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  1. BB

    Sema 2016

    Here are some pictures I took at this years SEMA show.
  2. BB

    Tires for 24s

    So I need to find some new tires, and it seems like no one (quality brands) is making 275/30 and 295/30 in the same tread pattern. Everything I come across is either Lexani or Lion Heart.. I did find Duruns in those sizes, which is the brand I'm running now, but I hate to put cheap Chinese...
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    Chrome 22x12 Wheels

    Post up some pictures of chrome 22x12 wheels! Wheels only, or on a truck would be preferable. Seems like the best wheel size for those wanting to run 33s on a 22. Unless you stretch a 12.50 on a 14 wide (I'm not the biggest fan of that).. Brands? Ion Fuel Hostile Gear - Help...
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    Polaris RZR Cover

    I have a canvas cover I used when I had my RZR. Need to get rid of it.. $75.00 takes it. (I think I paid $200 for it new) I can ship at your expense. Located in Tyler, Texas. It's not exactly like the one in the image, but it fits the same. No tears, nothing wrong with it at all. It fits...
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    Project Purplehaze

    Even though the majority of the build is done, I need a place to consolidate the pictures and what not.. The truck was involved in a wreck back at the end of March, and it sat like that for about a month. Finally got the check from my insurance company so I ordered everything I needed to...
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    6 Inch RCX NTD Lift 99-06 4x4

    For Sale - 6 inch Rough Country non torsion drop lift kit. I had this kit on my truck for about 6k miles. Reason for taking it off is to go bigger. Kit will come with everything pictured (including spindles), and the following NEW extras; Moog Tie Rod Ends (outers only), RCX Kicker Braces...
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    Painted Frame

    So this is a shit load of work if anyone was wondering. Took every bit of the frame down to bare metal, and painted it with rustoleum automotive paint. I used their self etching primer to prep it, then shot about 10 coats of the black on it. Turned out pretty nice I think! Gotta give some...
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    BB's 02 RCSB Build

    So this project has been going on since March of this year, and so I figured it's time to start one of these build threads... Here goes nothing! For at least 2 years layindoor84 (Ronnie) and myself had been searching the interweb and shows looking for the right truck for me. I had been...
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    Which Manufactures Available??

    Alright folks, where are y'all buying 295/30 or 285/30R24 tires??? Only thing I can find are Toyo Proxes and Pirelli's. What else is out there in those sizes? I've looked all over the net, and called my local shops and all I've found is Toyo's and Pirelli's... I'm not REAL crazy...
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    From Texas

    New to the forum. Stopping in here to say what's up?!!