1. cbrsilv15

    Red speedometer needles

    These came off of a Camaro, but will fit GM trucks. I had a set in my S10 and these will fit all NBS trucks as well. I trimmed mine shorter in my s10, but not sure if you'll have to in a NBS. I popped a needle in a speedo to verifying fitment and it is the exact same size on the stepper motor...
  2. CammedVmax

    Ryan's 2015 1le

    So I got to where I hated the truck, I know I'm crazy, and I got the itch for a car. I found this car online about 3 hours from me, worked a deal over the phone and then had them deliver it to me lol. I got a pretty good deal on the car and I'm happy with it. The car is a 2015 2ss/rs camaro with...
  3. Dakota

    1998 Blue-green Chameleon trans am

    Listing this for my dad. He doesn't really want to sell the car but his transfer case went out on his truck and he needs the extra cash to fix it. It is a 1998 Blue-green Chameleon t-top trans am with a ws6 hood. The body is in really good shape other than some surface scratches. The car has...
  4. Jared

    Camaro SS wheels with tpms and tires

    I'm looking to sell my camaro wheels and tires. A few people showed interest and I've held off posting them but none have responded back lately. So the group can have at it. I'll be completely honest and upfront with the buyer. Rear passenger has a slight leak. 10lbs over 3-4 days. I bought...
  5. Jared

    can someone do a chop for me?

    looking to get a set of SS sedan wheels chopped onto my car Chevy SS wheels on my G8 - Pontiac G8 Forum: G8 Forums - if you need additional photos let me know and I can snap them
  6. Slow05CC

    Reps VS OEM

    I recently swapped my centerline wheels for my texas edition ( early NNBS 20s ) and while the looks are so much better one of the wheels has started peeling. The clear coat is all cracked and looks really bad,! I want to keep OE wheels but the cost of getting it repaired is about the cost of a...
  7. B

    6.0 build cam options.

    2012 gmc Sierra crew cab 4x4 Stuff I have now / all most ready for swap Ly6 6.0 block Lq9 flat top pistons Cnc ls3 ported heads Ls3 intake manifold 1 7/8 headers with 3" exhaust I'm still haven't decided on a cam/converter this is my daily driver/street truck I'm shooting for around...
  8. T

    My 2014 LTZ Build Thread

    Well as most of you guys know I'm formally known as 07CCSB. I built a 2007 Silverado a while back and had my build thread on here. This thing was lowered and lifted multiple times lol couldn't make up my damn mind so I finally dumped a lot of money into it and didn't get shit out of it...
  9. 0

    lonestar throwdown 2016 *pics

  10. Fiesty

    Fiesty's 2008 G8 GT

    Welp I'm no longer pulling a trailer daily so I sold the ol dmax about a month ago and picked this up. 2008 Pontiac G8 GT, 72k, L76, 6 speed auto, sun roof (always wanted one), loaded, etc. Sold the dmax for $1k more than I paid for it, and got this for $16k which is a pretty good price for this...
  11. slonlow2000

    BCM Swap 99 to 2000

    I've got a 99 sierra, and any of the 99's will not unlock the doors when you put the vehicle in park. It cannot be programed and cannot be changed. So starting in 2000 this is an option. I picked up a 2000 BCM this weekend. Is it just a plug and play swap, or is there more to it? I don't want to...
  12. Kkirwan71

    Any third gen camaro guys here?

    My dad wants to delete the cold start valve (9th injector) on out 86 iroc z28. I've done tons of research and came up with. A) just taking it out and removing the necessary electrical things. B) doing the above and needing it the injector tuned out. Can I just get away with removing it? sent...
  13. A

    Austin's CCSB LML LTZ.

    Well I'm back in a GM and it feels so good. Was looking for another 3rd gen Dodge, but came to reality and decided to go back to class. Well I bought it completely stock on October 13, 2015 with a little over 64,000 miles. My plans: Remove Steps. Done. Remove valance. Done. Remove/sale tool...
  14. M

    06 cts-v ls2 6speed super clean and fast houston tx

    Beautiful maroon cts-v v8 ls2 caddy for sale has 145k miles all highway used to travel back and forth to Dallas for work. it's a 6 speed stick very fast car. really clean inside and out. never been modified or messed with adult owned and operated. very nice driver. and what's more fun than a...
  15. THE Mook

    New ZL1 Dealer Save

    Morn, did a 2015 ZL-1 a couple weeks back. Spent 20 hours on the polish side. It looked about 85% better when it was finished. I have never seen a dealership essentially murder a factory paint job like that ever in my life. There are some deep scratches and other things (dealer installed)...
  16. R

    Lil bagged cammed dime thang

    Traded my gfs corolla for this car because the guy needed something better for his wife , Mild cam, bored .030" over , under pulleys , efans, aem intake, edelbrock headers have a limited slip posi for the rear diff not installed yet , New camaro black steel take offs , hids , bolt on bag...
  17. Bal1

    Repairs/mods 72 camaro non rs

    A few of you guys might know, but I'm doing a 72 front clip swap on my 78, and the smaller bits got in today. And I need some help deciding how I should go about repairing: 1. The grille. It's plastic? Never seen one like that before, but it's what I bought in a lot of used parts. Anyway, I'm...
  18. maxh

    Diecast/Model Thread

    Post up some photos of your (or someone elses) custom diecast/model builds. Any scale, any style! Ill start with a couple of mine. Ive got lots to share if interested!
  19. Jared

    Cam time-possible DoD failure

    Well, it seems the DoD lifter plague hit my car Friday night while in San Antonio, I was able to get the car back home safely yesterday. I'm not positive, but it's most likely a failing lifter. Once I have some free time I will figure it all. Noise seems to be coming from the valve cover area...
  20. Jared

    15x10 rally?

    anyone know of a 15x10 6 lug wheel? Neighbor wants some for his K10. The 15x8 are too narrow for what he wants, and he wants to stick with a 15". He's wanting something that's pretty much like the stock rally wheel. I found some on ebay, but not sure they will work. Or should he just have...