1. OleDixieNNBS

    Progress on my 2010 2wd crew cab LS

    Pretty here and don't really have time to post often, but just wanted to share progress on my truck. It's a 2010 2wd LS. Bought it bone stock aside from having side steps and a retrax bed cover. I initially added HIDs, LEDs throughout, Rockford fosgate door speakers, 2 rockford fosgate 12s and...
  2. James Pate

    BAMF Pri's 2005 Chevrolet Tahoe build thread

    This is where I will keep the build of my GF new to her tahoe. She got it about a week and a half ago and really just been driving it. She has some ideas that she wants to do to it that I have already taken care of. Main thing she needs to decide is whether she want's to lift or lower it. Its...
  3. slonlow2000

    Bagged 1999 GMC Sierra

    Interested in trading for a RCSB or a crewcab, or a stock truck and some cash. Prefer 2wd non-black trucks. Sell price is $13000, but mainly trying to trade at this point in time. 1999 GMC Sierra, 5.3 with 157000 miles, and a 4L60E with around 3000 miles on a fresh rebuild. VIN...
  4. F


    Looking to get some new headlights and wanted to know what was a good brand to go with or if they're all the same.
  5. Connor

    Boat Porn

    Whore out your boat photos. I'll start it out. Saw this beaut at jupiter inlet today This grady was getting wet
  6. L

    99_02 vs 03-06 gmc bumper strength

    This is my 1st post ... and i serched and didnt find anything related to what i want to know so if i posted in wrong area or missed anothrr post sorry. ... Here goes i want to kow which bumper is stronger the 99-02 or the 03 06 bumper it looks like the newer bumper would offer less protection...
  7. T

    07-13 Silverado led fog light kit

    I'm asking $150 for these shipped or will trade for stock fog lights plus cash. Don't want them anymore. Located in byram ms. It comes with all 4 led pods and the brackets to mount them also.
  8. Cleanoh4

    Cleanoh4's Usually Clean 2004

    Sitting here with lots of nervous energy today and I realized I never started a build thread ( not that I've done a whole lot in comparison to some), plus I figure it'll give me a place to post up questions/things that wont get lost as easy. Details: 2004 Chevrolet Silverado Z71 - bought...
  9. justinghump

    The Old Man's 2500HD

    New project, which you guys may find more desirable than my truck, since us longed guys get no love here lmao... Updated 1/8/18 since Photobucket doesn't work anymore, here is an original picture of the truck in it's previous life as well as the reg cab before it's "makeover". I started this...
  10. B

    03 sierra gm fog light kit

    So I know gm use to make a kit for the 03 silverado. Came with a valance and for some and wiring. Does anyone know if they make the same kit for the 03 sierras. Just need the fogs and harnesses.
  11. Fiesty

    Fiesty's 2008 G8 GT

    Welp I'm no longer pulling a trailer daily so I sold the ol dmax about a month ago and picked this up. 2008 Pontiac G8 GT, 72k, L76, 6 speed auto, sun roof (always wanted one), loaded, etc. Sold the dmax for $1k more than I paid for it, and got this for $16k which is a pretty good price for this...
  12. R

    NNBS Fuse and 6hi mod

    So I did the 6hi mod on my nbs without an issue. Tonight I tried to do it after looking at a few posts and could not get it to work...
  13. slonlow2000

    BCM Swap 99 to 2000

    I've got a 99 sierra, and any of the 99's will not unlock the doors when you put the vehicle in park. It cannot be programed and cannot be changed. So starting in 2000 this is an option. I picked up a 2000 BCM this weekend. Is it just a plug and play swap, or is there more to it? I don't want to...
  14. S

    Sierra ecsb "build"

    "build" because nothing too serious, just a low budget daily driver Truck was completely stock and abused when i bought it a year ago. I explained everything i added/fixed in my intro thread. About a month ago it looked like this And since then I've removed step bars removed plastic...
  15. Cschaefferopk

    New member, upstate NY

    Hey guys new to the forum, just purchased a 2013 Chevy Silverado 1500 Thunder Edition. Have all sorts of ideas running through my head. I know my way around a truck but ive still got lots to learn. Going to start with a lift/leveling kit. Thinking 2.5 to 3 inches. Just enough to get itnoff the...
  16. Big Tex

    For Sale: 2004 Chevy ecsb 5.3 4x4 LT

    Time for me to let go of my first love. This truck has lots of new parts and quite a few modifications. General info: 2004 Chevy/Chevrolet Silverado 1500 5.3 4x4 LT extended cab 6.5' bed with 153,460 miles. I am the second owner. I have owned it since it had 112,000 miles. I've always kept it...
  17. E

    Retrofitting NNBS fogs

    Had some old offroad led lights laying around so figured i wanted to try and put the leds in my stock fog light housing. Let me know wat y'all think. led lights I'm using fresh paint and led mounted lens sealed back on - - - - - - - - - -auto merged double post- - - - - - - - -...
  18. Oktain

    SBM Sierra RCSB build thread... Sort of anyway.

    First post is essentially just making it official. I've put my order in for a 2015 SBM (Stone Blue Metallic) Sierra Z71, RCSB. Options I went with: - Trailer brake controller - trailering equipment and 3.42's instead of 3.08's - jet black interior - backup camera - 20's (All terrain are not...
  19. GingerCrew

    GingerCrews RCSB

    What's up fellas. Those who follow me on IG know the diesel is gone and has been replaced with this. I had my reasons... This one is a 03, 4.8 2wd arrival blue, 3:73s yada yada Day I picked it up Cleaned it up and swapped wheels from the 14 and got it tinted 10% sides 5% rear Got the 4/6 on...
  20. B

    1999 GMC Sierra - The Bgray Special

    Gauging interest, good advantage right now in the USD to CND exhange. Please see the details, Ask members that have seen it how good it was. $1,000,000,000 obo or somehwre close to 30 Engine LQ9 6.0 Flat Top Pistons Stock Bottom End Texas Speed Torquer V3 231/234 111lsa PRC Stage 2.5 243...