1. H

    Hulknastys 12 Denali Duramax Build

    Hey guys, As some of you may know I traded off my blue 06 lbz a couple weeks ago. Here is the new daily. 2012 Denali Duramax. Black on black. Came with every option except the rear tv. 50k miles on the clock and is exceptionally clean since it came from the las vegas area. Plans so far are...
  2. Fairclough

    87 tube chassis, caged, body dropped, bagged blazer!

    I hate selling this, but I don't have the room for anymore projects, I have 4 right now, and the Wife told me to thin the heard! 87 chromoly tube chassis, and cage built on a jig table, new build, new bags, reverse triangulated 4 link, mounts set up for SBC, and th350, I was going to put my...
  3. dszx13

    Starter kit.

    Looking for recommendations on what I should get to fix my horrible paint an to keep it nice. I do not have a machine but I would like to get one. Looking for the best bang for my buck. I basically have the basic cheap soap from the auto parts store and rags. Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
  4. Connor

    Cluster Repair

    Has anyone ever shipped out their nbs cluster to be rebuilt? The battery gauge crapped out on me a while back, but now my speedo is acting up. I could replace the steppers myself, but I'm not that comfortable with electronic repair. I tried to replace an iphone screen a couple years ago, fried...
  5. B

    New guy from Colorado Springs

    I have a 2000 Silverado ecsb z71. So far i have swapped in a built 4l60(4l65), denali cluster(with red leds), double din swap(with denali bezel), 05 tahoe 17 inch 5 spokes, 10k his & lows, switchbacks, new headlights & taillights, painted my bowtie, stripped molding off(need to get adhesive off...
  6. cvand789

    Lifted Laser Blue Metallic Silverado

    The time has come...I've got my eye on something else. It has been a great truck but it is time to make someone else happy. 5.3L Laser blue metallic special edition. Bose premium Audio Power adjustable pedals Bucket seats Dual zone automatic climate control LED dome lights LED...
  7. C

    Wtb OBS all clear taillights

    Lmk if anybody selling there set of all clear taillights for 95-00 Chevy
  8. E

    Emery FINALLY buys a GM

    That's right, after countless years on GM forums with Fords I finally bought a GM. Don't worry though, my Powerstroke is still around. Anyways, as some of you know, since the fall of 2013 I had been daily driving a 2005 Subaru. Well this past July with less then 100 miles short of 200k, the...
  9. James Pate

    BAMF Pri's 2005 Chevrolet Tahoe build thread

    This is where I will keep the build of my GF new to her tahoe. She got it about a week and a half ago and really just been driving it. She has some ideas that she wants to do to it that I have already taken care of. Main thing she needs to decide is whether she want's to lift or lower it. Its...
  10. marc

    Marc's RCSB daily

    so injectors on the duramax are done and i am doing a bunch of other performance mods to make a race/daily truck. any who since the truck will be torn apart i needed a new daily. found this truck. its a 1999 regular cab short box silverado 4x4 4.3 v6 manual. has around 220,000km...
  11. Alecks

    OnePlus 3 + Gear S2

    Mint oneplus 3 64gb graphite, original box and accessories. Also have a slim black OnePlus case, an Ozrly clear TPU case and a heavy duty Tudia case and 2x 6ft charging cables. Good condition Gear S2 (non-cellular) comes with it, it has just the charging dock. $550 shipped for both from West...
  12. B

    Clearing nbs sierra marker lights

    Is this possible? Got a hook up on some headlights and marker lights but they have the reflectors in them. Can the markers be opened and cleared?
  13. CammedVmax

    Ryan's 2015 1le

    So I got to where I hated the truck, I know I'm crazy, and I got the itch for a car. I found this car online about 3 hours from me, worked a deal over the phone and then had them deliver it to me lol. I got a pretty good deal on the car and I'm happy with it. The car is a 2015 2ss/rs camaro with...
  14. Khaos

    How To: NV3500 5 Speed Fluid Change

    This is a guide to changing the fluid on the New Venture Gear 3500 series 5 speed transmissions found in GM Half Ton trucks. Required Tools & Materials 17mm Allen Wrench or Socket, preferably 1/2" drive - my local parts store had it in stock Socket Wrench Torque Wrench (ft/lbs or Nm) Oil/Fluid...
  15. Connor

    Static Charged Paint

    Waxed the yukon tonight and as I was wiping the wax off the dust from the dried wax seemed to static cling to the paint. It's a pita to keep going back and wiping off dust from every panel. Why is this is happening and how I can fix it?
  16. S

    99-06 clear/red tails *rare

    Selling these APC tails, bought these back in the day when I had 6 sets of tails lol and ran a few times. No sun damage or yellowing. Like new $180+shipping or pu Bay Area, ca Obo Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. R

    Rhoush 2006 z71 victory red ecssb!

    Well I never really post here just read a lot but decided to post one of my trucks here it is started out like this 2006 ecssb with 18x10 weld dunes on 285/60 nittos [/URL][/IMG] Things I have done: Color match Tint Leveled out Escapade handles Cleared oem lights Fully buffed and...
  18. Wadsworth77

    Audio build

    Starting to build a system going to need everything subwoofers speakers tweeters Amps single din radio auxiliary battery . Sundown seems to be the brand of choice . I listen to classic rock and country so if that matters in ported or sealed boxs . I'm more of a engine guy so this is all new to...
  19. roundsy

    roundsy's 2015 silverado rcsb z71 4x4

    Here's the new project, a 2015 Chevy Silverado LT2 Z71 4x4 regular cab short box in Deep Ocean Blue Metallic (I know, another blue 15 rcsb from Ontario...sorry Pat ;P ). My father spec'd the truck the exact way I would have ordered it last spring, every option available in a regular cab. He put...
  20. F


    Looking to get some new headlights and wanted to know what was a good brand to go with or if they're all the same.