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  1. SMiGGs

    Turbo 6.2 HVAC issue some help plz

    I just finished installing an 80mm Turbo on my 6.2 2011 Silverado. After getting all the issues worked out besides my faulty MAF, my truck for some reason blows hot air AC on or Off its still hot. At first I thought maybe it was the intercooler blocking airflow into the engine, but I cold...
  2. SMiGGs

    Anyone do their own Tuning?

    Whats up cgm family. Looking to pick up a new hobby aside from my career. I would like to do my own tuning, and eventually stem out, and help others. Had my 6.2 Liter tuned by 3 different tuners, and honestly i just do not feel like ive gained anything. Is it just me, i literally run full...
  3. SMiGGs

    Default Center Console Swap NNBS for 2015 LTZ Console

    Just as the title states, i can get ahold of these. Will it fit? Worried more about length wise, or maybe how it sits against the dash
  4. SMiGGs

    Wanted: SS Cladding

    Looking for SS cladding, im not in a rush. Its hard to come by, ebay is piecing it out pretty expensive. If you come across it, just let me know, im interested.
  5. SMiGGs

    my truck

    _DSC0784 by SMiGGs., on Flickr
  6. SMiGGs

    Wanted: WTB DSLR Camera Prefer T2i

    Looking dslr camera prefer t2i/t3i, if the price is right will entertain other offers/dslrs.
  7. SMiGGs

    Gopro hd 2

    Bought it brand new. Used it about 8 times. Reason im selling it is because im trying to get some wheels for my daily driver :) GOPRO HD HERO 2 MOTORSPORTS EDITION Comes with: lens filter Car suction Mount Bike mount Extra sticky mounts & Elbows Will come in original box and...
  8. SMiGGs

    Important!: PAINTERS Come in!

    I finally got my hands on a compressor. Its 20 gallon electric Husky. I really want to learn how to spray with a gun, im pretty awesome with rattle cans. Can you recommend an inexpensive gun, something i can shoot primer, clear, and paint through. Some tips you have acquired over the years...
  9. SMiGGs

    Radar police detector

    Post your radar detector and your thoughts on it
  10. SMiGGs

    Painting honey comb part on grill

    Okay i want to paint the honey comb part on my grill. I want to paint it black, its grey right now. What paint and prep should i do. I know the honey comb part is notorious for water marks. I was thinking of just getting le flat black, and spraying it.
  11. SMiGGs

    Beefing up Front-end Air Suspension

    I remember a while back running into a thread on this other forum, where they had beefed up the front end on a bagged truck. I know im being very general, but hopefully our air suspension savy guys chime in cough*tukn4s*. What can i do to make my front end bullet proof. Quick pick of what im...
  12. SMiGGs

    SMiGGs Build Thread

    Hello My name is Miguel and im from Cen Cal. This will be a Long Term Build Thread.. Short term goals Air Suspension Consists of: KP Components 6-Link Watts-Link Cups & spindles Longer term goals: SS Clone 6.0 engine swap When i first got it now
  13. SMiGGs

    Post the Truck you just cant quit looking at: