1. Fairclough

    87 tube chassis, caged, body dropped, bagged blazer!

    I hate selling this, but I don't have the room for anymore projects, I have 4 right now, and the Wife told me to thin the heard! 87 chromoly tube chassis, and cage built on a jig table, new build, new bags, reverse triangulated 4 link, mounts set up for SBC, and th350, I was going to put my...
  2. loclrnc

    For Sale: FS: Air Ride Stuff

    Selling my collection of air ride stuff. Times are tough and need to get ride of a few things. Will be back at it again someday. These are all brand new in the box. Have been handled but most things are 10/10 shape. Will post pictures later on if needed Accuair Elevel with VU4 - $1250 4...
  3. M

    Need some advice, bag over axle

    So I need to put bags on the rear of my Sierra. I want bag over axle. Could someone take some pics of their setup and what they used for me please?
  4. W

    air bags

    wondering if you guys have had any luck with load leveling air bags. im not trying to tow alot just my snowmobile trailer with 2 sleds or a small car every once and a while. i lifted the truck and it sits level which i like. but with the sled trailer on it squats and makes my head lights look...
  5. Y

    01 silverado ext cab wanting to go 6/9 drop

    OK so I want to drop my truck 6/9 have some rear parts but don't know what to get so. Lmk where to get the shocks how many, how to get 6in in the front.thanks oh and the parts I got already are 6in djm flip kit and bellt exh 3in Shack and hanger kit
  6. dszx13

    Nnbs lowering kit

    Was on my 4wd at 4/7 Belltech struts. Rings not pictured Street edge spindles for 2/4wd Moog uca with belltech offset bushings Belltech flip kit with adjustable hangars Belltech rear shocks Mcguaghys helper bags I'll let it all go for 700 plus shipping on your dime. If your somewhat local we...
  7. L


    So I finally my 4/7 on my RCSB NNBS and it's obviously not sitting right. When I got the truck it sat pretty level in the back and when I put the flip kit on it dropped what looks like 9 in to me. So I'm trying to find out what a stock shackle looks like ( I'm having trouble finding a picture of...
  8. F

    New from the Northern Suburbs and new to the Bagged truck scene

    What up Everybody. Reformed Vdubber here. New to the bagged scene. Was a static guy for a long time. Traded my 65 VW straight across for my first bagged truck. 2000 Silverado (single cab) someone else's project/problem 2005 Escalade front clipped shaved door handles 2 tanks, 2...
  9. CammedVmax

    Ryan's 2015 1le

    So I got to where I hated the truck, I know I'm crazy, and I got the itch for a car. I found this car online about 3 hours from me, worked a deal over the phone and then had them deliver it to me lol. I got a pretty good deal on the car and I'm happy with it. The car is a 2015 2ss/rs camaro with...
  10. Slammed2000

    4/6 or 5/7 drop on a crew cab short bed

    I'm looking to buy a crew cab and sell my single cab and my daily beater s10 so I can buy a crew cab, wanna lower it 4/6 or 5/7 on some Sierra reps, gunna do a 20 with a 275/45 tire, what kinds of issues or things do I need to watch out for goin that low? I ideally want to do 5/7 cause the roads...
  11. B

    1999-2016 helper bag for sale.

    I'm selling some helper bags been on my truck for a bout 3 months I'm doing complete airbag system so I don't need them anymore. I still have them on my truck will take them off by next Friday our if they sell before. New they cost $290 I'm asking . $215 lowered 48 states with family/friend...
  12. Oktain

    Flip kit vs. shackle and block delete

    So here's my issue. I've decided on a 2/4", and I'm going to use DJM LCA's to get the 2" drop up front, however, since I don't have the proper tools to safely pull the rear of my truck apart to do a flip kit, and labor rates are RIDICULOUS, I'm looking at a cost effective solution to drop the...
  13. B

    What helper bags for rear 7" drop

    What helper bag you guys running for a 7" drop I got a 2012 gmc Sierra with a 5/7 bottoms out and would like helper bags. Just curious what's a good kit to buy our what you guys are using. good results our bad experiences
  14. B

    Geometry issue

    Hoping someone here has some incite My new ram has a 4 link and panhard bar from Factory. I added new link bars that you can adjust, and rear air bags to replace coils Naturally as its lowered the axle has shifted to the passenger side. Hence why I also purchased an adjustable panhard...
  15. 0

    gas tank replacement when bagging?

    Well dont know if this is the thread to place this so correct me if im wrong im baggin my truck (2001 silverado single cab) with a 4 link triangular in the back my question is do i need to purchase a fuel cell or can i move mine around anybody got pics or ideas they can give me thanks in advance
  16. B

    Bagged 06 sierra crew cab

    For all of you that don't know I'm back in a crew cab. Plans for this one are straight to bags. Figured id go ahead and start this thread since I'm collecting parts. Got a York 210 and nfamus 3 link on the way. Rest of the plans include infamus front kit, raceline stunna 24x10 on 275 30 kuhmos...
  17. slonlow2000

    Bag recommendations?

    I've been out of bagged vehicles for a couple year. Been doing the static thing for awhile. Last time I was buying bags it was re7's. I've been reading around and it looks like they slam makes different bags now. Also seen a lot of people running dominators. So what are you guys running and...
  18. Khaos

    99-02 PW/PL Switch Wiring Question

    I'm going to be converting my '04 WT to power windows and locks (but not mirrors) using 99-02 panels and switches, due to the switches having internal relays and not needing to go through a BCM. I am also going to be running an exhaust cutout. My idea is to use the unused power mirror...
  19. JeremyReed

    Anyone swapped steering wheel?

    Has anyone done this and have pics?I'm thinking of swapping my stock wheel out for this Grant... Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  20. Krash

    2011 Chevy Silverado crew cab build!

    Let me start off by letting y'all know when I bought it. 2 years ago for my 1 year anniversary being married, my wife bought me my 2011 Silverado $25,000 with only 24k miles. Bought it from a dealership that was about to send it to the auction. As soon as I got I tried finding some info on it...