything. Sent from Tapashit
  8. Slow05CC

    Best way to get a rear 5" drop on a CC with welded hangers

    I have a 2005 Crew cab and it currently has a gansta drop ( cut springs, shackles and center leaf removed ) that sits about 2/4ish. I want to add the the leaf back and possibly get a flip kit. I want to use a mcgaughys or belltech kit but they only offer a 4" or 6" drop with their flip kits...
  9. HackMcMaster

    Pressing out Uca bushings

    So I'm in the process of redoing the front suspension this weekend. For the life of me I can't get these upper control arm bushings out. I'm going to leave three in after seeing how good they still are trying to get the first out. However I have made the first one unusable now, the only idea I...
  10. Jared

    D/FW G8 group Gas Monkey meet

    We had a good turnout, and still missing 4-5 cars at least.
  11. 2

    Tool organization

    So I recently bought a bigger tool box where I can actually organize all my tools instead of keeping them in the shitty plastic cases they came in. What are u fgts using to organize ur sockets? was thinking something like this. but ive got 6 and 12pt sockets in almost every foken...
  12. mrgobstopper

    1998 Chevy Lumina

    I've got a 1998 chevy lumina that looks just like the picture. I want to trick the lumina out to make it go fast and look nice. Can someone help me find what I need and suggest what I should do? Sent from my SCH-I545 using Tapatalk
  13. D

    Opinions on Jl audio 13tw5

    I'm going to be putting it in a single cab truck. With a jl audio slash 500/1 v2 amp.
  14. Edubbcity1

    Drop arms with spindles

    New here but wanted to share my journey with my truck. I've got an 03 extended cab silverado and recently slammed it. Went with McG flip, notch and shackles (havnt got around to putting the shackles on due to my bolts being seized) but will get to it! Up front I have 2" djm arms with McG 16+...
  15. T

    programmer help

    I want to just disable my afm on my 10 silverado. Is there a programmer out there I can buy that will let me do it?
  16. 2

    How do yall neers setup ur helpers?

    Im in the process of adding OBA to my truck and was wondering if u guys with helpers had valves going to them. Im wanting to just hit a button and air up or down on the fly. Pics would be awesome too
  17. S

    WTS/WTT- 20"oem tahoes

    Want to trade for 22"s or 17-18" plus lots of cash galaxy s3
  18. WildChevys

    2015 Cadillac Escalade released!!

    I like it, I think it's the nicest of the 3 fullsize GM suv's 2015 Escalade Luxury SUV | Cadillac
  19. Bootstrap

    Dat stash

    Sent from my DROID RAZR MAXX HD
  20. Ginger

    Morimoto Retrofit Adaptor Plates

    So i made my own retrofit plates, and while i had the machine set up i made a few extra sets. These are the adaptor plates to retrofit the Morimoto Projectors from The Retrofit Source into the factor Denali Housings. These are made out of 16ga 304 Stainless Steel. If your interested, PM me...