1. Cleanoh4

    Part Number Thread

    I know there's one on another site, and didn't see one here, but if you have a GM and need a part number, post the VIN and tell me what your looking for. If this exist here, delete it, but I figure I've helped a few people on here before so I'd offer up my service in a central location Edit: I...
  2. tschenk91

    Leveling kit

    What's the best way to level 15 silverado 4x4 ? Is this worth the money ? Chevy Silverado GMC Sierra 1500 Leveling Kit Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G870A using Tapatalk
  3. B

    Older I get

    The shittier the cars i buy lol This should be fun
  4. JeremyReed

    Wanting side mirrors with turn signals

    Wanting side mirrors with turn signals for my silverado crewcab 1500
  5. JeremyReed

    New shocks or no??

    I lowered my 2011 crew cab 1500 2/3..Thinking of changing the rear shocks to some belltech or something.Will I really notice much from my stock shocks? Don't wanna waste money if not needed..thanks
  6. JeremyReed

    What air helper kit?

    I have a 2011 crewcab 1500..have 2" drop spindles in front,putting on a 5"-6" adjustable flip kit in rear .I'm gonna put drop struts in in a few mths and wanna put the helpers on now as I'll want them later anyways.. wondering what good priced air helpers you guys are using or suggest with that...
  7. JeremyReed

    Will they fit?

    Wanting to get side mirrors with turn signals. .I found a guy that has some off his 2008 2500...will those fit my 2011 1500?
  8. Oktain

    Wanted: Trade my Chrome for your All Terrain parts

    So basically I'm just putting it out there that, if someone's crazy enough to NOT like their Stone Blue Metallic GMC All Terrain painted front end, I'll even trade that person my chrome front end parts. I am located in Sudbury, ON. The closer to Canada the better. This is me now: I...
  9. Tuckin15's

    It's TURBO TIME! My 03 ECSB S10 build

    Hello all! I am new to the forum. This is my pride and joy its a 2003 ECSB s10 2wd, truck has roughly 55,xxx on the body and it's damn clean for a Michigan truck. The first couple posts are gonna be catching everyone up to speed from the original swap up to the starting point of the turbo...
  10. Colyn.

    Project TBI '89 RCSB Bagged

    1989 Chevrolet 1500 RCSB 350 V8 5.7 TBI 2WD - 5 Lug I've had the truck for about 3 years now it used to belong to my papa and he gave it to me. Anyway I drove it for a while and tried to start on it as a project truck and just had a lot going on so I parked it and it's been sitting since. So...
  11. S

    Bolts for differential cover-2001 1500?

    Will these work for my 2001 Silverado 1500 2wd? Removing my watts link so need new bolts ARP Differential Cover Bolts 437-3001 - Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing Sent from my SGH-T999L using Tapatalk
  12. K

    Wanted: NBS Stock or Lowering Torsion Keys

    Please Lock. Found Some
  13. K

    New From Holy Toledo!

    Hey Everyone, Wanted to quick introduce myself. The name's Kyle and I am a new truck owner. I have merged through the years starting with honda's, then Jeeps, then cars with more power. I have finally been able to get my hands on my dream truck, a 2005 Silverado 1500 4x4 Crew Cab, and am in...
  14. Scooter26

    285/65/18 BFGoodrich All-Terrain KO2

    Heres a few pictures of my freinds truck. its a 2012 Silverado 1500. The truck has a rough country leveling kit in it with stock wheels and no spacers. tires clear with no rubbing. jsut put te new 285/65/18 BFG All Terrain T/A KO2 285/65/18 BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 285/65/18 BFGoodrich...
  15. low2thaearth

    08 Sierra changing up wheels, grill, etc...need help deciding

    What's up peeps, finally got the funds to change up the looks of my 08 ccsb sierra. It's a w/t model so my definite plans are to c/m upper bumper pad, c/m mirror caps, and handles. Also plan on running 22-24" texas edition reps, or tbss reps. Wanting to order new grill, which one would look...
  16. 2

    For Sale: Fabtech 2.5 Dirt Logic Coilovers

    "New" NNBS coilovers....never installed and were just sitting for years. Scuffs and whatnot from rolling around, no leaks. Will work on 6" lift 2/4wd 1500 trucks/suv. PN 82511. Non-resi c/o's! NO RESI. Ready to install n romp. $800 shipped from 92408
  17. Frizzle53

    For Sale: (Nj) Fox 2.0 performance series shocks

    I have a pair of Fox 2.0 performance series shocks for sale. Ran them for a year and just removed them after lowering my truck .Will fit 1999-2006 Silverado/Sierra 1500 2wd and 2007+ 1500 2wd and 4wd. Still in good condition , asking 200$+shipping obo Link for reference: Silverado Fox...
  18. F


    Well possibly blew my tranny up, sad sad day but this leaves room for an upgrade. Does anybody know of a good brand that I should go with? I don't want too much just a bit of a step up from stock. Also what it would take to convert over to a manual tranny? I know bgray/papagray did it in his...
  19. D1nman

    Denali Grille, cap, and tail lights

    Located in West Monroe LA. Original Denali grille from my 2009 Denali. Emblem is painted steel grey metallic. No bubbling up, no cracks. $325 OBO. Whoever buys can have the lower grille too. It cracked from the wreck. Feet pictured are included. Original Denali black border...
  20. T.Stevens

    For Sale: ON, CA: LTZ 24" Reps, K&N Intake NNBS, 13" HD Bumper & Grill

    Parted my NNBS CCSB, The Followings for sale right now: 13" Silverado LTZ 2500 Front Bumper Assembly - Complete and color matched. Has 3M Stoneguard tape protection on it. Colormatched Grill With Emblem also has stoneguard on it. $850.00 CAN/ $650.00 USD K&N Intake System Used on my 5.3...