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  1. barrrf

    2020 Seirra HD Revealed

    :facepalm: Those fkn mirrors. And they put marker lights in the plastic fender moldings. Duramax 445 hp and 910 lb-ft of torque. Tow up to 30k pounds.
  2. barrrf

    2020 Silverado HD Revealed LMAOOOOO Its so ugly.
  3. barrrf

    Important!: LSX370 Build for Mullet Mobile

  4. barrrf

    The new Sierra AT4 Off Road Edition for 2019 is here!! Like who gives a shit though.......... Here is a quote "After years of dabbling in the space GMC finally has a legitimate off-road-oriented ½-ton."...
  5. barrrf

    Local Cars and Caffeine at Hagerty headquarters

    This happens every Friday morning. The occasional neat thing shows up.
  6. barrrf

    Cometic Head Gaskets and GM TTY Head Bolts

    Had these sitting around for awhile (5 years) and since they wont work for my current build maybe I'll sell them. Cometic Head gaskets - 3.910 bore, .040" thick. PN - 202-391040. Pair: $120 shipped. GM TTY Head Bolts - PN: 17800568. 2 boxes: $35 shipped for both.
  7. barrrf

    Forza Horizon 2 for X360

    $40 shipped. Played it, finished it, now Im bored with it. Now you buy it. Location is TC, MI - doesn't matter cuz shipping included.
  8. barrrf

    Remove these stripes please

    cuz I dont have photoshop or I would
  9. barrrf

    How to lube your ISS

    I told Swampfox I would do this for him - so here you go for your reference. Here are the tools you will need - 15mm Socket on Ratchet or 15mm Ratchet wrench and of course super secret Stage 2 Lithium grease with Molybdenum nano particles Step 1 Remove bolt holding the shafts together...
  10. barrrf

    In here if you like CARS...........

    Guess since the other thread disappeared I'll start another. POST them pics of cars slammed, stanced, or just BAMF........ I'll start with the following......
  11. barrrf

    Lower it a bit?

    Wheels that are on it 17s. Id like to bring it down 2 inches and stagger wheel sizes with 19 in back and 18 in front. Id also like to put some wheels on it - I think the TT2s are well over played. But I have no idea what would look good on the car - Im open for suggestions. This is the best...
  12. barrrf

    I finally bought a car - time to start working on it

    I sold my motorcycle so I could do something fun with 4 wheels. I contemplated everything from getting a commuter and making my truck go fast to getting a G8 or GTO. But I ended up buying a muscle car instead. It hasnt been delivered to my house yet. But as it is, it has a 396 punched .060...
  13. barrrf

    427LSX TT Camaro build journal

    Here is a friend of mines Camaro build journal. Its a long journal. No doubt. Short story is 427LSX supercharged wasnt enough so he is having it twin turbo'd. Some good readin in this thread. [COTW 4/16/12]: GILMOUR's 427 LSX Detroit-Muscle - Camaro5 Chevy Camaro Forum / Camaro ZL1, SS and V6...
  14. barrrf

    From Michigan..........not new

    Yeah, Im new. Ive never been to an auto forum in my life. Im in Michigan. And my truck is breaking so Im putting new parts on it. :trollface:
  15. barrrf

    Need a Cam Opinion......

    I have to replace the heads on my truck nao. I bought a set of 243 Z06 heads and am having them milled down .035". I was thinking of going with the Vinci 236 grind. I read some stuff on cams and talked with a couple of other know it alls and I was thinking this might be the best grind for me...