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  1. DemoN

    DemoN's Arizona trip

    So Last week, my company sent me to Arizona for a small job. The Place was located out in the sticks some...and areas of it were kinda run-down. I leave sunday...cuz i hate flying in and going instantly to work. on the way there suinday. look at this tiny fucking plane. CRJ-200 i arrive...
  2. DemoN

    weekend detail

    i had Saturday mostly to myself...and even though it was hot, it was overcast. 2 bucket wash with Adam's shampoo. after the rinse, i misted the truck with detail stray and dry. when i was drying, i noticed i had some spots on the bed fender that look like splatter from wheel detailing. add...
  3. DemoN

    local classic car show (pics)

    this car is 100% original and unrestored. perfection: this is what is called a 20' car. looks awesome 20 feet away...but when you get close it just had so much wrong with it - - - - - - - - - -auto merged double post- - - - - - - - - - most painful comment heard for...
  4. DemoN

    CGM official BEEEEEDZ thread

    Show off your polishin' skillz with those beaded up rides! - - - - - - - - - -auto merged double post- - - - - - - - - - how-to for awesome bead pics: 1. Don't bother checking weather forecast. 2. Spend a bunch of time and effort washin' and polishin' your ride to the perfect shine. 3...
  5. DemoN

    Dat custom 4-link

    holy hell...this is the most amazing 4-link i've ever seen lol
  6. DemoN

    a little bathroom remodeling this weekend.

    Ever since i bought this house, i hated the way the down stairs bathroom looked. wood panel floors, beige paint, terrible vanity...and a fucking kitchen sink faucet. i changed out the flooring a while back and painted the beige bullshit...but still hand that fucked vanity, mirror and faucet...
  7. DemoN

    Demon's -14 RCSB build

    Threads for the truck are scattered around, but i decided (after seeing Sam's build thread) that i should keep a single thread chronicle of my build. i always regret not having one for hells1. so to catch the thread up-to-date: I purchased the truck in June of 2014. 2014 Reg Cab WT2. Cam with...
  8. DemoN

    local imports and their garage wraps...

    this is one of the "big projects" currently being worked on around here I'll post more as they come up. wraps don't seem popular with the truck scene as much. would anyone here do a full wrap like this?
  9. DemoN

    my 2014 Reg cab back from paint and body

    As most know, i hit a dear with my truck a few weeks back. while it was with the body shop for repairs, we also decided to add a few updates. it was late and raining when i got it back, but as soon as the weather cleared up, i got out the adams and detailed it up :D TOO MUCH SHINE...
  10. DemoN

    Happy New Deer..errr YEAR!

    On the final day of 2014, i was heading back from lowes on a tool buying mission to stock my brand new tool box my brother gave me. it's not much...but it's been sorely needed: Less than 2 miles from the house, i come up around a corner at 45 (the speed limit) and standing in the turn...
  11. DemoN

    quick truck cleaning

    With all the horrible weather we've had...i've been unable to wash the truck...and it showed. forcast showed a few days of (not rain lol) i decided it was my only window for cleanin' from the flat i got...look at that shit nasty. i decided to do a simple cleaning instead...
  12. DemoN

    ok...i'm confused (Intro wheels).

    Today Intro Wheels posted this: The problem is, that's the first i've heard of this wheel. Not only is it NOT on their site...but the designation "ID818" does not fall in line with the 12 wheels that ARE on their page: they all are...
  13. DemoN

    what a fun day with the new truck..

    walk out of work yesterday to this... great. i try to air it up with a cheap little compressor, but that didn't work worth a fuck. i have a spare, but i'm at work where i have access to a bit more than i would on the side of the road. so i enlisted the help for some of my...
  14. DemoN

    Supply list help

    Im running low on detailing supplies and need to restock: Truck soap Detail Spray Microfibers (for paint and for wheel polishing) Trim and wheel cleaner (like VRT) Applicator for Trim and wheel cleaner New single stage liquid wax. link me the new hot shit, fellas
  15. DemoN

    Finally got the centerlines put on

    fronts are 265/40/20 and rears are 295/45/20. it was raining when i put them on... Next morning, broke out the detailing supplies and got to work.. Wheels were clearly dirtier than i thought.. dat reflection
  16. DemoN

    INSTALL: 2014 Street Scene Rollpan

    I got my new 2014 street scene roll pan in yesterday. I called my cuz over so we could do a check fit install before it goes to paint next weekend. please forgive how dirty the truck is. i got a huge hole in my drive way filled with dirty and rocks that i have to drive over every morning...
  17. DemoN

    Colorado road trip

    over the weekend, my best friend got married...and i was to be the best man. so packed up my bags...and road tripped it. stopping in New mexico. they looked at my truck like it was a flying saucer lol when i got to the groom's house colorado springs, they weren't home yet. so i ran to get...
  18. DemoN

    all 2014+s in here!

    Lifted...static...bagged...chevy...gmc. whatever yall come across that looks good. i have a FB page i post em on :) i'll post credit back to
  19. DemoN

    new wheels; not installed

    Sat afternoon i met up with my friend to get the centerline 20x8.5s from him. the wheels were sitting around for a couple of years and really needed some TLC. nice brushed finish? Hmmm...i got the buffer and my polish after one of the spokes...clearly not a brushed finish.. look how black...
  20. DemoN

    2014 reg cab cam and bolt ons at the track