1. A

    GMC Denali Tail Lights OEM.

    I'm selling my Denali Tails because I'm trying to save some money up and I really don't need them. They are GM OEM. And they are in okay condition. They are missing the 2 tabs that push into the truck, but you can screw them out of your original tail lights into the Denali tails. I'm asking...
  2. Tylers88

    My Jeep Rubicon

    Making a build thread for my Jeep. Brett doesn't like it, other might or might not :idgaf: it really is one of the funnest vehicles I've had. Stock specs for those that aren't familiar with them are 2005 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 4.0 I6 NSG-370 6 speed manual, 4.46 1st gear NV241 Rock-Trac tcase...
  3. DemoN

    finally....out of the garage.

    Truck has been sitting a bit....decided to give it some TLC. after a new batt, fresh fuel, and fresh wash i took it for a little spin. damn this thing is fun to drive :D not washed here...
  4. krusn64

    (CA) NNBS crew cab rear seat cloth

    I have the 60/40 bench from my 2012 Silverado for sale since i converted my rear seats to buckets. I'm asking $150 or best offer local pickup/delivery only. One of the pictures shows a cut i made in the bracket where the two pieces join. that was to have clearance for my amp. The seats are ebony...
  5. TechieTruckGuy

    Which Wheel?

    I was looking on old craigslist and I saw these two sets of wheels and was trying to everyone's opinion. OR
  6. Bootstrap

    1994 Chevy C2500

    For sale: 1994 Chevrolet 2500. 7.4L 454 with Banks Power Pack (Tune, headers, Exhaust,Intake) 4:10 gears 2wd Ext Cab, Long Bed (8ft) ~140k miles New -40k mile GM installed transmission ~500hp/~500ftlb torque Overall great condition for a truck of it's age. colormatched Long Bed camper...
  7. Skyk789


    I need some ideas on what else to do on my 2012 Graystone Metallic Z71? Things I have done already include: -5% Tint all around -Line X spray in bed liner -UWS low profile black toolbox -Leveling kit -Nitto Trail Grapplers -Blacked out all lights an badges -Removed Plastic door...
  8. P

    Newbie from Socal

    How's it going everyone? My name is Peter, I've been visiting this site for quite a while, but now it's time to join the CUSTOMGM community. I own a 2001 GMC Sierra Step Side which is my latest project. :wave:
  9. G

    New here but not to GM

    Hello everyone im Jamie and i have a GMC some might have seen on other GM forum site.
  10. M

    CGM Official 'Engine Bay' Thread

    Hey everybody, post your slick or not so slick engine bays. Let's see how clean people can be!
  11. CammedVmax

    07 classic vmax build thread

    Don't really have a build thread for my truck.. It's been 3 years with the thing and gone through a lot of shit. Started of course stock on 20" VHO's and just went from there. I'm not going to post anything from what I've done in the past on here just from now on lol. Here the most recent pic of...
  12. WildChevys

    (NJ) Feeler for BMF PVD REPRs 20x9

    Thinking of selling my BMF PVD (chrome type finish that is MUCH MUCH MUCH more durable than actual chrome) REPRs in 20x9 6x5.5" bolt pattern 5" backspace and 0 ofset. I'm seriously considering switching to the BMF 20x10 FITEs. According to BMF they will be available some time this summer. So I'm...
  13. T

    2004 extended cab lowered 4/6

    04 , 5.3 car fax available lowered 4/6 bone stock 22 Texas edition all the housing lights new after market only one little ding on the truck but is real clean 132k miles for more inf 8177269376 price 10k located in fort worth tx 76137
  14. Oktain

    Procharger i-1 *Programmable Boost*

    Had a "shut up and take my money" moment when I saw this. Super cool, but I wonder how much more expensive it'll be over the P1Sc Discuss
  15. 1brokekid

    New guy here, long story..

    Well, first off my name's Korbin, I'm from Longview, TX, and I'm 16. I've been on 67-72chevytruck.com for years, where I had a 25+ build thread on this truck Ill give y'all the quick version, I bought it for $250 from an older man outside of hallsville, where it looked like the top. Didn't...
  16. chevy_reed89

    New from Western KY

    Hey guys, new to the site. I've got a 89 c1500 and my dad has a 2005 2wd CCSB Sierra
  17. 1

    New from Louisiana

    Got crapped on for making a for sale thread as my first post so might as well introduce myself. Names Shelby from the New Orleans area. Drive a 2013 silverado that as of now has a 3" level with block removed on ltz wheels and 275/60/20 toyos. I've owned 2 other gmcs and 2 other chevys. 2 of...