1. BuMpErS

    For Sale: Weld Racing Cheyenne 20x10

    I have TWO good Weld Chevyennes 20x10 6x5.5 bolt pattern. They each come with a weld flat cap. Wheels are in good shape just need to be cleaned up and polished. I can ship and accept payapl Asking $125 FIRM a piece for them plus shipping of coarse.
  2. R

    Looking for 20x10 Cheyennes

    Looking for 20x10 Cheyennes in a 6x5.5 could trade 18x10 weld dunes if wanted
  3. JennaBear

    Black Bear Performance Whippled 2015 Chevy SS

    Since some folks might be interested in what the LS3s are performance at. Finally decided to go with the Whipple for the Chevy SS. So off to the shop she goes: On the Mainline hub dyno for stock vs AirAid vs Whipple numbers: - - - - - - - - - -auto merged double post- - - - - - - - -...
  4. Tiki

    Aluminum wheel polishing

    I picked up my first set of Weld Cheyennes a few weeks back that were in decent shape but needed some work. I proceeded to wet sand 400,800,1000,2000 before finishing off with my Makita 9207spc with a wool pad and mothers aluminum polish. These wheels are never going to be perfect and I was...