1. DemoN

    weekend detail

    i had Saturday mostly to myself...and even though it was hot, it was overcast. 2 bucket wash with Adam's shampoo. after the rinse, i misted the truck with detail stray and dry. when i was drying, i noticed i had some spots on the bed fender that look like splatter from wheel detailing. add...
  2. akslowroller

    4l60 to 65 swap

    I have a 2001 Silverado 4x4. I recently bought a 4l65 for a good deal. I helped pull the trans out of a working truck. Then installed it in my 01. The donor truck was an 05 SS. On start up everything is fine. Once it is in gear you can hear it engage the trans. Then it will free spin like it's...
  3. A

    99-02 Factory Chrome bumper for Chevy Silverado or Tahoe

    Used 99-02 Factory Chrome bumper for Chevy Silverado or Tahoe No dents, dings, peeling or scratches. Came off a 2001 Silverado. Local pickup in the East Bay area, CA *SOLD
  4. D

    '01 RCSB 4x4 Project

    What's up guys. Haven't posted here in a few years, but some of y'all might remember my green truck: Lowered 4x4, cammed 6.0, longtubes, converter, built trans, blah blah blah. Ran low 13s at 100mph, but was rusty as fuck and giving me issues constantly. The plan was to limp it until summer...
  5. B

    any pics of a crew cab 1500 with 99 02 hd clip?

    Just like title says curious to see a crew cab 1500 with 99 02 silverado hd clip on it. lowered or bagged but preferably lowered.
  6. S

    How much can you narrow rear-end with KP, NBS!

    Curious, I can get some 22x10 with 6" bs. So that should mean 1.5" narrowed on my 2001 with KP and Watts.<br/>
  7. P

    A couple questions about a truck i might be purchasing. ANY HELP NEEDED.

    The truck is a 2001 extended cab. The current setup has way too much camber for my liking when laid out. I want to be able to ride low, without having to buy new tires all the time. The setup is a 2 link in in the rear with bags on bars, only has front and back set up, and is using a 5 gallon...
  8. stanced stepside01

    Incoming Newbie

    Hello im from Missouri and drive a 2001 ecsb chevy stepside z71 with a superlift 6-7.5 in kit with 3 in keys and trucks debadged with a few bolt ons under the hood. I still cant figure out how to post pics been at it for about an hour and I looked at the how to stick thread and it didn't help me...
  9. Huck

    Body lift tips and tricks (NBS)

    I'm pretty sure we've never really discussed this in depth. But I'm putting on my Zone 1.5" body lift on my NBS this weekend and was just looking for some tips and tricks from those that have done it. My main concern is how you handle the front clip/core support. My thinking is, remove all...
  10. Aguilar69

    newbie and have questions

    newbie from houston, Tx. currently just purchased a 2014 silverado texas edition 5.3 LT. thinking of raising it 2" with 33s just to look nice. im colormatching the front and rear bumpers with handle sometime before winter is done. my question is i want to upgrade the bulbs for reverse...
  11. Jackal

    new here

    names rick, im from deep south texas. I'm new to this forum, can't believe i barely came across it, but no where near new to the truck scene. These are my current rides, i also have a 1973 chevy longbed that has been in my fam since day 1. Has a 350 bored 60 over 13;1 compression, camel hump...
  12. Malikk Loftis

    New from Longview,tx

    Hey my names Malikk. Currently driving a 2001 Silverado & working on a c10.
  13. 00silvyON

    Brand New BFG Mud Terrain 325/60/20 & New 01/02 HD Hood

    For sale is a full set (4) of BFGoodrich Mud Terrain KM2 325/60/20 tires. They are D rated (8 ply). Brand new, never mounted, never used. Too big for my lift, so don't need tires. These Measure out at 35.5" x 13" x 20". These retail (Locally) for $565.38 per tire (Out the door cost of...
  14. C

    2500HD and some Dana 60HP parts

    Here is my craigslist ad: 2001-2010 Chevy/GMC 2500HD Duramax 8.1 Dana 60 parts
  15. B

    Picking a gear ratio

    I did search first but I haven't found a definitive answer. Well I have a 2001 silverado rcsb with a 4.8 automatic. It currently has 3.42 gears. What I want to know is, what would be a good dd gear for that motor but also for a 6.0?
  16. D

    New from Connecticut

    Hey guys, New to this site but not to the car forums. I'm on a few sites that are GM related (3800 and GM fullsize). My 2002 SD Has a few things done to it but nothing crazy. My 2001 Regal Heads, cam, exhaust, morimoto retrofit and a few other things...
  17. S

    2001 silverado perphial pos1 took a crap

    Hello all, Today I thought my x910 Navi unit took a crap. Checked both radio fuses and the deck fuse. Then I checked the perphial adapter and sure enough the yellow wire had power going in but not on the deck side. I noticed the case on the perphial waa loose and then found the issue in...
  18. J

    My 1996 C1500, bagged build thread, long term.

    Since Chris gave the suggestion I figured I'd post a thread for my new truck. A lot of guys here know me already and I had a previous build thread for a truck I no longer own for various reasons. Got married, moved into my own house, etc etc so now I can focus on one project and getting it...
  19. 4

    New guy from Texas

    Whats up guys my name is Mario and this is my 07 classic 4 door. 4/6 drop, color matched all around and patiently waiting for some nice wheels next and more performance parts. Hope yall enjoy [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG]
  20. DirtyBlackHD

    2001 2500hd 8.1/allison SAS D60/11.5/leather

    2001 2500HD crew cab, short bed, LT trim, 8.1/allison. Location is Hot Springs, AR. Truck has ~108,000 miles. All stock until i bought it ~85,000. I will verify with carfax. $15000. Clean title in hand. Heated tan leather buckets, dual power, lumbar, bose, tow mirrors, etc. Mods: 79 ford...