1. dszx13

    Starter kit.

    Looking for recommendations on what I should get to fix my horrible paint an to keep it nice. I do not have a machine but I would like to get one. Looking for the best bang for my buck. I basically have the basic cheap soap from the auto parts store and rags. Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
  2. B

    What pads and polishes are you using?

    So I've pretty much been stuck with adams and SCG so I want to try something new. With so much on the market the info is just overwhelming. So like the title says what pads and polishes are you using? Tool is a flex 3401. I've read that the LC hybrid pads are the best combination with the flex.
  3. WildChevys

    For Sale: 20x10 American Force Shields (polished)

    I'm most likely going to be putting up my AF Shields for sale this fall, the reason i'm making the listing now is because people always say "if you sell them let me know", but I know when it's time to make the deal there are excuses a plenty. So now all the "serious" buyers have plenty of time...
  4. cbrsilv15

    Sold my truck for sale stuff. NBS 07c

    PM me for the fastest response. I have some stuff that I took out of my old truck before it was traded in. Everything works great and has been well taken care of. Akron, Ohio. Pioneer Avic Z2. This has the 2010 model 60GB HDD instead of the normal 30 and has the updated maps. There is...
  5. Connor

    Compound and Polish

    I have a DA that I use to wax fiberglass boat topsides in the summer. I use a wool pad for that, and I think it came with two foam pads, I have no idea what they are or do. For compounding and polishing my SUV, what pads do I need, and what compounds and polishes would be good for a beginner...
  6. 2

    Surf City Garage Clayzilla

    So last week I placed an order with SCG and was asked if I could provide a review if I was provided a product. I gladly accepted and was able to use it this weekend on a 2016 Mustang I detailed. Wont go into details as to wat/how this thing is or works but its supposed to be a replacement for...
  7. WildChevys

    Metal polish

    This winter while the forces are off the truck I want to try some more aggressive metal polishes and was looking for some suggestions. Currently I use Adams #1 &#2 metal polish with a mothers magic ball then touched up with a microfiber pad. Sent from your sister's house
  8. 1brokekid

    Daily Driven Billets/Polished wheels

    So I'm fighting keeping these polished 2 piece eagles looking good, due to daily driving it. Anyone have any advice? As of now I'm washing with soap and water, and polishing with mothers and a powerball, then by hand. wheels alone are a 2 hour ordeal. Not too bad, but i want to find a...
  9. Smith

    +1 Adams

    Long story short, bought some Americana paste wax once upon a time and was never truly happy with it due to not being able to open the container and the actual wax breaking up and cracking constantly even though it was always stored in a temperature controlled environment (disclaimer, this is...
  10. DemoN

    CGM official BEEEEEDZ thread

    Show off your polishin' skillz with those beaded up rides! - - - - - - - - - -auto merged double post- - - - - - - - - - how-to for awesome bead pics: 1. Don't bother checking weather forecast. 2. Spend a bunch of time and effort washin' and polishin' your ride to the perfect shine. 3...
  11. Oktain

    Question: BUG REMOVAL

    Bugs Need I say more? I hate bug & tar remover. I think I've used it twice. What's the best method for removing them, without harming the finish? Honestly if there's a way to do it without stripping the wax off of the hood that'd be awesome too. I have to be selective of weather/time of...
  12. WildChevys

    got the american forces mounted up and did a little shoot

    The pics are pretty good IMO for using an iphone (6). The wheels need polishing BAD but from a distance they look pretty good. updated specs on the truck are 6.5" zone with a smaller 4.5" block. 20x10 shields and 295/55 toyo at2's and I measure at 44.5" front and 43" rear. I hope to get the...
  13. slicksierra

    For Sale: Microfiber towels

    Selling some microfiber towels that collect dust of my shelves. Selling my Adams Great White waffle weave drying towel. Good shape with hardly any staining not much use over the last year. $19.00+shipping Also selling 4 16"x24" blue waffle weave towels. One pair is from Adams the other is...
  14. slicksierra

    For Sale: Discounted detailing products Shine Supply, Adams Polishes

    Hey guys trying to make some room on my shelves by selling some products I just don't use anymore. All these last step products and polishes work great and the waxes are top notch I just don't have use for them anymore since I have coated my truck. Few items from Shine Supply that I had on my...
  15. DemoN

    my 2014 Reg cab back from paint and body

    As most know, i hit a dear with my truck a few weeks back. while it was with the body shop for repairs, we also decided to add a few updates. it was late and raining when i got it back, but as soon as the weather cleared up, i got out the adams and detailed it up :D TOO MUCH SHINE...
  16. Smith

    GMT-900 (2007-2013) Truck and SUV cracked dash discussion

    The cracked dash on the GMT-900 (2007-2014) Trucks and SUV's seem to be a common problem. When many try to get this problem fixed it is very hit or miss when it comes to GM wanting to help and many times they don't acknowledge it as a problem or leave you footing the replacement bill, and if...
  17. Smith

    Headlight help...

    My headlights definitely aren't as bad as some of the ones I've seen some of you do turn arounds on and wet sand. With that being said however, I noticed yesterday/last night after not washing or paying much attention in a few months that my lights are starting to get a slight haze at the very...
  18. ScottyBoy

    Anybody ever used Folex carpet cleaner?

    I have been reading a lot on some detail forums about carpet and upholstery cleaning. A lot of people swear by Folex carpet cleaner and swear about how great it is. I had some bad stains on the carpet at work from some customers who spilled BOTH a soda and a chocolate milkshake on an area of...
  19. Kyles03

    Kyle's 2007 Sierra 2500 LBZ build

    Before talking about the Sierra, I did sell the 03 Silverado 2 months ago. After 7 years of ownership, rust taking over, plus having an offer I couldn't turn down, it was time to sell. And.... A week or so later I found this one on craigslist. Went and looked at it, turned out to be...
  20. FreeWilly!


    These guys are complete scum! I have brand new unused product I want to take back. I even offered to drive the stuff up there. Their supposed return policy is 2-3 weeks maybe I'll get my money back! But what's better is the VP will hang up on you, and Carrie will personally insult you. I...