1. Fairclough

    98 S10 drag truck project

    I'm down to two projects, my Silverado, and my S10. List of parts so far LSX376 B15 Holley hi ram intake manifold 417 motorsports billet 2000hp intercooler With coolant logs Stainless works LSXT twin turbo headers TRZ Motorsports chromoly a-arms Spindles Billet steering arms...
  2. Oktain

    No F*CKS Given Tahoe

    So... my buddies and I were thinking it'd be fun to do a Haggard Garage style YouTube series with my friend's Tahoe that he bought for cheap and uses as a beater. It's beat to fuck, has a bunch of bumper stickers on the back glass, and dents from drunk people trying to Dukes of Hazzard slide...
  3. TechieTruckGuy

    TechieTruckGuy's 06 WT1 (sort of)

    Well I guess I should make a build thread since I never did when I joined a couple of years ago. I bought the truck in September 2010. It was a plain w/t model with some black helo wheels on it. Since then I've done a couple of things to it. -Tint (5% on the back 3, 35% on the front, and 5%...
  4. H

    Harrison's '16 All-Terrain 6.2L Build

    For whatever reason, I have not been able to sign into my previous account (sp00nman), and the email I used before is no longer active. Anyways, on to truck stuff. Just picked this up today, it's a 2016 All-Terrain SLT with the 6.2L and everything else but a sunroof I believe. This truck...
  5. fortplainman

    NNBS transfer case issues please help

    so long story short a little more than 2 years ago i had my transfer case go on me. every time i put any power in reverse it would seem to drop out of gear and have a nasty grinding noise. a snap ring broke on the shaft and essencially caused a shitload of shrapnel in it and i had it replaced...
  6. THE Mook

    Mook Needs a Sig Please

    Morning, I sucks at the Photoshop. I would like a custom sig if someone has time and is so inclined. I have the artwork and the idea, just no tools or education on how to execute it...kinda like I am an engineer huh DemoN. Thanks! PM me, we can go from there.
  7. Dirtmafia

    LS swap the Jeep JK they said...

    I work for an off road suspension manufacturer as many of you know. We specialize in Jeep JK's and Dodge HD suspension products. We're finally jumping on the LSX bandwagon and stuffing one in our 2-door. Many have done it before us, but this will be a learning experience. This 07' 2- Door...
  8. Krash

    Uniball upper control arms

    So I'm needing upper control arms on my truck. Right now I'm running stock uppers with a ekstensive front kit. I'm looking into getting some uniball uppers but to sure if they can be done with the front kit. What are yall running with the ekstensive front kit? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. DeanH1290

    Important!: +1:

    I know this isn't a typical +1 thread, but I feel like he needs some recognition. was very helpful to me when asking about credit and provided me with a good bit of relavent and helpful info. He went out of his way to help me get on the right track and find what I needed. So here's to
  10. 1brokekid

    ABS issues

    Ok so I've been fighting ABS issues ever since blew a brake caliper seal and installed the new one, then bled the brakes. I bled them the old school way, without thinking about the abs at all. Ever since then the ABS light has been on. Had a code for the front wheel speed sensor, which I...
  11. WildChevys

    got the american forces mounted up and did a little shoot

    The pics are pretty good IMO for using an iphone (6). The wheels need polishing BAD but from a distance they look pretty good. updated specs on the truck are 6.5" zone with a smaller 4.5" block. 20x10 shields and 295/55 toyo at2's and I measure at 44.5" front and 43" rear. I hope to get the...
  12. D

    chrome window sills

    can someone help me find chrome window sills for my 2013 crew cab Silverado ? Ive searched extensively on the web but all I find are products that show the rear door window sill ending bluntly before the radius of the window at the bottom right. It looks "stupid" and I dont know why the...
  13. SamCarroll

    Newer Camry strip/clay/seal

    Had someone who wanted to strip whatever they put on at the dealership and clay, seal and clean the interior as they have a baby and it was pretty dirty. I didn't have any before pics because he showed up a little late and its a year old so it wasn't in terrible shape to begin with. He washes...
  14. lowlife08

    got me a 66 caddy

    this one is Def getting bagged Here's how it's hopefully guna look soon
  15. DeanH1290

    Potential build? Need some input!

    Been thinking more and more about leaving my nnbs alone since it is my DD. My dad still has my old truck and I've been thinking about working on it instead since its been a good truck to me. Stats: 2004 GMC Sierra 1500 z71 SLT Extended cab. It has over 250,000 miles and it is really starting to...
  16. Big Tex

    chop some 20x12's on my truck pls.

    want to see what these would look like on my truck with around 4" lift. :flowers:
  17. B

    sas on 06 silverado 1500

    I am planning on doing a sas on my silverado 1500 and changing outfrontout the front and rear axles and making it an 8lug can anyone give me some ideas on the best axles and transfer case
  18. Colton

    Official Honda Ruckus Thread

    A few members have a ruckus, and some other members seem to have some interest in them also so let's use this thread for any pictures/information/parts on them. Let's see some rucks! I'll get it started
  19. wretched73

    Clear coat failing hard on stock rims

    Hey all, I was wondering about the best way to go about cleaning up my rims. The clear coat is failing hard on 3 out of 4 of them and the 4th doesn't look great. My initial thought is to sand off the clear and polish them up. But how will this look with the stock center cap? How well will...
  20. D

    Opinions on this drop for the front

    I have a 2003 silverado RCSB. Wanting to do a 5/7. Was told I could buy 3" drop springs and cut them for extra drop and I could do a 5" drop in the front that way.