1. E

    Emery FINALLY buys a GM

    That's right, after countless years on GM forums with Fords I finally bought a GM. Don't worry though, my Powerstroke is still around. Anyways, as some of you know, since the fall of 2013 I had been daily driving a 2005 Subaru. Well this past July with less then 100 miles short of 200k, the...
  2. James Pate

    BAMF Pri's 2005 Chevrolet Tahoe build thread

    This is where I will keep the build of my GF new to her tahoe. She got it about a week and a half ago and really just been driving it. She has some ideas that she wants to do to it that I have already taken care of. Main thing she needs to decide is whether she want's to lift or lower it. Its...
  3. HaydenB99

    Hayden's NBS ECSB Red Two Tone Silvy

    Since I absolutely destroyed my white sierra (first truck), after searching and searching for a new one that was a bit different. I finally found it. 2004 Z71 Chevy Silveraydo, tan leather, already has 06 front, and painted plastics obviously . YES IT NEEDS BLOCKS BADLY LMAO, but limited to...
  4. B

    Clearing nbs sierra marker lights

    Is this possible? Got a hook up on some headlights and marker lights but they have the reflectors in them. Can the markers be opened and cleared?
  5. slonlow2000

    Bagged 1999 GMC Sierra

    Interested in trading for a RCSB or a crewcab, or a stock truck and some cash. Prefer 2wd non-black trucks. Sell price is $13000, but mainly trying to trade at this point in time. 1999 GMC Sierra, 5.3 with 157000 miles, and a 4L60E with around 3000 miles on a fresh rebuild. VIN...
  6. S

    99-06 clear/red tails *rare

    Selling these APC tails, bought these back in the day when I had 6 sets of tails lol and ran a few times. No sun damage or yellowing. Like new $180+shipping or pu Bay Area, ca Obo Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. okbeast

    FS: LED bulbs-3157 amber & 194 blue

    You pay shipping and they're yours. Sent from my LG-D850 using Tapatalk
  8. Chewy07

    VLED switchback issues

    I'm on my second set of switchbacks since when I was in the oilfield the switchbacks would rattle around from lease roads, some of the little led pieces would come off and caused it not to be as bright or just be a dead row of leds. Anyways I've been noticing that on these second set of...
  9. H

    Harrison's '16 All-Terrain 6.2L Build

    For whatever reason, I have not been able to sign into my previous account (sp00nman), and the email I used before is no longer active. Anyways, on to truck stuff. Just picked this up today, it's a 2016 All-Terrain SLT with the 6.2L and everything else but a sunroof I believe. This truck...
  10. A

    Turn signal bulbs

    I am looking to take my turn signal amber piece out and replace it with a clear piece of plastic leaving the reflector still usable just clear. I need to replace the bulbs with amber bulbs. I am curious if bulbs are readily available at any auto part stores or if I need to special order them.
  11. A

    New here

    I'm looking at doing some visual customizing of my truck and after doing a little research it appears I need some help and a good community to talk to. Even tho I don't live close to any chapters( I live in fl) I liked the site and the sheer amount of posts. I have a 2014 chevy silverado 4x4...
  12. slicksierra

    Brand new vleds HI VIS Amber 194 bulbs

    Hi guys, selling these brand new bulbs, no issues with them at all just didn't like the way they looked in the corner light next to my new switchbacks. Retail is 18.00 for the pair plus 6.00 for the shipping. 20 bucks and I'll ship them fo free. Here's a link: HIGH-VIS AMBER 4 LED BULBS 194...
  13. Fiesty

    Fiesty's 2008 G8 GT

    Welp I'm no longer pulling a trailer daily so I sold the ol dmax about a month ago and picked this up. 2008 Pontiac G8 GT, 72k, L76, 6 speed auto, sun roof (always wanted one), loaded, etc. Sold the dmax for $1k more than I paid for it, and got this for $16k which is a pretty good price for this...
  14. 88GMCtruck

    K2XX / 2015 style Towing Mirror Disassembly How To

    I recently picked up a set of 2015 style K2XX mirrors for my 98 Dually. The fine folks at eBay (aka china) have made aftermarket replacements for GMT400, GMT800 and GMT900 trucks. My truck's primary purpose is to haul an 11.5' slide in camper and a 14' enclosed trailer, so towing mirrors are a...
  15. S

    Sierra ecsb "build"

    "build" because nothing too serious, just a low budget daily driver Truck was completely stock and abused when i bought it a year ago. I explained everything i added/fixed in my intro thread. About a month ago it looked like this And since then I've removed step bars removed plastic...
  16. slonlow2000

    Bought Not Built

    Picked this up a couple weekends ago. Its a 99 with the newer front end, and 05+ Silverado tail lights. Bagged with a 2 link/watts link in the rear, and factory arms in the front. I think the uppers are flipped, with just upper and lower cups. Its got an EDC that I'm still learning about...
  17. SuperchargedSS

    The Return of The Yeti... Another 2015 DenaliHD Build

    Sold the Black DenaliHD and bought a white one last week. Pretty much identical to the black one except this one had a sunroof and the powerfold tow mirrors already. Plans are big lift, big wheels, big tires. I'll update that as things become firm. Just waiting to hear back on confirmation...
  18. Fastnloud5.3

    Clearing 99-02 turn signals?

    Got the headlights done without an issue. Had a hell of a time getting the turn signals apart, but eventually got it. Now how in the exact fuck does that amber piece pop out? Because I've tried just about everything I can think of.
  19. W

    Will's CCQS fix thread

    Figured I'd start a thread on here to dump pics of the truck in. :security: Starting with this: 2004 GMC Sierra 2500 SLT crew cab with quadrasteer (much rare) in silverbirch. 6.0 LQ4. 4L80E. 246 32 spline case. Dana 60 rear. 9.5 AAM front. Beefy enough for what I need! February 2013 - Bought...
  20. Adjusted

    Returning NBS to stock - Lift spindles, blocks, control arms, stereo, etc.

    Over the next few months I will be slowly returning my 2007 Sierra Classic's suspension (and a few other things) to stock form so I can sell it and use my current wheels and tires on the '14+ Silvy. Prepping for a possible dealer trade so I'd like to have it as stock appearing as possible, the...