1. cvand789

    Lifted Laser Blue Metallic Silverado

    The time has come...I've got my eye on something else. It has been a great truck but it is time to make someone else happy. 5.3L Laser blue metallic special edition. Bose premium Audio Power adjustable pedals Bucket seats Dual zone automatic climate control LED dome lights LED...
  2. WildChevys

    For Sale: 2013 Chevy Silverado LT Z71 lifted

    truck is officially for sale! -6.5” Zone Offroad lift -305/55/20 (33x12.5) Toyo AT2 xtreme tires -20x10 American Force Shields -Bora hub centric 1.5” rear wheel spacers to even track width -EFI Live tuned by Blackbear performance using autocal -Airaid MIT with Airaid filter - 3”...
  3. WildChevys

    2013 Chevy Silverado Z71 (feeler)

    Listing the truck as a feeler. I want something new, but i'm not in a rush to sell this either. the truck is a DD, but as of now has 46K on it. truck is CLEAN. Has a 5.3 with the 6L80 and 3.42s. Asking $34k with BOTH sets of wheels and tires the AFs on 305 AT2s and stock all terrains on 295...
  4. BigBoi

    Bigboi's 2015 Colorado thread

    Instead of posting tid bits here and there, I'll make a thread. 2015 Colorado LT ext cab 2wd Day I brought it home After tint, valence removal, and 2" AutoSprings leveling kit And how she sits now after debadging In the middle of fixing some issues. Did get the hood flutter fixed. For...
  5. racer36

    bruce's 2007c ecsb pile "build"

    most of you guys know my truck by now, but wanted to start a build thread here since i don't like gmfs at all anymore. lol just a few details 2007 classic at 143k 5.3 auto 4x4 basic ecsb truck nothing fancy leveled with horrible angles, 3" block cai, cheap single chamber muffler...
  6. cvand789

    New Pictures of my truck -- Silver Lake Sand Dunes, MI

    Just figured I would post some pictures recent pictures of my truck up at silver lake and around home. A nice shot of the Mag- Hytec and Bilstein 5100s 3" to a 3.5" inlet 6" outlet tip My 1/2 ton with a co-workers 08' duramax Me and my buddy on top of test hill Up on test...
  7. taucoin

    New guy from Central LA

    My name's Tyler Aucoin, some of you may already know me from Instagram. I just attended the 4th Annual CGM truck meet, and met tons of awesome people. Time to get on the forum. This is my truck, 2004 Silverado 1500 Z71, 6.5" BDS, 5" blocks, 20x10 Moto Metal 954(discontinued), 33x12.50x2" Atturo...
  8. cvand789

    20x12s are on

    Specs are: 4" BDS lift, 1.5" Top Gunz leveling kit, 1.25" Rough Country body lift, 20x12 Gear Alloy 726c -44 offset, 33x12.50x20 Toyo Open Country MT. Sort of weird the lug nuts they sent me are too long so the center cap won't go on…calling Gear tomorrow. Other than that I'm very happy...
  9. cvand789

    1.5" TGC on BDS 4" NNBS

    Hey guys, I know I've been asking a lot of questions lately but I just want to make sure I get everything squared away. Autocal and Long tubes got shipped out today, got the Yukon 4.11s in last week….now looking at cams. Anyway, I have exactly 1.5" of rake and I would really like to add a...
  10. cvand789

    20x12 Question

    Hello all, Been a while since I've last posted. I've been busy busy busy with my truck. I think you guys are going to like the direction I'm taking it. Pics will be posted when completed here in the upcoming weeks. I just had one question regarding some 20x12 wheels. I tried to search the...
  11. cvand789

    Looking for some rear lift expertise

    Hey guys, as you can see the shocks that came with my BDS 4" (2011 silverado) have taken a beating from the harsh salt and whatever else Michigan puts on their roads in the winter…. Needless to say I'm in the market for some new shocks. This isn't my area of expertise and I'm probably making...
  12. cvand789

    Laser Blue Metallic Build - 2011 1500 4x4

    As promised in my intro, here is my truck, then and now. I took delivery of the truck in October 2011. I fell in love with the color and couldn’t wait to get started modding it out. It came with lots of chrome from the factory, and though it was pretty, I thought that it needed some black to...
  13. cvand789

    New guy from Michigan

    Hello everyone. I'm active on a couple of different forums (GM Truck Club, GMFS), although I stay fairly quiet on GMFS and basically use it for research only. Upon doing some research I've landed here and have seen some really awesome trucks so I decided to join. A little about me and my truck...
  14. chevy53martin

    04 Chev 1500 4 inch lift

    Pros and cons of a 4 inch lift for a 04 1500? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. H

    2013 2500hd lift help

    any body got pics of lifted 2500s. nnbs i guess it would be. thinking of going with the zone 5" with 33s but not sure yet
  16. nickyreno

    Help Me Decide on Wheels & Lift

    All I know is I want to go up and I like my wheels to poke. Going on a 2008 GMC Sierra Denali AWD. Deciding on two ways to do it: 2.5" RoughCountry level with 33" Nitto Trail Grapps and 20x9 or 20x10 wheels with either a 0 or -12 offset. or 4" CST lift with 33" Nitto Trail Grapps and 20x10...
  17. AllBlkdOut07

    Joined, finally

    What's up boys and girls. Good to be here.
  18. R

    2014 Silverado arrived at dealer today!

    today afternoon arrived about 5 new 2014 silverados , since i work here at the dealership i got to take some pics before they start doing the inspections!!! enjoy
  19. JBlack151

    Adam's Polishes: Brilliant Glaze + Americana = FACE MELT

    I got my truck back from having my gears installed and decided to pull out the "Face Melt" method after a good washing. The truck was corrected and sealed up a few weeks back so yesterday I just did a wash and realized.... "I haven't applied Briliant Glaze and Amerciana on this truck yet!"...
  20. Smith

    Instagram/Facebook features..

    I do realize we already have an Instagram thread, however, it is used mostly to chat and talk about other things involving Instagram. This thread is dedicated to those of you who would like your truck featured on the Instagram and/or Facebook page. This thread will only be used to post...