1. Sac_Jeep

    Sac's 00' RCSB

    Well here is my newest project... 2000 RCSB 4.3L w/ 5 Speed That's all the pictures I have it now as I'm currently in Africa working.. Thankfully I have brothers all over the place as I'm a SeveredTies Petitioner in Louisiana and the truck was for sale in Jennings so Stu picked it...
  2. CammedVmax

    Ryan's 2015 1le

    So I got to where I hated the truck, I know I'm crazy, and I got the itch for a car. I found this car online about 3 hours from me, worked a deal over the phone and then had them deliver it to me lol. I got a pretty good deal on the car and I'm happy with it. The car is a 2015 2ss/rs camaro with...
  3. 0

    Finally bagged

    Well its been a long way comin but i finally did it thanks to tukn4s an bagged00 for some advice on what i need Will be goin with nfamus setup up front later down da road for now just gon look for some 24s and needa find a way to get the gas tank completely in cuz still stick out...
  4. Tukn4s

    07C bagged ccsb build

    Started the next build today with the intimidator being completed last week. Just got the truck opened up to get it ready to be cut on Build info 07C 4.8l ccsb Silverado Bagged on 26's Using unparalleled customs front kit Nfamus 3 link York 210 EDC Two 8 gallon tanks 2 piece driveshaft Relay...
  5. 0

    gas tank replacement when bagging?

    Well dont know if this is the thread to place this so correct me if im wrong im baggin my truck (2001 silverado single cab) with a 4 link triangular in the back my question is do i need to purchase a fuel cell or can i move mine around anybody got pics or ideas they can give me thanks in advance
  6. 0

    lonestar throwdown 2016 *pics

  7. B

    Adding steering controls 2006 sierra

    Talk to me about this. Im kind of confused with the clockspring idea. I know I need a new one. Is this where the new wire some from? So for this swap you just need a steering wheel and clockspring and dealer of course. May be going to pick up some steering controls tomorow.
  8. Tukn4s

    06 intimidator bagged build

    So I've decided to start a build thread for this customer's truck. 2006 intimidator SS The trucks came 2wd in this year and they are torsion bar suspension. Parts Unparalleled Customs front kit Unparalleled Customs 3 link Accuair elevel with ilevel Dual Viair 480's 8.5 gallon tank Built to lay...
  9. B

    Bagged 06 sierra crew cab

    For all of you that don't know I'm back in a crew cab. Plans for this one are straight to bags. Figured id go ahead and start this thread since I'm collecting parts. Got a York 210 and nfamus 3 link on the way. Rest of the plans include infamus front kit, raceline stunna 24x10 on 275 30 kuhmos...
  10. slonlow2000

    Bag recommendations?

    I've been out of bagged vehicles for a couple year. Been doing the static thing for awhile. Last time I was buying bags it was re7's. I've been reading around and it looks like they slam makes different bags now. Also seen a lot of people running dominators. So what are you guys running and...
  11. B

    Bagged front fender tubs. Pics ideas

    So I'm gathering parts to bag the crew cab. Will be on a 275 30 24. Trying to get ideas for tubs. Things are going to be tight under the hood as I'm looking to run a York 210. Really liking the tandem axle tubs that go flat against the firewall. Anyways post pics of what you got.
  12. Zach.

    For Sale: 99-06/07 NBS parts/airbag parts Bakersfield Ca

    Everything's sold. Please delete
  13. JeremyReed


    i have a 2/3 ,drop spindles and shackles with blocks it really that noticable of a difference to spend the money on a flip kit to go down another inch to 4 or should i just get a 5" kit for the back?dont haul alot but may buy a boat so would look into air helpers if needed..showing 2"...
  14. B

    Air management gauges. Where to mount?

    Where are you guys mounting your gauges for air management? Seen some cool ides in the lower pocket of the 03 consoles.
  15. B

    3pc rim. Lip ideas.

    Going to get some raceline stunnas tomorrow. All 4 wheels have minimum to moderate curb rash. I talked to raceline they said they don't just sell the outer lip. This leaves me with wheel repair. Obviously there is rechrome but that will probably be pretty pricey. So I'm thinking powder. What's...
  16. DeanH1290

    Aluminum wheel repair?

    I keep running across mixed responses on the web, so figured I would post up here. Yesterday I got ran off the road and ended up bending a wheel. It's on the inner lip and it still holds air. So can it be fixed, or just replaced? A new wheel is $162+shipping.
  17. B

    Nnbs flip kit on nbs. Will it work?

    So I got the opportunity for a nnbs mcgaughys flip kit for a good deal but it's for a nnbs.. I've done some research and found a few things saying they're the same. Anyone know for sure? My main concern is pinion angle.
  18. B

    any pics of a crew cab 1500 with 99 02 hd clip?

    Just like title says curious to see a crew cab 1500 with 99 02 silverado hd clip on it. lowered or bagged but preferably lowered.
  19. Fastnloud5.3

    99 to 03 bumper swap?

    what all is needed to swap an 03 sierra bumper onto my 99? just the bumper? found a bumper a buddy took off his new mud truck body donor says I can have it for a case of beer. It's complete but no brackets
  20. Smith

    Headlight help...

    My headlights definitely aren't as bad as some of the ones I've seen some of you do turn arounds on and wet sand. With that being said however, I noticed yesterday/last night after not washing or paying much attention in a few months that my lights are starting to get a slight haze at the very...