1. S

    8x6.5 to 8x180 adapters

    I know this has been covered before but search isn't bringing up much for me. Is there any specific company to go with or are the ebay sets good as any? Are hub-centric spacers worth the extra coin? Edit- just for a gas 6l truck and the most I haul is 1000lb camper
  2. Blackout

    First system build/ish need help

    I have an 03 with the factory bose system, just bought the pictured subs for $65...2 12" infinity 800w max and a 400w legacy amp... This is like chinese for me. First question. Has anybody ever hooked subs up to the factory headunit? Not looking to spend a ton of money replacing it. I hear...
  3. lowlife08

    good quality wheel spacers?

    Looking to get good quality wheel spacers for my back wheels to even them up with the front? What's a good brand?
  4. Slow05CC

    How Much Power Are You Pushing On NNBS FlexFuel Injectors

    I recently purchased a set of the FlexFuel Injectors PT#12580426 which I have read are about 36 pounders? I ordered the Racetronix EV1 Mini Delphi to EV6 USCAR adapters and plan on putting them in this weekend and getting a retune done. I know these injectors are more then I will need...
  5. BOO5TED

    For Sale: Morimoto Mini 6.0 projectors, Denali adapters, 5K H1 bulbs

    Like the title states I have 6.0 projectors, Denali adapters and 5K H1 bulbs for sale. Located in ATL, $110 shipped.
  6. 2

    Morimoto Retrofit Adapter Plates

    This is a continuation of the previous adapter plate sale thread. As of 11/5/15, I have more sets coming in either late november or early december. I can put ur name down on a list and...
  7. B

    New pics of benges truck...10-12" lift,3" body,22x14,37 nitto,procharged,color match

    Well fellas figured i would post up some new pics of my truck for the first time....hope you enjoy a few panoramas i tried out...turned out small :ffuuu: