1. bayousam

    2017 GMC Sierra Denali Ultimate (not a build but will end up being a build) Build

    Well anyone that follows any of my other crap knows I ended up selling my Audi RS5 and traded in my FX2 and picked up this 2017 GMC Denali Ultimate. Anyone wondering what an ultimate is it is GMC's way of saying Denali with every option offered. Picked it up from good ole Jimmy Skrait Pipes as...
  2. juanr_08

    TRUCK ACTS LIKE WANTS TO TURN OFF. No engine light on

    Hey cgm peeps need some help. I've noticed when I start the truck it sounds like it wants to die on me and then runs fine after a few seconds, but this is not a everyday thing, at times turns on fine with no issues, but when it happens sounds like its not shooting enough fuel. Maybe fuel...
  3. B

    I'm new and I drive a classless 'hoe (ver.2)

    So, I joined and posted an introduction the other day, but it seems that something transpired last night and the electrical gods deemed it fit to wipe me out of the system. Probably some glitch in the Matrix, Neo ate the other pill and the lady in the red dress actually gender identifies as a...
  4. OleDixieNNBS

    Breaking the ice/What's up?

    Hey everyone. I've had my 2010 Silverado crew cab LS for a little over a year now. Bought it basically stock aside from the added options from the previous owner which were chrome side steps, and a rolling retrax bed cover. I have since added a pioneer double din, rockford fosgate door speakers...
  5. B

    New Member Saying Hi!

    Hello everyone, new on here! Just picked myself up a beautiful 1 owner 2013 GMC Sierra 1500 in pretty decent condition. The only thing that bothers me, is that it is completely stock, lol. Plan to fix that up real quick. Already in search of some parts to start my DIY project with, I'm not...
  6. J

    New from Denver

    Hello everyone, new to the forum. I have a Sierra ecsb with 6.2l k&n cai and spintech muffler. Looking to level it out and do some engine upgrades.
  7. DeanH1290

    Important!: Dean's Butter-Rims Replacement Thread

    Ok, so as many of you know, I keep bending these soft as hell 22s. Well I found yet another bent wheel last night, making #5. I'm fed up, so I'm getting rid of them. This is where CGM comes in - I need some help figuring out what direction I need to go. I'm basically down to 3 options and I'm...
  8. Jared

    Camaro SS wheels with tpms and tires

    I'm looking to sell my camaro wheels and tires. A few people showed interest and I've held off posting them but none have responded back lately. So the group can have at it. I'll be completely honest and upfront with the buyer. Rear passenger has a slight leak. 10lbs over 3-4 days. I bought...
  9. James

    For Sale: NNBS TGC 2.5" Leveling Kit and 3" Tapered Blocks with U-Bolts

    Location: New Orleans Contact: James via PM Price: 130 shipped NNBS 2.5" Top Gun Customz Leveling Kit and 3" tapered blocks with ubolts. $130 cash. Have $160 invested. On truck:
  10. dszx13

    20" gmc declads

    As most know I bought 22s last night. Wife wont let me keep them so they gotta go. New 275/45s (800 miles) New sensors Powdered metallic silver has oe gmc caps All done last month. North Louisiana I have right at 900 in them all together. Cgm hook up 700 obo
  11. P

    FNG from south jersey

    My names tim, I drive a 2015 Sierra All Terrain leveled on 20x12 fuel rampage 2 piece wheels with 305/50/20 toyo open country at II. [/URL][/IMG]
  12. c10dylan

    New from East Texas

    My names Dylan and I drive a 1986 c10 Silverado that me and my dad built last summer. I'm running a 406 small block with a th350 transmission. Nothing to extreme, it's my daily driver. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. SMiGGs

    Anyone do their own Tuning?

    Whats up cgm family. Looking to pick up a new hobby aside from my career. I would like to do my own tuning, and eventually stem out, and help others. Had my 6.2 Liter tuned by 3 different tuners, and honestly i just do not feel like ive gained anything. Is it just me, i literally run full...
  14. G

    My 70' Nova SS

    This is going to be a thread where I just post the same picture every week and complain about never driving it and cleaning it every time it exits the driveway
  15. T

    Just another new bastard to THIS forum....

    Well first off my name is Dustin and I hale in the Beaumont, TX region. Im not new the forum world nor am I to GM's. I currently own two at the moment. My super clean 02 Avalanche Z66 2wd that is my (all stock) daily routine paw paw ride. Then I have my 06 TBSS that I am currently right in the...
  16. Cleanoh4

    Cleanoh4's Usually Clean 2004

    Sitting here with lots of nervous energy today and I realized I never started a build thread ( not that I've done a whole lot in comparison to some), plus I figure it'll give me a place to post up questions/things that wont get lost as easy. Details: 2004 Chevrolet Silverado Z71 - bought...
  17. J


    Hello everyone! Nice to meet you all)
  18. A

    New here

    I'm looking at doing some visual customizing of my truck and after doing a little research it appears I need some help and a good community to talk to. Even tho I don't live close to any chapters( I live in fl) I liked the site and the sheer amount of posts. I have a 2014 chevy silverado 4x4...
  19. L

    New to this truck not to the scene.

    Been in the custom truck scene for awhile now. Living in South Eastern Pennsylvania has killed the custom scene, but i try to keep it moving. Got a 1992 Silverado 2wd with the 350TBI a little while ago. Took the 15 inch American Racing wheels off, put the 20x9 Ridler 695's on, put a system with...
  20. JeremyReed

    Rally stripes

    Thinking of putting a set of matte black rally stripes on my lowered two-wheel-drive Silverado crew cab 2011. Anybody have any pics of this they can share? There are two different styles, the wider ones that are set apart and the ones that are closer together that run more through the center of...