1. dszx13

    Starter kit.

    Looking for recommendations on what I should get to fix my horrible paint an to keep it nice. I do not have a machine but I would like to get one. Looking for the best bang for my buck. I basically have the basic cheap soap from the auto parts store and rags. Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
  2. 88GMCtruck

    88GMCtruck's never ending 88 GMC build thread

    Here we go yet again! For those of you who follow my 98 dually thread or have seen elsewhere TLDR to the end. For those who are in the dark, I also have an 88 GMC K1500. We'll start with it's history. Grandparents bought the truck in 1988 brand new. It's a regular stepside K1500 350/700R4 truck...
  3. justin.flev

    New Member from Virginia (2016 Sierra build)

    Hey y'all, my name is Justin Flevarakis and I'm from Keswick, Va, and I go to college at the University of Alabama. Here is my ride: 2016 GMC Sierra SLT (Fully Loaded) Exterior: - Fabtech 6" lift (nets 7.5") - 22x12 -44 Hostile Sprockets (Blade Cut Finish) - 325/50/22 Nitto Trail grapplers...
  4. M

    For Sale: MD- Slammed 2006 silverado

    For sale: 2006 silverado 215xxx miles. If you're waiting for it lets just get this out the way, that is the downside of this truck it has high miles. Located in Maryland but this truck is from texas. No typical chevy rust, has only been in rust belt since 2013 and I do take care of it. 5/8...
  5. Malikk Loftis

    Malikk's 92 s10

    Had this truck since my sophomore year. Always wanted to ls swap it now I'm getting around to it. Was originally going to be a lq9 that I was getting in return for doing a cam swap, and help with an ls swap. Motor ended up having water in it. So I got it and $1200. Have a set of cnc'd 317's...
  6. Smith

    Official GoPro thread...

    I know some of you have GoPro's and others don't. I recently bought one and had to ask questions in different threads so I figured a dedicated thread would help in future endeavors for anyone interested in a GoPro. Figured this thread could be used to ask questions about GoPro models, post up...
  7. slow4.7on20s

    slow4.7on20s rst slow build thread

    haven't been on here in awhile but ever since I sold the nnbs to get a car for work I have been wanting another rcsb but didn't want a another truck payment. So I decided I wanted a clean low mileage rcsb nbs 5 speed. I stumbled upon this truck after no luck on finding anything else in a older...
  8. M

    Honderp build thread...road to a new daily

    So I'm doing this honda thing now i guess 1990 accord lx Plans are to swap in a jdm h22 and convert from auto to manual then daily it and sell my truck. ok picture time first got it home Drained the oil, looks promising. Also has a blown trans. Cherry. initial tear down, looks awful...
  9. B

    2006 Sierra - TVS/Wilwood/Custom

    2006 Sierra - TVS/Wilwood/Custom PRICe DRoP 2nd owner truck, only saw 1 winter it's whole life. Has 75000 original kilometres9 not miles). Not rust anywhere, truley one of the last clean trucks around. Nevada edition, loaded minus sunroof. Keyless entry, tow package etc Engine 5.3 litre...
  10. Malikk Loftis

    Malikk's 01' Step side

    Haven't been very active on here & I've been needing to make a build thread so to start it off... I Received this truck at the beginning of my sophomore year. Nothing special to a lot of people but for me, as ugly as it was I thought it was pretty cool truck with a lot of potential. I got it...
  11. 1brokekid

    RCSB vs ECSB/CCSB and 99-02 vs 03-07

    So I'm going to be in the market for another nbs truck here soon, with a budget of about $7500 max. Looking at 99-07 4.8/5.3 trucks but preferably an 03-07. I'm partial to single cabs as far as looks and performance goes, but I've been told I'll hate it after driving a crew cab for so long. Any...
  12. Samuel6731

    What enclosure?

    So i bought two Sundown SD2-10s DVC 4ohm They need a 4.75" mounting depth. Id like to go under the seat down fire. I ordered a subthump, then realized shortly after their box is limited to a 6" diameter magnet the subs have a 7.25" OD magnet so I got a refund. Question, do any of you...
  13. maxh

    Diecast/Model Thread

    Post up some photos of your (or someone elses) custom diecast/model builds. Any scale, any style! Ill start with a couple of mine. Ive got lots to share if interested!
  14. Ginger

    NJ meet pictures

    Here is the tread for pictures for the meet. All of mine are unedited. Anyone with camera skills have any suggestions let me know. @clean04 fortplainman Bassmaster Jenn Khaos here are the ghetto rigs from the Ringoes show and here are some of the cars from the...
  15. P

    Headlight help

    I've been looking at getting new headlights. I have been looking at these headlights for a little while, but I don't know too much about them. I haven't gotten an email back from the company. 21 colors with remote. I don't know if they are gonna be worth it, or Is it a waste. I have wanted to...
  16. BigBoi

    OBS Reg Cab Sub Options

    Soooo I've been riding for too long without beats. Rode with a buddy the other day and caught the bass bug again. Truck is a regular cab with a bench seat. What are my best options? I could fit 2 of the Kicker truck boxes with the 10s already mounted. Put one on each side and amp rack in the...
  17. Jared

    HP Tuners Vs. EFI Live

    Well, finding a tuner can be a bitch sometimes, and while I like my BBP on my stock truck, I want to be able to have really good results on my cammed car right away, little to no down time! The two really good LS tuners in Dallas are A. expensive and B. hard to get ahold of. I'm afraid to do the...
  18. S

    Headlight Options?

    Okay, so I'm looking at replacing my headlights and I really like the look of halo type lights. Now, before I go any further, I know there are better options like oracles and such, but I'm about to head off to college and do not have allot of spare money, so I flat out cannot afford the custom...
  19. GR$$N$

    the new g ride

    so I picked this thing up today. dude said it didn't run but barely. I paid for it n signed the title and sprayed carb cleaner in it and put premium in it and it runs like new. 53k original miles. drove it 30 miles home. plans: slam it black paint blacked out windows fix a few minor things...
  20. F


    I want to sand my hood down and basically wanted to know what grit to use and if I should go a certain angle Hell idk and help you can guy's/gal's could give would be helpful