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  1. Gannon

    For Sale: 5/7-6/8 drop kit

    Posting for a buddy. Came off his 2015 Sierra Cantact Lane 3184610044 Located in logansport, la Bell tech 5/7 drop for sale The drop can be a 6/8 2" drop spindles,springs new adjustable struts/rear shocks Rear flip kit Hancook 275/45/20 two brand new Two 5k miles. $650 for the drop $450...
  2. Gannon

    Gannon's 2000 Sierra turbo build

    I've grown bored with this truck so about that time to do something else with it. This will be a slow progress build. Complete kb turbo kit Upgraded 7668 precision turbo and precision wastegate Still need to buy: 60# injectors Fuel pump Boost gauge Fuel gauge Wide band Also going on...
  3. Gannon

    Lights quit working

    Anybody know why my interior lights would all quit working? And the cargo lamp light is staying on, not the light itself, just saying it on the dash. Just did it all of a sudden, any ideas? Switch won't turn them, opening doors, even pushing the buttons on the ohc won't turn those on.
  4. Gannon

    Kill switch

    I've been putting this off, but finally got some time to fix a few things I've been wanting to fix. Where are the guys that have one, hooking up your kill switch to? I've read where people just hook it up to their fuel pump, but where at? I don't want to just run it on top of the fuse box, but...
  5. Gannon

    GMC 20'S for sale

    SOLD Sent from my poopoo S5
  6. Gannon

    PS4 plus game

    Location: Logansport, la Shoot me a pm or text 3184556061 $350 plus shipping Got a ps4 I bought and only used for like a week, comes with everything plus a game, infamous second son. Sent from my poopoo S5
  7. Gannon

    NNBS shifter for NBS

    Wasn't there someone on this forum that could take the NNBS shifter and make it work the compressors for on board air? Or does anyone know how to do it? Is it hard? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Gannon

    NBS Escalade leather wrapped shifter

    SOLD Like title states, don't need anymore, bought another one to match since this one didn't. You can use the same torque screw that your factory shifter uses. Let me know. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Gannon

    NNBS Intake with extras

    Don't feel like messing with it anymore, so I'm just going to sale it. Everything you you need for a 99-02 swap minus the fittings for the braided hose. I will not separate anything right now, it's all or nothing. Intake comes with injectors and original TB. Felpro 61070 TB Gasket Felpro...
  10. Gannon

    2000 to 2003 Sierra bumper swap

    So I've been trying to do some research with not a whole lot of luck. I've googled and found plenty of threads started asking about it, with a lot of he said she said answers, but no how to's. I did find one on gmfs, but all the pics were deleted. Does anyone no somebody that had done this? I...
  11. Gannon

    WTB: Stock 99-06 Air box

    Like title states, if you have one laying around shoot me a pm. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Gannon

    Napa 2 1/4 ton hydraulic jack.

    Bought about a year ago, won't fit under frame so I really can't use it. Text 3184556061. $130 OBO Located in Logansport, LA Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Gannon


    Asked me to old a set of head lights for him, paid when he said he would. Great guy, would do business with him again. :shake: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Gannon

    99-07c OEM Denali projectors

    Bought these off a member a few months ago, still not really feeling them. They are used but in good shape. Text if interested 318455xxxx $170.00 shipped Located in Logansport, LA Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk - now Free
  15. Gannon

    iPod touch 16G for sale

    Located in Logansport, la Price is $155 shipped Text or pm 3184556061 Like title stats. Only about 6 months old. Comes with everything that came with It. Also comes with cord to watch movies or play music with through the tv.
  16. Gannon


    Bought a set of Denali headlights from him Monday. Received them today. Great guy to buy from. :up: thanks again man.
  17. Gannon

    For Sale: 99-06 street scene mirrors

    Located in logansport, la $50 obo plus shipping Painted indigo metallic blue
  18. Gannon

    2013 radio question

    So we just got new work trucks last week. The cheapest of the cheap. I listen to a lot of podcast and whatnot from my phone. But these trucks came with these radios that have no cd/tape/aux. I've read the how to's for the 99-07c adding the aux and swapping out vin locked radios. Is it the same...
  19. Gannon

    Wanted: WTB: 99-02 Sierra headlights

    Like title says, need a set. Lmk