1. J

    New from Denver

    Hello everyone, new to the forum. I have a Sierra ecsb with 6.2l k&n cai and spintech muffler. Looking to level it out and do some engine upgrades.
  2. S

    new guy

    Hey everyone I am not new to forums, or even nee to automobiles. Iv grown up and spent a lot of my time (and money) on cars. My grandfather used to drag race, and owned a machine shop. My father has been a mehanic his whole life as well. Its in my blood, its a passion of mine I hope to one day...

    TILLERS 00 Silverado build....

    Some of you know I snagged a 00 rcsb silverado from a local company that used it as a work truck. Bought it to use as a work/ play truck and keep the miles off the crew cab Plans for now are to clean it up and fix all the broken things on it. Also have a 5.3L waiting on a cam and LTs to go...
  4. racer36

    bruce's 2007c ecsb pile "build"

    most of you guys know my truck by now, but wanted to start a build thread here since i don't like gmfs at all anymore. lol just a few details 2007 classic at 143k 5.3 auto 4x4 basic ecsb truck nothing fancy leveled with horrible angles, 3" block cai, cheap single chamber muffler...
  5. D

    Need a decal idea for my back glass.

    I am wanting a decal for the back glass. Just small for the bottom center or right hand side of the window. I want something resembling lowered trucks obviously. Lol. But just needing some ideas. I was thinking just something simple. "Static" "Lowlife" etc. thank you in advance.
  6. Tukn4s

    Tukn4s' official non-Tapatalk picture thread

    As most know, I use tapatalk for almost all my pictures. well, I decided to give a little better picture of the trucks and not bury them in my rebuild thread. I am no photographer and there is pollen everywhere. so this is the best I'm doing today
  7. B

    Center Cap Sticker Site

    Just came across this. Ordered a set of GMC center Caps, just the sticker. There the gel coated ones, and are made in a huge range of MM's to fit whatever size you need. Very helpful for you replica wheel guys. Saves alot of time surfing fleabay with no results
  8. asmo

    New guy from utah

    My names Adam I joined this site to get help/info from you guys on my future mods. I just got a 1992 c1500 Blazer 2dr. 4x4 108k perfect condition. Ive always wanted a 2dr blazer/tahoe/yukon tryed to find a 2wd but once I saw this one I was hooked. Grampa bought it new. truck is perfect except...
  9. SilverChevyZ71

    Want to demold my truck..where to get eraser wheel cheaper

    Than 44.99 at orileys? for thet price Ill just pay the body shop the $100 bucks then they are responsible if they fuck up my paint. where are you guys getting these damn things? Ive seen people talking about getting them for like 10 bucks. walmart wants 30 but they can suck my dick since their...
  10. Smith

    The Suspension Source

    "Swag pack" I won from The Suspension Source. Kris is A+ over there, won it over a month ago but guess it got lost in the mail and she sent another one no questions asked! It's a lanyard, shirt, and decals. Also she is always willing to answer questions and help out :shake:
  11. TheBrettster

    Sticker/Decal Thread 2.0

    The 2.0 Stickers are IN. Your choices are as followed There are three sizes (in inches), Large: 15x1.5 Medium: 8x.75 Small: 5x.5 Colors: White Silver (Only available in Large) Installed: Large How to buy, Option One: Donate (Limited to new donators...
  12. Colyn.

    Important!: Need custom decals made nowwwww..

    I cannot find anyone to make me the decals I want for my 22" LTZ center caps. I want a custom LSX one made so it will match the emblem being made by emblempros... Its simple, mirror finish outline with brushed centers and a red X with mirror outline.. and to be made on a circle decal so I dont...
  13. Colyn.

    Important!: Which wheels to get??

    Okay guys, I'm getting some 265/35/22 tires for Christmas and well I need something to wrap them on... Choices are between the following... LTZ (Brushed/Machined) TBSS (Polished) Hybrid (Chrome) All being 22" wheels ofcourse.. Maybe someone can make this a poll... Pics of truck, current...
  14. Fogle

    Fogle's 05 CCSB Z71 build

    Bought this truck a while back but never made a thread on it but since it's about to change drastically I figured I'd make one to show progress. Truck 05 Silverado CCSB Z71 4.11 5.3 Bought the truck like this Truck had a bad lifter when I bought it so I started work Blue Springs...
  15. SilverChevyZ71

    New Truck!

    2005 CCSB Z71. 140k miles, clean as a mofo. Painted calipersm and rear drums I have floor mats they were drying when I took this picture
  16. Dakota

    4wd lowering FAQ

    Seems like we've been having a lot of 4wd lowering questions here lately so I thought I would make a thread for questions and reccomendations.. Front: there are a few different ways you can lower the front end of a 4x4, depending on how low you want to go and what you wanna spend.. -4wd use...
  17. James

    For Sale: Silverado 17" NEW Steelie Rims/Tires

    Location: New Orleans Contact: Via PM Price: 400 Shipping: Not Available I purchased these about a month ago. Brand new 6 lug 17" Steelie Spares and Brand New Chrome Centercaps. Rims and Centercaps have maybe 400 miles on them. Tires I picked up from a friend who had them for maybe 2...
  18. Jared

    Important!: Stickers/Decals for sale

    There seems to still be some confusion about the stickers/decals for those who have contributed, and those who just wish to purchase a sticker. There are three ways, and only two way... 1. Donate to the site ($10 minimum-this allows you to choose a font color for your s/n as well as your...
  19. S

    what else should i do?

    just got this truck 3 weeks ago. the first pic is the way it was when i bought it. still on the lot. the second pic is how it is now. what else do yall think i should do to it?
  20. James


    Contacted Tyler about some decals I wanted. Figure give him a shot. Ordered decals, and he stayed in contact and was very patient and understood what I wanted. Great person to deal with, and I'm more than than happy he is a vendor and supporting CGM. He even threw in some extra stuff I ...