1. Slow05CC

    FS: Austin Texas. 20x8 Centerline Sniper

    SOLD: Austin Texas. 20x8 Centerline Sniper SOLD... Figure I'll give this a try here to see if anyone is interested. Selling my centerline sniper 20x8 wheels. According to the centerlines website they have a 5" backspace or +12 offset. These are great wheels and look really good when...
  2. Slow05CC

    Can Someone Chop Some Wheels For Me?

    I recently lowered my truck and cant decide between wheels. Currently riding on Centerlines, but kind of want a factory wheel. That being said, I was wondering if someone would chop some wheels on my truck Thanks in advance!!! The wheels on this 2015 On my 2005 CCSB
  3. S

    Soo Slo...Farmbred PumpGas RCSB

    So figured i'd start a build thread, been a work in progress but here's the up-to-current status. Started off with a clean build RCSB, Prev. Owner works at Lingenfelter Performance and this was one of his many fun vehicles. Had another child and needed to release one for a larger family...
  4. L

    22" GM transit steel wheels

    22" GM transit steel wheels Lly
  5. L

    22" Steel Wheels 6 Lug

    I have more sets of the GM 22's steel wheels. They are 6x5.5 lug pattern and have a 6" backspace. Price is $500 firm per set plus shipping. I'm located in Wentzville, MO. I'm also willing to trade for; 1996 Seadoo XP 1999 Seadoo SPX Yamaha Superjet ( Round or Square nose ) Yamaha...
  6. A

    Leveling kit for 05 sierra

    I got newish tires for summer and guy said I may need to level my truck for them to fit the front properly, looking at costs and what brands to get. Thoughts? Thanks. Trucks an 05 1500 sierra Oh and the tires are 305/60/18
  7. Adjusted

    20" Centerline Snipers, perfect shape - San Antonio, TX - $500

    Selling a set (4) of 20" Centerline Snipers because I bought a different set of wheels for the Sierra. The wheels are in great shape, zero scuffs or curb-rashes, I have never had an issue balancing them, and the faces still polish up perfectly. They look great on some all-terrains, or on a...
  8. Blue97

    2... American Eagle 225 wheels

    I have (2) 20x8.5" 5x5 5x127 4.5 backspace.....$400
  9. T

    24 x 9/2 centerline billet wheels

    wheels are in good condition no tires centerline 24x9/2 price 2000 no trades located in fort worth tx 76137 prefer local buyers we don't want deal with shipping stuff for more inf 8177269376
  10. asmo

    Centerline stingray III's 20x8.5

    Set of (4) Centerline stingrays 20x8 - 6x5.5 pattern - 5.0 inch backspacing - good condition - missing center caps Centerline part# 2012806656 Selling Wheels Only No Tires The wheels have no curb rash, just small scuffs on edges not bad at all, they have some small...
  11. P

    Shortening rear end questions, HELP!

    I need some help ASAP! First and foremost, any help will be greatly appreciated and sorry if it's a FAQ. I tested fitted a extra wheel I had laying around on my truck and need some help/info on how much to shorten the rear end.
  12. WildChevys

    (NJ) Feeler for BMF PVD REPRs 20x9

    Thinking of selling my BMF PVD (chrome type finish that is MUCH MUCH MUCH more durable than actual chrome) REPRs in 20x9 6x5.5" bolt pattern 5" backspace and 0 ofset. I'm seriously considering switching to the BMF 20x10 FITEs. According to BMF they will be available some time this summer. So I'm...
  13. B

    Wheel offset question..

    Quick question.. Is there a difference in length between stock arms and the KP component arms?? Trying to figure out what backspace ill need for my 22's.. I'm wondering if I can get away with a 22x8.5" wheel up front with a 5" bs and a 22x10 wheel out back with a 6.25" bs? My original plan was...

    26" Intro Twisted Trenz 5

    Ive decided to go a different route so these are for sale. 26x10 all around with 7" backspace front and 4" backspace rear. 305/30 Toyo tires all around as well $4,800. Whoever is seriously interested let me know and we can work something on shipping.
  15. juanr_08

    tire size help!!!!

    Having trouble on what size tire I should go up front and rear, truck is going to be sitting at 7/10 drop, tubbed up front and rear and notched, wheel sizes are 22x8.5 with 6.00" backspace offset and rear 24x10 with 4.50" backspace offset, what yall would fit right?
  16. juanr_08

    this wheel it is!!

    So decided im going with bonspeed sweeps but in six spoke, called them earlier and said $950 a wheels, holy shit right lol, oh well going for it, 24x9 front and 24x10 rear. As soon as racelines are sold sweeps gonna be on order, What yall think? 5 spoke Six spoke
  17. Bootstrap

    Important!: Another WTF can I fit thread, but this time I need investigators!

    Spotted this today, it's a 6" BDS and 3" BL running on 38x15.50x20 Kumho KL71's. I know the Kuhmo's tend to run narrow, these are really (14.3" wide on a x12 rim and 37.8" tall) So they're really a 13.50 like Mud Grapplers/ Toyo MT's run that wide in a 13.50. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the stance of this...
  18. barrrf

    In here if you like CARS...........

    Guess since the other thread disappeared I'll start another. POST them pics of cars slammed, stanced, or just BAMF........ I'll start with the following......