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  1. 04SSHD

    And...another GM coupe added to the fleet. Say Hi to Chevelle!

  2. J

    For Sale: Silverado tahoe escalade suburban sierra 4.8 5.3 6.0 magnacharger supercharger

    For sale is a GM fullsize truck Magnacharger Supercharger.It is in excellent condition and does not require service.It will come with 8.1 big block fuel injectors and dyno tuned 0411 blue plug computer for a 5.3. Asking for $2800 shipped. Thanks
  3. W

    New from minnesota

    Hello, my name is dennis im from minnesota. Im a gm master tech but work in indy shops. Love gm products and many others. Just bought a new truck to replace my 01 silverado. Allways loved the new sierras. Finally hit my price range. I bought it stock a week ago. I installed an rc 3 inch lift...
  4. M

    Hey everybody! I'm trying to fix up a C10 i got!

    i have a chevy 1972 pickup truck, everything on the truck is original, but i want to fix it up and upgrade the suspension and possibly the chassis.. But I'm just wondering if I should put new suspension on the original chassis, or should i get a new chassis? I plan on putting in a big block...
  5. stanced stepside01

    Wheel and tire options

    This summer i will be getting new wheels.Was wanting some chrome 20 by 14 fuel mavs then saw the pricetag so im thinking of settling with some moto metal 962s or some gear big block alloys in chrome. If anybody has any recomendations please comment and was thinkin bout getting 35 in nitto terra...
  6. B

    Big block newbie

    So I have a question for the more experienced. I am pretty new to this and need advice. I have a 91 Chevy stepside with a 350 in it and I want to upgrade to a 454. I'm not totally sure if this is possible but if it is I would like to know the best place to get a performance motor and the best...
  7. stanced stepside01

    lifted stepside Z

    This is the build thread of my truck this is when it was completely stock Then detrimmed/detrimmed her and put a billet grille in wasn't high enough so put on a 6-7.5 superlift kit with the dual shocks and she got a fresh detail also got some cheap ebay lights that tarnished away...
  8. S

    L29 454 Build Questions

    I have a 1997 GMC K2500 Suburban with an L29 454 4WD. I am currently doing an engine build. I will be running a Competitions Cams camshaft with 0.54" intake and exhaust lift (with 1.8:1 rockers), 206 degrees intake duration at 0.050" lift, 212 degrees exhaust duration at 0.050" lift. I hope to...