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  1. 06_crewcab_ss

    NBS interior swap into OBS

    Anybody ever seen it done? Was looking at getting an OBS crew cab dually and putting the drivetrain and hopefully interior of a NBS in it for cruising. I've seen the seats done before but don't think I've ever seen the dash, door panels, or trim done Am I just crazy for thinking I could make...
  2. 06_crewcab_ss

    McGaughys Drop Leaf Springs

    Anybody ever used drop leafs from mcgaughys? Was planning on going 4/6 but not sure after thinking about some of the roads I have to drive on everyday so i started thinking about just doing spindles and shackles until I found these leafs. I haven't seen anybody using them on the web and wasnt...
  3. 06_crewcab_ss

    QA1 Shocks for lowered silverado

    Does anyone know what QA1 shocks fit a 06 silverado 4x4 lowered 4" in front and 6" in rear? I've been trying to compare sizes but not getting very far, I found DJM shocks for their 3/5 lowering kit and specs are Front: 9" compressed 14.5" extended Pass Rear: 12.25" compressed 19" extended...
  4. 06_crewcab_ss

    Stainless Works Headers for OBS 4x4

    Anybody ever get or install the stainless works headers & y pipe for the obs silverados? Thinking about getting my dad a set of longtubes for xmas and was wondering if they bolted right up to factory exhaust connection or if there was modifications needed to the back half of the exhaust? Any...
  5. 06_crewcab_ss

    06 Silverado Humming noise

    Lately I've found myself hearing a slight humming noise coming I believe from the front end of my truck. I only hear it when coasting and/or moderately braking between 25 and 35mph. It also feels like there is a slight vibration when i hear the noise. Again its only heard when coasting or...
  6. 06_crewcab_ss

    Slow build of my 06 Silverado

    So I got this truck on January 7, 2012 and have big plans for it. But we all know how much money and time these things take so I figured I would make a build thread to show everyone the progress so far and any future updates. Here it is the day I brought it home Bought it used with 72,xxx...
  7. 06_crewcab_ss

    New from Baltimore, MD

    What's up everyone, new to the site from Baltimore, MD. I drive a 2006 Silverado 1500 crew cab. Slowly been building her up and getting her ready to terrorize the streets. Not sure how to upload pics so if someone wants to let me know I'll put some up and let you all see what I'm working with