1. M

    TBI Running Rich

    I have a 95 1500 with 5.7 TBI. It runs great when it is cold (for about a mile). Then it looses a lot of power and sounds like it is drowning in fuel; not too bad but the performance suffers. My SES light comes on if I drive for more than about 5 miles. I would have the code read, but it's a...
  2. O

    New dude from Houston

    Hey all, figured I'd stop in and say hello.. Just bought a 2011 1500 Silverado yesterday.. excited to get to customizing it anyway, y'all will see me here and there. I am a forum rat when I find one thats good and has a lot of content
  3. James

    For Sale: NNBS TGC 2.5" Leveling Kit and 3" Tapered Blocks with U-Bolts

    Location: New Orleans Contact: James via PM Price: 130 shipped NNBS 2.5" Top Gun Customz Leveling Kit and 3" tapered blocks with ubolts. $130 cash. Have $160 invested. On truck:
  4. roundsy

    FTS 7-9" 07-13 1500 4x4 Lift

    FTS 7-9" lift for GM 07-13 1500 4x4 up for grabs. Fabtech 2.5 Dirt Logic Coilovers and chrome FTS rear shocks. Came off of Brandon Bruce's red nnbs. Was planning on installing this later this summer but just picked up a new project out of the blue so it's now for sale. Full list of...
  5. Malikk Loftis

    For Sale: Vortech blower

    Comes with bracket, regulator and some piping. 1500$ In Longview, Tx Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Tukn4s

    07C bagged ccsb build

    Started the next build today with the intimidator being completed last week. Just got the truck opened up to get it ready to be cut on Build info 07C 4.8l ccsb Silverado Bagged on 26's Using unparalleled customs front kit Nfamus 3 link York 210 EDC Two 8 gallon tanks 2 piece driveshaft Relay...
  7. Slow05CC

    Question About LS6 243 Head Work

    I picked up some low mileage ( 58,000 to be exact ) 243s off a Z06 this weekend and I had a quick question about milling them before I run them over to Texas Speed & Performance for some head work. I have been told that milling them .030 will retain the factory compression with the 5.3 dished...
  8. 0

    2002 Z71 Build

    New to the site so I decided I should post my truck build on here to get some ideas or advice on what to do. My truck is an 02 silverado 1500 bought it about a year ago now and I absolutely love the truck. The day I bought it, it was bone stock which is what I wanted. The truck being from MN had...
  9. Dirtmafia

    For Sale: 1500/2500 Mid-Travel Rear End Setup (Deaver, Synergy, Fox)

    Looking to go a different route and sell my current setup. I would like to sell it complete as the items are proven to work well together. All items are in San Jose, CA. - Deaver J1 Mini Pack ~2" lift - Synergy 3228 6" Boxed Race Shackle (Mig) - Synergy 2.0 Air Bump Cans - Synergy Air Bump...
  10. TwistedWrangler

    Long time listener first time caller!

    Hello! I have read pages and pages of threads to the point where I am more confused than before I started. Here is what I have and want to do. 2005 Silverado 1500 crew cad 2 wd with 1 piece aluminum drive shaft. I have decided to go with the Mcgaughys 5/7 drop and run a 22x9's wrapped with...
  11. Slow05CC

    NBS front bumper tuck job ( I guess you can call it that )

    A while back I saw a lifted HD on gmfs and the owner had tucked the front bumper or did something to bring it up closer to the grill and bring it in closer so it didn't stick out as far. It is the only truck that I have noticed that mod done in and was wondering if anyone here has seen this or...
  12. T

    black cc progress

    I'm new to the forum here so i guess this is a good place to start my thread. I'm more indecisive than anything so a bunch of stuff may change but I got some ideas lines up for now. I'll update the thread with pics later on. I want to keep the truck just leveled and it already has an rc 2"...
  13. M

    GM Hood Hood swap

    Hey guys, I am looking to put an HD hood on my GMC 1500. I love the look, and have found a hood to match my paint. My question is, are Chevy hoods interchangeable with GMC hoods? I understand they are both GM, and generally speaking, with the same year and model, they should be...
  14. C

    How To: Raise Bumper on GMT-800 (01-07 classic HDs)

    Redoing this because I still get questions almost daily on my instagram. My first write-up wasn't the best for those that have no mechanical skills and can't figure small things out for themselves. With that said I took better pictures the last time I had my bumper off my regular cab doing...
  15. B

    Rear sway bar

    I got a 2012 gmc Sierra 1500 I got a 5/7 drop Mcgaughys 2" spindles 2" springs Belltech adjustable shocks Rear 7" flip kit Belltech shocks Is getting a rear sway bar worth it??? Every time I turn I keep hearing a popping noise from the front. Anyone have and idea what could...
  16. B

    2006 LEgacy Gt Spec B #73/500

    AMERICANS TAKE ADVANTGE OF OUR POOR DOLLAR. I can help import it for you, i have done it before. Year, Make and Model: 2006 Legacy Gt Spec B Color: Silver Miles: 59,250 miles Transmission: 5MT Title: Clean Lien: none Location: Ontario, canada. Will meet over border for pickup VIN...
  17. e85silverado

    Important!: Hd bumper swap on 08 will hd 3500 brakets bolt up

    Silverado 1500 2008 single cab Sent from my LGMS631 using Tapatalk
  18. marc

    Marc's 2007 silverado classic ccsb 4x4 1500 GFX limited canadian edition

    so as some of you might know i bought a second truck just cause it was a good deal. it is a 2007 classic silverado with only 177k km's, that is 110k miles. it has a fully loaded limited edition gfx package i think its pretty cool and also limited to Canada. plans for the near future...
  19. slonlow2000

    Good quality clear NBS Sierra Headlights, Where to buy?

    What lights do you guys recommend, or have experience with? I know ebay has them but I want something decent in quality. Close to OEM mounting and clips. I'm doing a projector retrofit and need the clear lens. The Denali lights that were on my truck were aftermarket and did not come apart as...
  20. GR$$N$

    Cognito upper control arms

    2011+ off a duramax. They have less than 1500 miles on them. Asking 400 obo. Willing to ship. Located in southern california Its been sitting in a box for two years. Will get some cleaned up pics. Boots and bushings are good