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  1. P

    Transmission on nnbs

    Hey everyone I'm new to this forum and I was hoping you guys can help me out I have a 2011 nnbs rcsb 4.3 4 speed tranny and I got the check engine light on so I scan it and got two codes p0700 and p0741 I'll like to know what are they and how can I repair my truck is lower front the back 6...
  2. T

    Important!: Question about tubing my rear and if I should tub my 2009 GMC Sierra

    I have a 2009, GMC Sierra on a 4-7 drop ( 7 inch flip kit in the back, 2 inch spindle in the back and 2 inch struts with 2 inch re-locators ) right now with 24 inch rims. The tires on it are 285/35 just in case that plays into tubing it. Now what my plans are is to go to a 6-9 drop or 6-10...
  3. L


    Okay long story short brand new 350 with 350hp brand new tranny in a 2 door Tahoe with 6 inches of lift on 33s. I went on my first long trip with the truck which was only 40 miles from my shop to my house and it struggled to get up hills it down shifted like it was supposed too but it was still...
  4. L

    Hello from Va!

    Hello! My name is shawn , I'm from the southern part of va. Recently got married to my beautiful wife in august and had my first son on 1/23/2015 8 lbs and 1 oz, 3 weeks early but healthy as a ox! My first vehicle ever was a 1993 GMC sierra got it when I was 14 it was totaled when I got it...
  5. Oktain

    Fought Bullwinkle... I Lost

    I can finally look at these pics of the damage without wanting to :rage: so I figured I'd post them up. I'm heading to the body shop to check it out in the morning so I'll grab some pics of how she sits now. She smelt the moose on the truck: For those of you that don't...
  6. jayballz

    Want something free? Enter here.

    I want to start producing me some parts. Figure why not. So, that said, if anyone want something free such as -Flush mount tranny crossmember -Two piece shaft crossmember withcarrier -Lifted gas tank crossmember -Etc etc All you gotsta do is let me use your oem part to make a template from. I...
  7. TheBrettster

    Rear Lift Alternative (Not using blocks)

    This is just a general census for those who do not want to sacrifice ride quality and deal with axle wrap. I was able to lift the rear of my truck about 6 inches using the following. You can gain more if you want by leaving in the OEM 1 inch block but will probably require a 7 degree shim...
  8. Tylers88

    My Jeep Rubicon

    Making a build thread for my Jeep. Brett doesn't like it, other might or might not :idgaf: it really is one of the funnest vehicles I've had. Stock specs for those that aren't familiar with them are 2005 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 4.0 I6 NSG-370 6 speed manual, 4.46 1st gear NV241 Rock-Trac tcase...
  9. Slammed2000

    Some 5/7 drop questions on my nbs scsb

    Ok I have a 2000 silverado scsb, it already has a belltech 3/4 drop, a 2 inch drop spindle up front and a one inch drop spring up front, and out back it has both front and rear shackles and a c notch, I'm wanting to go down to a 5/7, I was thinking a belltech 3 inch drop spring up front and a...
  10. A

    Wiring Morimoto HIDS Help!

    Okay so I got my HIDs in the mail today. They are all Morimoto Elite with the heavy duty relay. I ordered H11 for the lows, 9005 for the highs, 5202/H16 for the fogs. I started on the fogs, and noticed the factory plug from the truck is rectangular shaped, but the Morimoto connection is oval...
  11. T

    For Sale: Bagged 02 Sierra

    This is my 02 ECSB Sierra with a 4.8. It has 102000 ish miles on the motor, changed every 3000 with Mobil One. The transmission lost the sun gear in it so it is being rebuilt right now. Im having a Vette Servo put in it while it is apart. The front is set up with the Ekstensive Metal Works...
  12. Bagged_Sierra

    Bagged 13 Sierra

    Well last time home I got started bagging my 13 Sierra with on 750 miles on it, got just about everything done except for getting all the wiring cleaned up and a few small details done on how the gauges are mounted. I still have some trimming to do on the fenders and get the notch cover and...
  13. lowlife08

    how do i fix my camber

    im trying to figure out what i need to fix my camber i have a 2012 silverado with 4" control arms and adjustable struts up front i only have one spacer out of the struts but my camber is almost 2 degrees off
  14. cknox121

    Important!: Pictures wanted!

    Yes I have searched and look at tons of pictures on the internet. Looking for some pictures of any 99-02 chevy/gmc, ecsb preferably, with a 6in lift or 6inch of lift together on some 20inch wheels (doesnt matter on width) with 33's. Still cant decide if I want to lift so this is why I...
  15. B

    how to fit 20x12s

    i was wondering what all i would have to do to run 20x12s on my truck