1. Smith

    5th annual CGM Shreveport meet pic thread...

    Post away fellas!
  2. Oktain 2015 Calendars!

    Hey everyone! Some of you may have heard rumors of a staff project in the works and we're finally at a point where we're confident we can let you in on the secret . For about a month and a half we've been working on bringing you guys a 2015 Calendar, featuring the 12 ROTM winners...
  3. Hunter

    Throwback Photos

    Like the title says post up pics of you or people on the forum you know from back in the day. No time limit on the "back in the day" reference just in for some cool pics to jest at or whatever even if it looks like you took it from a potatoe lol like mine me slinging the rock on ole friday...
  4. D

    New company, new title... same geeked out shine freak

    Whats up guys... figured I'd drop in for those that didn't see the new on that other forum that shall not be named :D Once we get further along in the process of getting the new line launched I'll get us setup here as vendors, in the meantime I'm always around if you have any questions or need...
  5. SilverChevyZ71

    sig please?

    make me laugh my ass off and I'll rock it
  6. TheBrettster

    Important!: Asshatery Time For An End

    Look, When Jared and I created this site we basically agreed to not have rules. But it seems every post some people like to make it into a fuck fest which ends up getting new members to bounce out. This shit has got to stop. I'm not going into huge details about what exactly but its common...