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  1. Dirtmafia

    Need some help on truck options

    LB7's are cool. The mileage wouldn't really worry me. (Assuming it was maintained OK) Like mentioned..... injectors, water pump seal, glow plugs, head gaskets are all known culprits. The Allison trans in stock form is OK, People have had issues with higher HP tuners/programmers.
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    Your vehicles as they sit now!

  3. Dirtmafia

    Important!: LSX370 Build for Mullet Mobile

    This is neat, Pls carry on. :patriot:
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    coilovers on race duramax.

    I've seen the atomic fab mounts in person, I also watched FFR build Matt's mounts on his NNBS Blk 1500. They seem to work for the lighter trucks & drag crowd. ( Limit straps can help hold the front end down too) I would really brace that upper shock mount to the frame somehow, it was never...
  5. Dirtmafia

    2004 Silverado Prerunner Build

    The price difference is shocking really.... In. Gunna plate the frame? or bolt-on's and #sendit?
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    2010 5.3 to 383 Stroker

    OP Even 30 over, your 330.35ci LS based eng will not make 600 NA RWHP (on earth, assuming 14.7 atmospheric pressure) * Non- Unicorn internals Unless you are attached to that block for some reason most would argue that it's simply not worth the machining cost for such little performance gains...
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    Dem Brakes (Recommend Me Some)

    Call Crown Performance, They make many private label kits for the jeep/ automotive world and do many of the offroad MX brake lines as well.
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    2010 5.3 to 383 Stroker

    It's possible. Google it, there are plenty of rotating kits/assemblies available for purchase. Do you have a good machinist? Do you have heads lined up? I can personally think of a few better ways to spend $3-5000+ but that's just me. To briefly touch on engine theory, the small bore LS...
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    New from California but go to college in Nebraska

    Welcome from San Luis Obispo #2500Kru
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    New guy from Northeast Louisiana

    Welcome from CA
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    New guy from GMFS

  12. Dirtmafia

    In here if you like CARS...........

    Fuel cut is like 9k on those things lol, They are a neat engine, I bet that thing scoots.
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    good quality wheel spacers?

    + 1 for Bora, Have also run RC's with no issues.
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    Truck needs rings.. Or should I 6.0?

    GL, If you're worried about re-ringing a cheap LS based engine or tossing in a (relatively speaking) cheap 6.0, I would heavily chew over the diesel idea. OE style injectors for those things are like $350+/ EACH last time I checked. Do you need a diesel or just want on the bandwagon? (If...
  15. Dirtmafia

    For Sale: 1500/2500 Mid-Travel Rear End Setup (Deaver, Synergy, Fox)

    Looking to go a different route and sell my current setup. I would like to sell it complete as the items are proven to work well together. All items are in San Jose, CA. - Deaver J1 Mini Pack ~2" lift - Synergy 3228 6" Boxed Race Shackle (Mig) - Synergy 2.0 Air Bump Cans - Synergy Air Bump...
  16. Dirtmafia

    Dirtmafia's 2500 HD - It's Never Done.

    I hear ya, mine is a semi-slug down low even with 35's. I can hear the 4.10's swearing at the 37's in the garage. What ratio are you running in the back?
  17. Dirtmafia

    Dirtmafia's 2500 HD - It's Never Done.

    I never said it was a clean 11" of travel :crazy: The CV's bind pretty good at full droop so its strapped up a hair further up now. The clevises are not ideal but they work in the OE sway bar holes, a tab in double shear on the LCA is ideal, a single shear tab on the LCA is probably sufficient...
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    Dirtmafia's 2500 HD - It's Never Done.

    Got some 37's, Not my ideal tire but they were a hell of a deal. Also put a light bar behind the grille
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    LS swap the Jeep JK they said...

    Now the boss wants it CA legal which should be fun (and expensive) The heads and cam are here, they will be a nice touch on this little guy. I think PRC makes a really nice set of heads for the coin, but time will tell. Looking into harness/ECM options now. There is a company here in CA that...