1. Jared

    Beware: Distinct Fabrications out of Mckinney, Texas

    As some of you may be aware, my truck was damaged after taking it to a shop to have the front tubbed. The same day I dropped it off it was hit buy another customers Yukon, that was in the shop's possession. The owner, Hector, of DF stated he was going to take care of it. So he was to tub, fix...
  2. C

    New from Louisiana. 09 NNBS Silverado

    Joined to get some recommendations!.. just kinda looking for that next little thing to help it stand out. What's done so far. 6/10 drop on American Racing 4's. Front: 4" upper and lower djm arms, 2" beltech adjustable strut assembly. Back: 6" Flip Kit, 2" shackles, and block. De-badged any and...
  3. C

    What tire size are these??

    Couldnt confirm the tire size so I figured you guys here would be able to help out. What this same size. Any help is appreciated!

    BARBER's 2003 Chevy LB7 Duramax

    I've had intentions of getting myself a Duramax for a while now. I actually wanted to wait until I got my '08 paid off this fall and then was thinking of picking up a GMT900 with a LMM in it. Would of probably picked up a crew cab as well. Then, on the same hand I really was wanting to get into...
  5. M

    My new truck (lowered 06)

    So I totaled my tahoe, im still hurt from this so I dont want to post up pics or anything or talk about it..... But I picked this up last night 06 silverado, dropped 5/7 as far as I can tell. Center console, sunroof, dem cool mirrors with the turn signals in them ect.. Bumpsteer whooped my...
  6. Jared

    Look at this suspension for 99-06

    looks promising
  7. Jared

    Wanted: Daily Driver

    The time has come, I'm tired of dealing with the truck, and looking to park it for awhile. I really want a Sonoma with the step-side bed (2000ish model) or an Xtreme S-10 or Blazer. Will consider other things of course. If you find links to something above, feel free to post them here...
  8. Silver04

    DA04 progress

    Well its about time I made one of these. Pic heavy. So here we go... I got the truck in 05 bone stock. It was a grad gift from my parents. Rollin on 26" idk y I thought that was kool??? 22"s Before I dropped it 2/4 was @ 2" in the rear in this pic. 2/4 belltech chrome headlights...
  9. N

    New project build

    I found a 97 silverado short bed single cab for 1500$ has 180k on it. I had a ford lightning 480hp so big difference but I'm ok with the hp change, but do want something dependable I won't be scared to drive a hour or so trip and make it home, or stop and go traffic. Reason I sold my lightning...
  10. F

    Galveston/Huston area tires

    I'm trying to drop my truck but I can't find any 275/45/20 tires. I would like some good used ones just so that I can finally be dropped. Is there anybody from the Galveston/Houston area that knows of any shops that might have some at a good piece?
  11. Moonuhsato

    Hey guys, just joining the forum

    Just lowered my brand new sierra ecsb 2013. 5/7 [/URL][/IMG] 5/7. belltech. with helper shocks in rear. 275/55/20 with stock gmc wheels. tires were a little too big [/URL][/IMG] 275/45/20. much better. planning on dropping it an inch all around and c-notch the rear
  12. Slammed2000

    New from St. Louis Missouri!

    I'm new so I thought I would say hey and show ya what I got! 2000 silverado 5.3 with a set of Texas speed long tube headers, a tune and a borla xr1 muffler. It's dropped 4/5 and I plan on a 5/7 but she sits low enough for now
  13. 06_crewcab_ss

    Slow build of my 06 Silverado

    So I got this truck on January 7, 2012 and have big plans for it. But we all know how much money and time these things take so I figured I would make a build thread to show everyone the progress so far and any future updates. Here it is the day I brought it home Bought it used with 72,xxx...
  14. JoshRA

    JoshRA 2013 RCSB

    Figured Most of everyone has probably seen pics posted in the As your vehicle sits now thread but why not make a build thread. This will be a very slow process for a while since there is a upcoming wedding, getting our own place to live in a few months maybe, and getting le fiance a new car so...
  15. HackMcMaster

    Chopped top

    Anyone chop the top on a full size? Or got pics? Wanna chop my nbs cc Sent from a secure terminal using the classified military network
  16. bayousam

    My 2011 GMC Crew Build (Bayou Betty)

    I started this page over because it turned into 5 pages of random info and back and forth info that had nothing to do with what was going on, so I asked J to delete the old one to begin a new one when I got more into the build and back on track. This is how she sat when I took her off the lot...