1. juanr_08

    TRUCK ACTS LIKE WANTS TO TURN OFF. No engine light on

    Hey cgm peeps need some help. I've noticed when I start the truck it sounds like it wants to die on me and then runs fine after a few seconds, but this is not a everyday thing, at times turns on fine with no issues, but when it happens sounds like its not shooting enough fuel. Maybe fuel...
  2. jonmx477

    NBS E Fan swap

    04 Silverado 1500 Want to check a couple rock auto part numbers and look for some reviews from people that have got their EFan conversion parts through rock auto. First question though is, if I dont have a engine oil cooler port on the current 28" radiator will it matter if the replacement...
  3. G

    Coilover spring rate

    I have a 2001 extended cab 2wd Silverado and I'm going to running some 10x2.5 ride tech coilovers and trying to figure out which spring rate to run with? It's my daily driver so not looking for super stiff but still want some stiffness to handle well. I don't have access for scales and don't...
  4. Blackout

    Gmt800 rare/uncommon color options

    What are some of the uncommon or down right rare color options for the gmt800 trucks out there? Pics? I know there were some oddball greens and blues, ran across this the other day and it got me thinking..I know it's probably not factory but I'd like to see some of the rarer colors.. Sent...
  5. S

    99-06 York 210 edc with airlift bracket and pulley

    Selling my edc kit from my 2001 Silverado 5.3. Bracket was modified to fit 210, bought the York remanufactured and barely used since I bought house and truck went on hold. $350 Obo plus shipping Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. S

    Wanted: NBS alternator pulley

    Looking for stock alternator pulley to replace my vbelt pulley on my 2001 Silverado 5.3 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. S

    2001 Silverado alternator pulley replacement?

    Removing my engine driven comp and it has the v belt pulley bracket I need to sell. What is the stock size pulley? Best place to buy? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. P

    New Guy -Non Fullsize- Build thread lol

    New guy here posted a Hey what's up thread now I figured I would post a build thread. Not a full size so idk how much interest this will drum up so we will see :laugh: Bought my blazer December 1st 2014 after selling my bodied 03 S10, my 2000 Xtreme S10 and retiring my beat up 93 S10 ( See a...
  9. P

    New guy from KY

    Hey what's up guys and gals. New guy from KY like the title says, I mainly play with S-series vehicles but I grew up in a GM family. Currently own a 2002 Xtreme Blazer and 1999 GMC Envoy. Also own a 1966 C10, 283 Auto, Longbed, Big back glass truck in the middle of a frame off. Also have a 83...
  10. 0

    gas tank replacement when bagging?

    Well dont know if this is the thread to place this so correct me if im wrong im baggin my truck (2001 silverado single cab) with a 4 link triangular in the back my question is do i need to purchase a fuel cell or can i move mine around anybody got pics or ideas they can give me thanks in advance
  11. 0

    lonestar throwdown 2016 *pics

  12. Khaos

    99-02 PW/PL Switch Wiring Question

    I'm going to be converting my '04 WT to power windows and locks (but not mirrors) using 99-02 panels and switches, due to the switches having internal relays and not needing to go through a BCM. I am also going to be running an exhaust cutout. My idea is to use the unused power mirror...
  13. 07sierraclassic

    Zach's 2003 LB7 "build"

    So I've been a member of this site since it started, but never posted too much because I never ended up doing much to my truck. Old truck was an '07 Sierra SLT Classic ecsb that I ended up leveling with wheels and tires and that was about it. Anyways.... Last week I found an LB7 for what I...
  14. S

    For Sale: NBS Silverado Sierra Air Ride Tech tubular upper and lower control arms w cool ride

    Selling a set of ART strong arm upper/lowers with COOLRIDE cups off my 2001 Silverado They have 30k*on them, Includes 2 new ball joints too $580 shipped Bags not included Sent from my SGH-T999L using Tapatalk
  15. slonlow2000

    BCM Swap 99 to 2000

    I've got a 99 sierra, and any of the 99's will not unlock the doors when you put the vehicle in park. It cannot be programed and cannot be changed. So starting in 2000 this is an option. I picked up a 2000 BCM this weekend. Is it just a plug and play swap, or is there more to it? I don't want to...
  16. J

    The official SEMA 2015 thread

    Sema 2015 Who's going, and what would you guys like to see? I'll try and take as many pictures as I can, but there's going to be a lot of shit. Anything you guys have ran across that you want to see more of? I'll prob be half dickered the whole time too, so bear with me :ffbkeg: The madmax...
  17. S

    Bolts for differential cover-2001 1500?

    Will these work for my 2001 Silverado 1500 2wd? Removing my watts link so need new bolts ARP Differential Cover Bolts 437-3001 - Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing Sent from my SGH-T999L using Tapatalk
  18. P

    Extremely Slow 01 Sierra RCSB build

    I just got a new truck today, its a 2001 gmc sierra rcsb 2wd 5.3. This will be a very slow build, but i just figured i would throw out what i have planned for it and get some opinions and what not. I will also get more pictures soon as i only have one for now. As of now the truck has 2" drop...
  19. J

    Show us your lowered trucks doing work!

    We would like to see some lowered trucks doing work.
  20. C

    need advice/ideas for a blow thru

    anyone have advice on doing a blow thru on a 2001 s10, i want to try to fit 4 15" subwoofers and make the box slot ported and if anyone else that has a blow thru plz post pics hah