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    Need some advice, bag over axle

    So I need to put bags on the rear of my Sierra. I want bag over axle. Could someone take some pics of their setup and what they used for me please?
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    after almost a month in the body shop.....

    I dropped off my truck on Dec 15, 2015 and picked it up yesterday. This was after I was rear-ended on Dec 4, 2015. I decided, for me at least, that subrogation would be easier for me so I wouldn't have to deal with the other parties insurance. My insurance coughed up about $4300 to repair the...
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    tire help....

    So, I'm pretty much limited to using stock 17in GMC wheels for the time being. With that being said, up front I have 7.5in, P27 code wheels. Out back is 9.5in (had them widened by Weldcraft). I have 275/60's on all 4 corners. The problem is that the sidewalls on the rear are "beefier"...
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    sad post, pics inside - need advice

    Guys/gals, On Friday I was rear-ended. The damage to my truck is minor in every since, considering I drove it to work this morning and home from the accident. For those of you that have had similar accidents, what are the chances that the insurance company is going to fix this? Will they...
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    recently dropped - bottom out issue front driver side

    So, I've got my 2006 Sierra dropped. It's about a 3/5. Here is how I dropped it. Front: DJM LCA DJM UCA DJM 1415 shocks New tie rods 1in spacer (chevy lean fix) Rear: DJM Flip Kit 1in lift shackle DJM 1800 shocks The bottoming out issue is on the front driver side. I...
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    Truck down!!

    So, for the past couple of weeks, I'd been listening to this squeal coming from under the hood. It would get louder and louder as the truck warmed up. Well Saturday, I was coming back home and it threw the belt and overheated on me. I pulled over and the belt was over by the battery, still in...
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    Need some help ASAP....please

    So I lowered my truck, 06 Sierra ECSB with a flip kit (DJM) and 3in DJM LCA's. The driver side of the truck is leaning more than the passenger side. It's leaning a good inch to 2in more. I don't have any idea what to check. So pleade someone help me ASAP. Thanks in advance
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    Probably should introduce myself

    Hi, New'ish to the site. I have a 2006 Sierra ECSB (4dr) with the following mods: Comp LSR 265 cam CircleD 3200 4.11's Vette Servo Airraid MIT HP Tuners (currently run 30-degrees of timing with 0 knock, off-idle :P ) I'm currently working on a 4-6 drop. I have new DJM uppers/lowers...
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    shock question

    Can someone tell me if I'll need drop shocks with 3in lowered control arms? It's a 2wd NBS Sierra. Thanks
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    newbie here

    Hi, I'm a newbie. I have an itch and I am trying to scratch it. Thanks!
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    trying to do a drop....

    So, I have tried 2x now to do a drop on my truck. It's a 2006 ECSB Sierra, 2wd. For the life of me, I am having the hardest time with the front. I can't seem to get the coil springs out or to a point to where I can get them out. When I break the lower balljoint loose and lower the jack...