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  1. juanr_08

    For Sale: 99-2013 Performance Goodies

    Hey guys so I have all these items for up for sale. the Cam and TBSS Intake manifold we’re going in my truck but decided to procharge the truck instead so I need to get rid of these. The cam and intake manifold are brand new. The Circle D Converter which is a 3200 stall for 4l60E was on my truck...
  2. juanr_08

    For Sale: BTR cam raffle

    Hey guys so I’ve decided to do a raffle for my brand new LS BTR cam. Going A different route on my engine build. For more info you can see my post with all details on my Instagram on how to enter. My Instagram is juanr_08
  3. juanr_08

    Important!: 99-02 nbs parking light wiring

    Hello all, I've been searching the last two days for parking light wire under the dash. Trying to add tow mirrors on my truck and have back light mirror to function with parking lights as well. I already have all wiring set up on both mirrors, by any chance does anyone know what color wire is...
  4. juanr_08

    Important!: nbs cluster

    So the message center stop working on my cluster, been searching to see if it can be fixed, but no luck. Everything else works fine. Do you guys know if I can get that fixed?
  5. juanr_08

    For Sale: 1996 GMC sierra 1500

    Have a 96 Sierra V6 that I'm helping my pops sell, this thing is in great condition all original. Never been in a accident whatsoever. Truck runs perfectly fine, He had transmission rebuilt on it about 3-4 months ago and re did interior as well. A/C and all those good stuff work fine as...
  6. juanr_08

    Important!: 99 nbs rear end

    Hey guys so it looks like rear end is going out on my 99. My question is would a 2004 Tahoe 4x4 rear end with 3.73s fit and work on my truck? I have 3.42s at the moment.
  7. juanr_08

    99 nbs wiper issues

    Whats up guys! So my wiper blades stop working for a while so finally had the chance to diagnose the problem and it was that circuit board on the wiper motor (common problem) so I installed a new circuit board, first thing I noticed was that the wipers are not properly aligned which I can fix...
  8. juanr_08

    TRUCK ACTS LIKE WANTS TO TURN OFF. No engine light on

    Hey cgm peeps need some help. I've noticed when I start the truck it sounds like it wants to die on me and then runs fine after a few seconds, but this is not a everyday thing, at times turns on fine with no issues, but when it happens sounds like its not shooting enough fuel. Maybe fuel...
  9. juanr_08

    For Sale: Nitto Trail Grapplers 35x12.5r20

    Selling brand new Nittto Trail Grapplers never road on. I'm asking $1500 obo or willing to trade for 33x12.50r20 plus cash on your end. TIRES ONLY!!! Dfw area
  10. juanr_08

    For Sale: 99-07 silverado/gmc 2wd 4.5" rough country lift kit

    I'm selling a 4.5" rough country lift kit. Will only fit 2wd chevy/gmc. I'm asking $380 obo Comes with lift spindles, springs, rear blocks and all 4 shocks. Willing to ship as well. Dfw area
  11. juanr_08

    For Sale: 99-02 silverado tubbed fenders

  12. juanr_08

    P0446,p0449,p0101 codes on 99 nbs

    Ok guys so I have these codes pop up on my truck, so I went ahead and replaced the vent valve by fuel tank, also replaced, purge valve on top of engine, as well as cleaned maf sensor, after I cleared codes, they came back up, is there any other problem than just this?
  13. juanr_08

    Bonspeed wheels 22/24

    Have some bonspeed wheels for sale 22x8.5 and 24x10, will fit all 6 lug Gm asking $3200 not going lower Dfw area
  14. juanr_08

    nbs 2wd lift spindle

    Hey guys so pretty soon I'll be removing drop kit off my truck. So was thinking to add a 3" lift spindle up front and a 1" block, that would be leveled correct? Where can i get a good brand 3" lift spindle as well?
  15. juanr_08

    For Sale: 5/8 drop kit, rear axle

    Sold!! Hey guys I'm selling my 5/8 drop kit on truck it all consist of 2"spindles mcgaughys (16'' or larger wheels), 3'' belltech springs which include spacer to go 2'', the rear is mcgaughys flip kit and shackles. All 4 shocks are belltech street performance, Asking $500 for everything, Also...
  16. juanr_08

    front suspension help

    So I just finished doing a suppose to be 5/8 drop on my truck, the rear is perfect where it should be but the front still end up staying the same height when it was 7" drop, guy I bought springs from said they were 2" springs which I went a head and cut a 1/4 coil to make them 3", not sure if he...
  17. juanr_08

    Wanted: 3" lowering springs

    Looking for 2'' or 3" lowering springs for a 99-06 silverado prefer mcgaughys but belltech will work as well, cash in hand
  18. juanr_08

    trade lowering springs and 4" blocks for sale

    Hey what's up fellas, haven't posted here in a while but here are some recent pics of my truck 7/12.5 drop, also if anyone is willing to trade me 3" springs for my 3"springs which were cut 2 more inches making them a total of 5" drop each, reason cause I already got tired of the super low static...
  19. juanr_08

    For Sale: tires

    Text me if interested 469 877 6068 Dfw area
  20. juanr_08

    truck/car parts

    Hey if any of you guys need truck parts for any vehicle, full bumpers, front ends, lights lmk I gotta bad ass hook up from a homeboy right now only thing on silverados HDS he has 2011 HD hoods and 2010 grille's so no 2011 and up grille's but everything else he has and they aftermarket so they...