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  1. Cuban.

    2014 OEM Chevy 22s

    Not sure who all may be Interested but I bet these would look great on a lowered truck. He says one has light scratches but other than that they're all excellent from his standpoint. Price is a little high but if someone's interested then I'm sure you could work your magic. They're in the...
  2. Cuban.

    22x9 gm factory steelies (MS)

    22" Transport Wheels
  3. Cuban.

    For Sale: 3157 led switchbacks

    EDIT- ONLY 2 BULBS LEFT So I ordered switchbacks for my truck and they sent the wrong ones. So here I am selling the ones they sent me. There's a total of 4 bulbs. They're 5k and Amber switchbacks. They do not come with resistors because they weren't sent with these when I purchased them so...
  4. Cuban.

    is this srs?..

    if so, WHY? Chevrolet Silverado 1500 | eBay
  5. Cuban.

    84 Pro Street aka DFW

    fuuuuu so much want Pro-street show truck - trade
  6. Cuban.

    For Sale: NBS 4" CST Spindles & 3" Fabtech Lift Coils

    As everyone here knows I sold my NBS. Didn't want to but I had to. Now I'm left with some left over lift parts that have just been sitting here collecting dust. 4" CST lift spindles for NBS 99-07 2wd trucks $500 OBO 3" Fabtech Lift Coils for NBS 99-07 2wd trucks $100 OBO *or I'll let both...