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    Helper bag kit for nbs with flip kit

    Selling this helper bag kit I've had laying around for a few months. Brand new it's for 99-07c with flip kit only Asking 275, somebody get these I'll hook it up playa price
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    06 ecsb 6.0/80e swap skreet truck build

    Ok boys we gonna build a cammed 6.0/80e skreet truck. Here's da plan: 06 6.0 01 gm reman 4l80e Lsxap Cam(227/231...blah blah forget the rest) PTC single disc 3200 converter Speed eng headers Atomic fab and performance coilover setup Rear relocated shocks with DA vikings Rear helper bags Ok...
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    Truck part out?( more like trade out)

    So I can't sell my truck for 8k so I was wondering if anyone would be willing to trade cash+stock parts so I can sell my truck for cheaper? Coilovers with lower arms Have 17+ spindles I can sell outright Rear shocks(ridetech single adjustable) Wheels -ss20's with 275/40r20 tires, will come...
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    used 4l80e single disc

    Used circle d 2b 258mm (2800-3000) stall converter. Has 3 bolt ls bolt pattern. Not sure how many miles. Came off member corypro's truck, sold to upgrade to single disc. My project never happened so I never got a chance to run it. Asking 600 local or 650 shipped...I prefer not to ship...
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    Wanted: looking for stock NBS shackle

    anyone got a spare set of stock shackles laying around?
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    For Sale: MD- Slammed 2006 silverado

    For sale: 2006 silverado 215xxx miles. If you're waiting for it lets just get this out the way, that is the downside of this truck it has high miles. Located in Maryland but this truck is from texas. No typical chevy rust, has only been in rust belt since 2013 and I do take care of it. 5/8...
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    New pics, ss wheels, moar low.

    I don't think I've posted many pics since I put the ss wheels on and lowered the rear a bit more. It's like 6/8 ish? Right now, havn't measured exactly honestly. Ridetech coilovers, mcg 17+ spindles, flip kit and 2 inch shackle in the rear. 245/45 in the front and 275/40 in the rear...
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    NBS slammed brethren, tire size

    Right now my truck is at like 5.5/8 drop and I'm running a 245/45r20 up front and it rubs pretty bad. I'm minitubbed and all..still rubs. Looking for insight for a proportionate looking smaller tire. Considering going with a 275/35 up front..but I think that small of a sidewall will look stupid...
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    Honderp build thread...road to a new daily

    So I'm doing this honda thing now i guess 1990 accord lx Plans are to swap in a jdm h22 and convert from auto to manual then daily it and sell my truck. ok picture time first got it home Drained the oil, looks promising. Also has a blown trans. Cherry. initial tear down, looks awful...
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    Roll pan?

    I think it's time I get a roll pan. Any particular place I should get one from? Do I need any brackets or anything to go along with it? I've pretty much done 0 research lol. I was gonna just buy one off amazon but I want to make sure there's nothing else I need to go along with it
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    Some pictures of my truck

    My friends did some rolling shots of my truck, really brings out the flaws in it if you pay attention but w/e its a basic setup on a daily and it looks pretty decent imo
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    For Sale: Maryland- 4 NEW 305/70r17 E-rated terra grapplers

    Never mounted or balanced, brand new tires. Located in Annapolis/Bowie MD. Not looking to take too much of a hit on these as they are literally brand new. Pictures taken upon receiving delivery of tires. They are stored inside now. $1040
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    Pic request: CGM treatment nnbs sierras

    So my cousin just bought an nnbs sierra crew cab and I'm trying to give him ideas to clean it up abit, (tint, debadge, hid, maybe level) You guys have any pictures I can show him so maybe I can get the ball rolling on this truck? btw cgm treatment is new thing fuck gmfs
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    ibanez seven string guitar

    No sure how many guitar fans here but it's worth a shot....I have an ibanez rg7421 for sale with dimarzio blaze custom pickups and gibson 2 way toggle. It has been sanded to bare wood finish. Great guitar, best one I've owned by far. I also have a hard case to go with it, it's old and beat up...
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    nbs 2wd drop parts (3 inch springs and shocks)

    selling the drop springs and shocks off my truck $40 plus shipping for springs and $40 plus shipping for shocks, springs are rusty and one shock is missing the top bushing thingy and nut Spring part number 9903S2X3(old number) 33008(new number)- 3 inch drop on ext cabs and 2 inch drop on single...
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    Tailgate not shutting/flying open

    So it takes like 10-15 trys of me slamming the fuck out of my tailgate to close it, then if I hit a decent size bump driving down the highway it flys open...any ideas guys?
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    Firestone helper bags question

    So I can get this for pretty cheap but it's only listen for the 2500's and firestone does not make a kit specifialy for the 1500's. My question is can anyone see why this wouldn't work on a 1500? Or does anyone have any idea what it would take to make...
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    Let's talk transmissions

    So everyone is aware that the 4l60e is one of the weakest links in our trucks, and in terms of solving this problem, people either build or go 4l80e. I'd like to cam my truck sometime in the near future, but realistically I'm only to put out..maybe 330hp? Most likely this bring up my...
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    For Sale: MD(shipping) 24 lug nuts

    24 lug nuts, 14x1.50 size. This style works well with gmc 20 and most factory rims. Less than 2000 miles of use on these $35 shipped paypal gift or you eat dem fees Here's how they look on gmc 20's
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    Sig please?

    Was wondering if anyone could make a sig with this pic..