1. Bagged_Sierra

    Little update

    Not alot has changed on my 13 Sierra till now so I figured I would show you guys whats going on with it as of right now. Ordered some 26" Chrome Versante 225 wheels and tires that came in yesterday. I got my rendering almost finished, and dropped the truck off last night for paint. He said he...
  2. Malikk Loftis

    Malikk's 01' Step side

    Haven't been very active on here & I've been needing to make a build thread so to start it off... I Received this truck at the beginning of my sophomore year. Nothing special to a lot of people but for me, as ugly as it was I thought it was pretty cool truck with a lot of potential. I got it...
  3. B

    any pics of a crew cab 1500 with 99 02 hd clip?

    Just like title says curious to see a crew cab 1500 with 99 02 silverado hd clip on it. lowered or bagged but preferably lowered.
  4. Samuel6731

    What enclosure?

    So i bought two Sundown SD2-10s DVC 4ohm They need a 4.75" mounting depth. Id like to go under the seat down fire. I ordered a subthump, then realized shortly after their box is limited to a 6" diameter magnet the subs have a 7.25" OD magnet so I got a refund. Question, do any of you...
  5. T

    Anyone separate 03-06 nbs headlights?

    I got the park lights separated just fine, then f-ed up the headlights. Got a set of brand new tyc off a friend for really cheap. Didn't want to make the same mistake. Just looking for someone to separate them is all. I can do the rest as I plan to do some painting on them.
  6. F

    size help

    I want to put some 22's on my dropped 01 gmc sierra (4/6) What tire size can I got with? Thanks guys and gals
  7. Slow05CC

    Billet teaser pic

    Just a quick teaser... :lol: more to follow once cleaned and installed. I have to get new o rings for the center cap Centerline tomahawk series sniper. 20x8.5 with a 285/50 toyo proxes st Instagram
  8. DemoN

    Happy New Deer..errr YEAR!

    On the final day of 2014, i was heading back from lowes on a tool buying mission to stock my brand new tool box my brother gave me. it's not much...but it's been sorely needed: Less than 2 miles from the house, i come up around a corner at 45 (the speed limit) and standing in the turn...
  9. M

    recently dropped - bottom out issue front driver side

    So, I've got my 2006 Sierra dropped. It's about a 3/5. Here is how I dropped it. Front: DJM LCA DJM UCA DJM 1415 shocks New tie rods 1in spacer (chevy lean fix) Rear: DJM Flip Kit 1in lift shackle DJM 1800 shocks The bottoming out issue is on the front driver side. I...
  10. Jackal


    First off, sorry if i didn't post in the correct section. Wasn't sure where to post this. My question is, has anyone ever made their truck a short bed? What i'm talking about is the option that came out in the 05/06 ext cabs. I know the bed measures 5.8 feet, and its basically the bed off of...
  11. DeanH1290

    Help me pick some wheels!

    So I've been browsing craigslist for a while for wheels and I finally found some that I can potentially work out deals on. Wheel 1 6 lug chevy rims sale/trade This guy seems like he is going to be easier to work with on a trade. There are no sensors in them currently, but he said he can get...
  12. Rjsk04

    Have to get new exhaust, help/opinions

    To add to my already bad day today I was in a hurry and got stopped for my pipes being too loud and got a ticket. The cop said he would drop the ticket if I put mufflers on my truck but I don't want to give up my straight pipes so I've started looking into e-cutouts. Right now I have true duals...
  13. No1Limit

    Fuel smell and delayed start

    On my 07 nnbs sierra every other time i start the truck it has to turn over for a few seconds before starting, dont think it is the battery because can smell gas after I get out and walk around after driving for a bit. I dont see any leaks or puddles under the truck but i can do a better search...
  14. J

    Garage flooring- Epoxy or tile- anyone have it, pros/cons of either?

    I'm looking to finish out the garage with extra baseboard left over from the house, and also paint the garage interior the house interior color. Up until a few days ago I was set on an epoxy flake coating. But I've recently been reading about tiling the garage. Many people seem to like it...
  15. Slow05CC

    Best way to get a rear 5" drop on a CC with welded hangers

    I have a 2005 Crew cab and it currently has a gansta drop ( cut springs, shackles and center leaf removed ) that sits about 2/4ish. I want to add the the leaf back and possibly get a flip kit. I want to use a mcgaughys or belltech kit but they only offer a 4" or 6" drop with their flip kits...
  16. M

    Dropped Silverado turbo

  17. DemoN

    Finally got the centerlines put on

    fronts are 265/40/20 and rears are 295/45/20. it was raining when i put them on... Next morning, broke out the detailing supplies and got to work.. Wheels were clearly dirtier than i thought.. dat reflection
  18. Major

    Lowering 99 Z71

    Have read up on a few people doing a 6/9 drop on similar trucks. Was wondering what problems yall encountered if any. Thanks in advance.
  19. Nick

    Nicks new 2014 Chevy

    Traded the 09 in and picked this up. 2014 5.3 2WD Crew cab tungsten metallic Heated seats Black cloth Full center console And some Other goodies. Plans are to keep it simple with level, tint and tires later on. One last pic of the old lady
  20. TheSuspensionSource

    Have a question? Ask here!

    We get emails throughout the week from fellow members about lowered suspension. I would like to get a thread going where everything can ask us a question and we can provide the whole community an answer. Here at The Suspension Source we specialize in lowered suspension. If we don't have the...