1. WildChevys

    photoshop request

    I LOVE my current sig, but would like something with the updates to the truck:
  2. James

    2007-2013 GMC Sierra OEM Three Bar Grille

    Location: New Orleans Price: $200 Shipping: Willing to ship, or deliver to Shreveport meet July 18 Contact: James via PM or text if you have my number Selling OEM GMC Sierra Grille off of my personal truck. Grille is in great shape with slight scuffing on bottom ( barely noticeable but pictured...
  3. James

    2007-2013 Sierra/Silversdo OEM DL3 Tow mirrors

    Location: New Orleans price: 375 Shipping : will ship or deliver to Shreveport meet July 18th Contact: James via PM or if you have my number text 2007-2013 Sierra/Silverado OEM GM set of DL3 tow mirrors. Power adjust, heat, turn signals, fully functional. No damage or flaws. Purchased new...
  4. Cheeny23

    Need wiring diagram

    was too hot for me to keep dicking around with the 40million oem plugs and wires, so if anyone happens to have it, please post it up need it for: 2013 crew cab, 6 channel bose (non-luxury is the 6ch, where as lux is the 9 channel) with nav. ive cut and tapped into the normal color...
  5. E

    On this episode of dads truck is broke...

    So those who saw my other thread and those who I've talked to in the past know how much shit dads put into his Yukon lately, rebuilt the rear end, new ac system, all new fuel lines, etc etc. All within the last year or so. Anyways. I'm home for the weekend as my parents are moving so I was...
  6. DemoN

    CGM official BEEEEEDZ thread

    Show off your polishin' skillz with those beaded up rides! - - - - - - - - - -auto merged double post- - - - - - - - - - how-to for awesome bead pics: 1. Don't bother checking weather forecast. 2. Spend a bunch of time and effort washin' and polishin' your ride to the perfect shine. 3...
  7. Adjusted

    Returning NBS to stock - Lift spindles, blocks, control arms, stereo, etc.

    Over the next few months I will be slowly returning my 2007 Sierra Classic's suspension (and a few other things) to stock form so I can sell it and use my current wheels and tires on the '14+ Silvy. Prepping for a possible dealer trade so I'd like to have it as stock appearing as possible, the...
  8. Matts_Sierra

    05 sierra slow build

    everyone has a build thread, mines not as intense as a lot of these other trucks but this is what I got: day I picked it up day 2 step removal new handles added spindle and block on 265s added 3" lift coil 7"cst lift and 17s and 33s added...

    BARBER's 2011 Chevy LML Duramax

    As we all know Shawn is still crying over the sale of his twin turbo'ed LB7 Duramax. But, it was time to an upgrade. That LB7 was the third extended cab I've owned and with me standing at 6'5"...it was time to get some "big boy pants" and get into a crew cab. I'm a fan of the LML motors and my...
  10. D1nman

    2011 Kawasaki Brute Force 840 built by FCP

    2011, bought it brand new with 13 miles as a leftover in April 2013. I drove it lightly until 80 or so miles, changed all fluids, then set it up on jack stands and ripped most all parts off to begin building it. Here is what all it has. 2011 2012 seal kit 280 miles 70 hours Last 840 brute to...
  11. M

    06 cts-v ls2 6speed super clean and fast houston tx

    Beautiful maroon cts-v v8 ls2 caddy for sale has 145k miles all highway used to travel back and forth to Dallas for work. it's a 6 speed stick very fast car. really clean inside and out. never been modified or messed with adult owned and operated. very nice driver. and what's more fun than a...
  12. SamCarroll

    SDM Build Thread

    My 4runner forums suck so im going to make a thread here with my continued "build". I figured it will be easier to make a build thread instead of blowing up random threads. When i just purchased it. 2003 Limited 4wd v8 94,000 miles It only took a week to take the steps...
  13. WildChevys

    got the american forces mounted up and did a little shoot

    The pics are pretty good IMO for using an iphone (6). The wheels need polishing BAD but from a distance they look pretty good. updated specs on the truck are 6.5" zone with a smaller 4.5" block. 20x10 shields and 295/55 toyo at2's and I measure at 44.5" front and 43" rear. I hope to get the...
  14. D

    chrome window sills

    can someone help me find chrome window sills for my 2013 crew cab Silverado ? Ive searched extensively on the web but all I find are products that show the rear door window sill ending bluntly before the radius of the window at the bottom right. It looks "stupid" and I dont know why the...
  15. WildChevys

    new sig please

    it's not the best picture, but until I can get it all cleaned up this will have to do. thanks in advance for whoever makes it!
  16. BARBER

    2003 LB7 ECSB Duramax

    Thinking about letting my LB7 go. Lots of mods and upgrades. Priced at $16,500 OBO. Currently has 193,xxx miles. I don't have to sell it right at this moment, but if someone is serious and wants it bad enough I'll let it go. Motor: -S475 over stock compound kit built by MAXX Performance. Turbo...
  17. SilverSierra

    OEM all terrain grille??

    Anyone know where I can buy a gmc all terrain grille?? Looking for one for my 2013 sierra in silver. Any dealers on here for oem parts?
  18. Alecks

    Chrome NNBS tow hooks

    Chrome is in great condition, 07-13, with hardware! West Monroe LA, $120 shipped Obo
  19. SilverSierra

    Removing pinstripe residue--

    I'm in the process of removing the pinstripe and molding from my 2013 Sierra. I know on the molding to use the eraser wheel, but what about the fine residue left from the pinstripe? Would a clay bar take care of it? Thanks --Josh
  20. Cheeny23

    NNBS Interior Parts

    NNBS interior pieces, taken out of a 2013 SLT. Location: Bakersfield, Ca Condition: like new, perfect condition Will fit any nnbs interior with a console, with or without nav All prices OBO Center console bin insert with cup holders - $40 + the ride brushed aluminum radio bezel - $75 +...