1. J_Corr

    Weld in Front bag mounts?

    Was on MMW's web page as I am thinking of ordering their watts link and I was also going to order their front weld in upper bag mounts but it appears they no longer offer them? Hopefully it is just a glitch in their system, but if not, where else would be a good place to get set a pair of...
  2. 88GMCtruck

    K2XX / 2015 style Towing Mirror Disassembly How To

    I recently picked up a set of 2015 style K2XX mirrors for my 98 Dually. The fine folks at eBay (aka china) have made aftermarket replacements for GMT400, GMT800 and GMT900 trucks. My truck's primary purpose is to haul an 11.5' slide in camper and a 14' enclosed trailer, so towing mirrors are a...
  3. B

    Older I get

    The shittier the cars i buy lol This should be fun
  4. F

    Raised tranny crossmember

    99-06 GM TRUCK RAISED TRANNY CROSS MEMBER - AVS Is there anybody on here that is running this one or one simular on their truck? I just want to know if it's worth my time.
  5. THE Mook

    Mook Needs a Sig Please

    Morning, I sucks at the Photoshop. I would like a custom sig if someone has time and is so inclined. I have the artwork and the idea, just no tools or education on how to execute it...kinda like I am an engineer huh DemoN. Thanks! PM me, we can go from there.
  6. Alecks

    Box and sub help

    Ordered a box for my truck, single vented 10" with .65cuft and I believe it's tuned for 34hz. Also ordered an Alpine Type S but I'm already wanting something more and it's not even here yet. Lol. I don't think the sub is going to do well in that box. Any suggestions? Thanks Sent from my iPhone...
  7. Jake747

    C5 FRC Vette cam and intake build

    Couple of y'all had asked for a build thread so here ya go. I started with a friend's 1999 C5 FRC (Fixed Roof Coupe) with the existing mods of UDP, LG Street (1 7/8") headers and catless mid X-pipe, bimodal exhaust, Verraram CAI, EGR delete. The install list consisted of Fast 36# injectors...
  8. 2

    How to declad GMC 20s

    Most of you know I scored a set of NNBS GMC 20s...didnt see anything on here on how to declad, so here we go. I started off with these wheels, doesnt matter if you have the same ones I do or the other clad version, theyre the same wheel underneath. "Other" rimps...again, wont matter as long...
  9. Dirtmafia

    LS swap the Jeep JK they said...

    I work for an off road suspension manufacturer as many of you know. We specialize in Jeep JK's and Dodge HD suspension products. We're finally jumping on the LSX bandwagon and stuffing one in our 2-door. Many have done it before us, but this will be a learning experience. This 07' 2- Door...
  10. J

    JoshA's 2015 F150 Mild Build

    Well, I bought my first new truck and it ended up being a Ford this time. I wanted a diesel bad, but I just have no use for one. I really liked the Ecoboost engine and decided to go with the F150 and I have to say they are pretty damn awesome. I also have a 2015 GMC Sierra SLE work...
  11. Krash

    Uniball upper control arms

    So I'm needing upper control arms on my truck. Right now I'm running stock uppers with a ekstensive front kit. I'm looking into getting some uniball uppers but to sure if they can be done with the front kit. What are yall running with the ekstensive front kit? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. S

    Alkon ptc brass fittings?

    Heard good things about them, any reviews? Getting on my accuair install shortly! Alkon all brass dot ptc, best place to order? Found airassist or custom connection I believe Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. E

    Best grille for a 2007 gmc sierra

    Want to give my baby a face lift! Its an 07 GMC 2500. I was looking at the t-rex torche grills and I thought those were cool looking. Anyone have any suggestions?
  14. Ricardo

    07 CCSB Slow Turbo Build ("Richy")

    07 CCSB Slow Turbo Build ("Richy") Hey guys decide to do a thread about what's going to be happening to my truck soon and also haven't been active lately. Stock Bottem End 4.8 S476/87 Bullseye turbo Custom Grind Cam 243/799 Heads Nnbs intake Id1000 injectors 4l80e swap Pi3600...
  15. D

    FS: 1967 Chevy C10 Custom

    Time to unload the C10 - just don't heave the time to finish all the projects I want on it and need to clear some room before we move to our new place. Great truck as it sits, very streetable. Its an LS swap waiting to happen if you have the motivation. An upgrade to the air ride and a small tub...
  16. M

    Hey everybody! I'm trying to fix up a C10 i got!

    i have a chevy 1972 pickup truck, everything on the truck is original, but i want to fix it up and upgrade the suspension and possibly the chassis.. But I'm just wondering if I should put new suspension on the original chassis, or should i get a new chassis? I plan on putting in a big block...
  17. O

    Newbie from South Jersey

    Good afternoon all. Stephen from Haddonfield NJ. Just picked up a 2015 1500 GMC Denali with a 6.2 liter in her. Planning on performance up grades first. Exhaust system, cold air intake, mass air flow sensor, throttle body spacer, and a programmer. Then onto the suspension (not sure if it...
  18. Z

    2006 NBS Silverado CCSB build

    Starting build thread for my 2006 Silverado. This thread will be slow because my squarebody is my priority at the moment. Check it out. I've done a good bit to it since I got it, but I will start from where it's at as of now. Here it is... Simple
  19. J

    Custom sub boxes.

    Looking to turn some heads when you drive your pride and enjoy through the city? Want a unique enclosure for your sound system? Look no further! Weve started a new company that makes custom fiberglass sub boxes and customizes headlights and tail lights. Want the back panel of your headlights to...
  20. C

    Switch pannel

    Here's a switch panel I had a friend make for me for the over head console. I had to use a console out of a Yukon since I had a sunroof. I just took the rear air control out and he machined a piece of aluminum to fit. Now im going to have him make one for my Nitrous switches...