1. C

    For Sale: 2010 silverado 1500 extended cab 2wd imperial blue lowered 55k miles 1 owner

    I am selling my baby, I never planned on selling, I had so many plans. I am selling because I am starting a business and could use the cash. The oil is always changed with royal purple, it is maintained early and often and is absolutely in no need of mechanical maintenance. The trucks paint and...
  2. Khaos

    How To: NV3500 5 Speed Fluid Change

    This is a guide to changing the fluid on the New Venture Gear 3500 series 5 speed transmissions found in GM Half Ton trucks. Required Tools & Materials 17mm Allen Wrench or Socket, preferably 1/2" drive - my local parts store had it in stock Socket Wrench Torque Wrench (ft/lbs or Nm) Oil/Fluid...
  3. Blackout

    Difference between gmt400 and 800 axles and diffs?

    My 03 1500 z71 (10 bolt) has the shitty open diff and I noticed it's getting kind of loose, and I need to change the nasty fluid anyways. I have a 98 10bolt with a 30k g80 sitting in it out of a truck I threw a 14 bolt in and sold. When I drove the truck before the swap the g80 worked...
  4. slonlow2000

    4l60e Install help?

    Heres my situation, lost 2/4/reverse in my trans several weeks ago. Fianlly got the stupid thing out after following a how to over on pt.net. Now is there a how to for installing? I had to buy new torque converter to flywheel bolts due to mine having a allen head center only. Do those bolts have...
  5. S

    Removing 99-06 front fenders?

    Looking for how tech articles or videos? Might pick up some used fenders and been a few years, wanna make sure I bring right tools! Found this, do I need anything else? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. 88GMCtruck

    88GMCtruck's 98 Silverado Towpig Build: "Black Fox"

    88GMCtruck's 98 Silverado Towpig Build: "Black Fox" Since I recently joined and recognize some faces I haven't seen in years, figured I would post up some backstory of my Dually. After looking at duramax trucks and not wanting to spend as much, I decided to go a different route. Here...
  7. S

    2003 Chevy Silverado, 2wd reg cab short bed, 4.8L V8, 5-sp manual, RCSB

    2003 Chevy Silverado regular cab short bed. Black exterior, tan cloth interior - Asking $9900 OBO I looked for almost 6 months to find a RCSB 2WD pickup with the LS V8. Truck rides and drives great. Clutch is strong. Everything works, power windows, power locks, auto headlights, AC and heat...
  8. 1brokekid

    White Trash 1985 C10

    Finally got out of that Duramax and back into something that suits me better. I ended up giving the Duramax back to my father, sold his van for him, and in turn he gave me back my 85. I bought this truck 5 summers ago when I was 13, along with the 82. It sat untouched while we built my 82, which...
  9. C

    4L60E shifting issues. fixed but came back???

    06 silverado 1500 2wd 4L60E.... I've owned this truck for over a year now and had no troubles other than a slight hard shift from 1st to 2nd if under 1600rpm. Was parked for a week and upon driving I noticed it was sluggish when accelerating as if it we stuck in 3rd and wont go into 4th...
  10. E

    On this episode of dads truck is broke...

    So those who saw my other thread and those who I've talked to in the past know how much shit dads put into his Yukon lately, rebuilt the rear end, new ac system, all new fuel lines, etc etc. All within the last year or so. Anyways. I'm home for the weekend as my parents are moving so I was...
  11. S

    Fuel shut off

    97 suburban was going down highway and everything died as if you hit the key. Change crank sensor, oli pressure, ignition mod. Got spark got fuel pressure but no fuel to intake. Will run with starting fluid. Out of ideas
  12. Fastnloud5.3

    Its getting cold...

    Currently -2. My 99 nbs starts fine but my tranny hates it. 100% fine when warmed up or not fucking sub zero out.. likes to shift like its in tow/haul. I assume my tranny fluid is thick from the cold weather. 168k and tranny flush and filter 10k ago. Any additives I can use to help it out...
  13. M

    Truck down!!

    So, for the past couple of weeks, I'd been listening to this squeal coming from under the hood. It would get louder and louder as the truck warmed up. Well Saturday, I was coming back home and it threw the belt and overheated on me. I pulled over and the belt was over by the battery, still in...
  14. Jared

    DIY catch can? Anyone done one?

    now, I don't personally like the looks, but it could be painted and hidden some. Guys on the G8 page are doing them for around $20 bucks or so.
  15. R

    4l80e leaking from slip yoke question

    2003 2500hd 2wd with the 4l80e tranny in it and the past few days it has had some small drips from the slip yoke of trans fluid and this morning I went out and theres just a big puddle. its not the extension shaft seal because I have just replaced that when my tranny mount broke and it went...
  16. S

    How To: New axle shafts, axle seals, and outer axle bearings on 8.6 10-bolt

    The other day I was doing a wheel/tire swap on the Sierra when I noticed while it was on jackstands there was a lot of lateral play when I would lift or pull on then axle shafts. Enough play to cause an audible clunk when lifted and let go. Although my axle seals have never leaked fluid, I...
  17. Khaos

    Joke: Turbocharged Rice Cooker

    Yeah, I bought one. 2002 WRX 2.0L Turbo 5 speed in Midnight Black Metallic with just under 151k on the clock. Bone stock besides HKS catback, 18" Konig wheels (black = :nono:), 2010-ish WRX shifter, and tint. Already debadged the trunk and added clear corner lights, removed fog light...
  18. carbed87

    2000 tahoe limited on 22" tx edition in Denver $5400 obo

    Up for sale is my 2000 Tahoe Limited, please read the entire description and call for any additional info. For starters, if you don't know what a "Tahoe Limited" is then please click the link below: Chevrolet Tahoe - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Here are some details on mine: Exterior...
  19. E

    rear end issues

    First of all I apologize if this has been answered or something. my searching sucks, and y'all know i'm a Ford guy so i have no idea. Yukon was making weird noises when I was home driving it. now dad's saying it got way worse. He dropped it off at the shop and it needs a rear end rebuild...
  20. Trevor F

    How To: Corvette Servo Install

    I don't take credit for this and some of you will know the original source. I'm installing another one today and searched for this how to. This was the write-up i followed years back when i first did one. Just thought id add a little info to the forum since i didn't see a thread on this.