1. marc

    can i get some help on my LED drl lights on 2007.5 2500hd.

    hello all i was wondering if i could get some help. i have had my drl's working properly before but now they are being stupid. i shot a little video. this video show the signals working both as 4-ways and as left and right signal. the passenger side is working as it should. the...
  2. AllBlkdOut07

    07 Chevy Silverado Lifted - Only 39,700 miles North NJ

    2007 Lifted Chevy Silverado Show Truck - only 39,700 miles Located in North NJ This is a very clean truck, inside, out and underneath. Truck has been pampered, it has never seen Off-Road, never Trailered, or Abused and rarely driven in the past 6 years. A/C heat and dual climate control work...
  3. B

    I'm new and I drive a classless 'hoe (ver.2)

    So, I joined and posted an introduction the other day, but it seems that something transpired last night and the electrical gods deemed it fit to wipe me out of the system. Probably some glitch in the Matrix, Neo ate the other pill and the lady in the red dress actually gender identifies as a...
  4. J

    For Sale: FS: New TVS1900 Supercharger kit for GM truck/SUV

    Up for sale is a brand new Roush Intercooled Stage 3 TVS 1900 complete supercharger kit. It features the all new and extremely efficient Eaton TVS 1900 supercharger. It will fit 2007+ 5.3 and 4.8 Chevrolet Tahoe, Suburban, Silverado, Avalanche, and 5.3 and 4.8 GMC Yukon and Sierra, but can...
  5. marc

    Marc's RCSB daily

    so injectors on the duramax are done and i am doing a bunch of other performance mods to make a race/daily truck. any who since the truck will be torn apart i needed a new daily. found this truck. its a 1999 regular cab short box silverado 4x4 4.3 v6 manual. has around 220,000km...
  6. G

    Silverado 6 inch lift with fox coilovers 20x12 and brand new 305/55 tires

    Selling a like new silverado setup. 3" lift spindles. Fox coilovers 0-3" lift. Fox shocks for rear with lift blockes. 20x12 chrome xd riots 6lug. One has a little rash in a spot. Brand new 305/55/20 tires. Wheels have new tire sensors as well. Was on my 2014.. Will for 2007 and up 2wd teucks. I...
  7. Y

    can I see pics of 3" leveling kit with forces 2014 silverado

    OK so my brother is deciding to level his 2014 silverado. He wants a 3" leveling kit but want to see pic. And he wants to know what's the cheapest kit thanks
  8. THE Mook

    20" Stock Painted and Cleared Wheels with Tires

    For Sale $1100.00, Picked Up (4) Stock 20" TBSS Wheels -- Painted Gloss Black and Clearcoated wrapped in (4) Yokohama Parada Tires -- 275/45/20 (approx 6k miles on them) Wheels are from 2007 Trailblazer SS. Will need minor touch up paint...very very minor. Wheels meticulously...
  9. T

    My 2014 LTZ Build Thread

    Well as most of you guys know I'm formally known as 07CCSB. I built a 2007 Silverado a while back and had my build thread on here. This thing was lowered and lifted multiple times lol couldn't make up my damn mind so I finally dumped a lot of money into it and didn't get shit out of it...
  10. Å

    Mazda 5 2005 ,6 ,7 Workshop Service Repair Manual

    Here you will find the very same manual that your local Mazda dealer technician uses in repairing/servicing your vehicle. Its not that expensive, go through this link Repair Loader only accepts paypal, once you paid for your manual you will get a download link,
  11. Jared

    For Sale: Remington R1 enhanced with threaded barrel and suppressor sights

    As stated I am tossing around the idea of selling my newly acquired R1. I've only have it a few months, and ran a few mags through it. Gun is a great shooter but out of all the handguns this is the one I am least attached to. I just have a custom IWB/OWB leather holster (warbird leather) made...
  12. 0

    lonestar throwdown 2016 *pics

  13. T

    black cc progress

    I'm new to the forum here so i guess this is a good place to start my thread. I'm more indecisive than anything so a bunch of stuff may change but I got some ideas lines up for now. I'll update the thread with pics later on. I want to keep the truck just leveled and it already has an rc 2"...
  14. C

    How To: Raise Bumper on GMT-800 (01-07 classic HDs)

    Redoing this because I still get questions almost daily on my instagram. My first write-up wasn't the best for those that have no mechanical skills and can't figure small things out for themselves. With that said I took better pictures the last time I had my bumper off my regular cab doing...
  15. Khaos

    99-02 PW/PL Switch Wiring Question

    I'm going to be converting my '04 WT to power windows and locks (but not mirrors) using 99-02 panels and switches, due to the switches having internal relays and not needing to go through a BCM. I am also going to be running an exhaust cutout. My idea is to use the unused power mirror...
  16. S

    new guy

    Hey everyone I am not new to forums, or even nee to automobiles. Iv grown up and spent a lot of my time (and money) on cars. My grandfather used to drag race, and owned a machine shop. My father has been a mehanic his whole life as well. Its in my blood, its a passion of mine I hope to one day...
  17. marc

    Marc's 2007 silverado classic ccsb 4x4 1500 GFX limited canadian edition

    so as some of you might know i bought a second truck just cause it was a good deal. it is a 2007 classic silverado with only 177k km's, that is 110k miles. it has a fully loaded limited edition gfx package i think its pretty cool and also limited to Canada. plans for the near future...
  18. slonlow2000

    Good quality clear NBS Sierra Headlights, Where to buy?

    What lights do you guys recommend, or have experience with? I know ebay has them but I want something decent in quality. Close to OEM mounting and clips. I'm doing a projector retrofit and need the clear lens. The Denali lights that were on my truck were aftermarket and did not come apart as...
  19. tschenk91

    Leveling kit

    What's the best way to level 15 silverado 4x4 ? Is this worth the money ? Chevy Silverado GMC Sierra 1500 Leveling Kit Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G870A using Tapatalk
  20. marc

    Marc's 2007.5 LMM SLT enhancement thread

    so as some of you may know i had sold my LBZ: http://customgm.com/under-construction/6523-marc-new-lbz-sort-build-thread.html so i was looking for a higher K LBZ or even an LB7 when this truck poped up for sale for a really low price. it is as the title states a 2007.5 gmc Sierra Denali 2500hd...