1. Blackout

    Need some opinions on this grill...

    Thinking of doing something similar, maybe a little cleaner job of cleaning up where the bar was removed.. My truck for reference Sent from my ex's closet
  2. 01 z71

    OEM GM CK805 (Denali) Wheels and Tires

    I have a set of Denali CK805 Wheels with TPMS in them. I have cleaned these up and there is no pitting and no curb rash. THey have the bowtie center caps not gmc. Tires are Eagle LS-2 275/55/20. 3 Tires are in pretty good shape, one has wear and could be driven on but likely best to replace...
  3. James Pate

    BAMF Pri's 2005 Chevrolet Tahoe build thread

    This is where I will keep the build of my GF new to her tahoe. She got it about a week and a half ago and really just been driving it. She has some ideas that she wants to do to it that I have already taken care of. Main thing she needs to decide is whether she want's to lift or lower it. Its...
  4. B

    01' Burb' Build.....

    Well.... Meet the new "project"! :thumbsup: As most of you know, the RCSB was totaled back in early March. Since then, I'd been back DDing the HD. I enjoyed driving it again. But, as always, I was itching for a replacement DD to keep the mileage/wear/tear off the HD. Once the dust...
  5. A

    New here

    I'm looking at doing some visual customizing of my truck and after doing a little research it appears I need some help and a good community to talk to. Even tho I don't live close to any chapters( I live in fl) I liked the site and the sheer amount of posts. I have a 2014 chevy silverado 4x4...
  6. Fiesty

    2002 Silverado 2500HD Duramax

    Sup yall, haven't been on here in a minute. Been busy with work/school/life. Putting the truck up for sale as it's not practical for me at the moment. I drive 100 miles round trip to work, so I'm looking at buying a car. Most of you know the truck, check my build thread or PM me for more info...
  7. D

    Made some chages to my exterior front and rear Bow Ties to my new ride

    Decided to give my bow ties a different look and turned out pretty good. I wanted to change the rear chrome outer edge of the bow tie but was not able to trim against the paint with the 3M material.
  8. H

    Hulknasty's 2006 lbz duramax build

    Recently traded in my nnbs vmax crew cab and picked up a nice lt3 06 lbz. Its going to be a clean daily/toy hauler. As it sits it is leveled on 285 nittos. Has efi live dsp5 and straight piped. First step will be removing all of the hideous add ons.
  9. B

    2002 Silverado 2500HD build thread....

    Just realized..... I never started a "build thread" for the ol' HD!!! So here we go: Had this good ol' girl, 95' K3500 with 454/4.10s.... I went with my cousin to look at new 2500HDs for him in March 2002.... and I came home with this.... March 27, 2002 Three days later...
  10. WildChevys

    need help with OEM center caps

    I just purchased the 2014 OEM GMC All Terrain 20x9 wheels. I need to replace the center caps obviously. The part number of the GMC caps is 22837060 (they also make a chevy cap with that part number however it has an ugly gold bowtie). I want to use the chrome bowtie chevy caps which is part...
  11. 11 6.2

    Cammed lq9 RCSB

    What's up guys?! Been gone a while since I built a trailblazer SS but got tired of not having a truck so I sold the tbss and bought an old man special LT 5.3 RCSB The cammed, stalled, nitrous tbss that I sold On to the truck. When I bought it, it was COVERED in plastidip and old man...
  12. JoshRA

    Nnbs front bowtie

    Had my front clips break on mine so I need a new one. Was checking to see if anyone had an extra stock bowtie in good shape that I can purchase for cheap before buying on ebay.
  13. T

    Any body know who makes this wheel

    As title says looking for manufacturer of this wheel. Thanks for any help "][/URL]
  14. 5

    06 ccsb

    Got rid of the 14 rcsb, and got something with a lil more room, and in all honesty i missed the gmt-800 plat form. heres the start, found a single owner 2006 CCSB with a 5.3 and 118k miles on the clock. right when i brought it home first thing was to remove that ugly bug deflector...
  15. DeanH1290

    Colormatch request

    Can someone do up a colormatched front for me with a billet bowtie? Here's the best pics I have.
  16. 2Wheelin'

    2Wheelin's '03 Silveraydo Build Thread

    Hai guise. This will be my build thread of my first truck. Picked up an 03 2500HD last week. LS, 6.bro, 80e, 4:10s, 4x4, 150k, etc. Pics of it when I got it Quickly took all the bs off and sold it. Colormatched some things, cleared the heads, esky handles, black valance, removed 4x4...
  17. Fogle

    Fogle's 1999 Z71 Build

    Picked this truck up a couple weeks ago and decided to do some work to it. 1999 Z71 extended cab short bed 5.3 3.73 How I picked it up First things I done where tint, remove steps, leveled, and change out the wheels Took off the toolbox yesterday and added a full console...
  18. B

    1999 Silverado Z71 RCSB build.....

    Wow! I haven't been over here in FOREVER!!!!! I realized.... I'd never even posted my "build thread" on my 99' RCSB Silverado Z71. :eek: so, here goes..... Back in August 2013.... I bought my bro inlaws 99' RCSB Silverado Z71. It's a 4.8, auto, 3.73 truck, LS trim. He got a new Equinox...
  19. A

    06 Trailblazer Steering Wheel Airbag (Round Emblem) Upgrade For 03+ Trucks

    I have an extra Steering Wheel Airbag I bought for no real reason, from an 06 Trailblazer. Plug and play replacement for your OEM airbag 03-06 Trucks/SUVs. Just gives the drivers area a little different look. Color matches the stock wheel. Will include a black overlay for the gold part of the...
  20. P

    Front Grille pictures!

    Let's see all of your grilles! *bumper grilles *custom grilles *billet grilles *mesh grilles *all grilles Post what kind of grille it is! Let's see em all!