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  1. bayousam

    2017 GMC Sierra Denali Ultimate (not a build but will end up being a build) Build

    Well anyone that follows any of my other crap knows I ended up selling my Audi RS5 and traded in my FX2 and picked up this 2017 GMC Denali Ultimate. Anyone wondering what an ultimate is it is GMC's way of saying Denali with every option offered. Picked it up from good ole Jimmy Skrait Pipes as...
  2. bayousam

    For Sale: FS: 2012 Ducati 848 EVO Corse Special Edition

    Figured I will post this everywhere because I know bike lovers are all over but I'm looking to consolidate my fleet. On the chopping block is my 2012 Ducati 848 EVO Corse Special Edition. I absolutely love this bike, however I have too many damn hobbies and my riding time has been extremely...
  3. bayousam

    BayouSam's Daily Build...2015 GMC Sierra Crew

    Well guys, some of you have seen on Betty's page that I picked up another sierra as a daily. I was not planning on this one as part of my pay cut due to oilfield prices was losing our company trucks, but I picked up this 2015 Sierra. The plans: 3.5" lift (yes it is 2wd but I do not plan to...
  4. bayousam

    Wanted: NNBS 3 Bar Chrome Grille

    Looking for the 3 bar chrome grille such as below in good/great condition. Don't want the insert as it changes the vertical bars to chrome and I need to keep those black. I am about to change up the front end.
  5. bayousam

    US Mags Billet Wheels

    Anyone ever dealt or seen US Mag wheels in person? How was the finish? They don't seem as common and want to make sure if I'm going with them that the quality is good
  6. bayousam

    For Sale: Bonspeed Huntington Billet Wheels

    Well guys most of you know I finally got my truck back. If you follow my build you know that it was built to be body dropped on 26's. With that being said it is time to sell the 24's. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with these wheels, I just built the truck for different purposes than I was...
  7. bayousam

    For Sale: NNBS 4/7 Drop (Read details before purchasing)

    As many of you know, my truck is currently in progress of being bagged by NFamus. Keith at NFamus will be taking the drop off, so it will be for sale. I will be in full communication with Keith as for details when the pieces come off that way if shipping is necessary we can make arrangements. I...
  8. bayousam

    Wanted: NNBS OEM Denali Tail Lights

    Need some help guys. Considering the idea of running the Denali tail lights, but cannot find any worth a damn and also do not want aftermarket. These are what I am looking for, also if someone has these in great condition on there truck and are considering a different style, I have mine that...
  9. bayousam

    For Sale: NNBS Some 1500 items, a 2500 item...just buy my stuff!

    Okay guys/gals, I have older threads all spread out with different items that are just screwed up, so I am consolidating everything into one thread and updating prices, etc. Items are located in Zachary(Baton Rouge), LA All items are for 07.5-13 (NNBS or GMT-900) 2500 Denali HD lower grille...
  10. bayousam

    For Sale: 24" Black Boss 330 with Tires/Sensors/Lugs

    Okay guys, it is time to start the process of selling these rims and tires. I know it might take a little, so I am starting it now in the hopes they will be sold by the time I make it home. PLEASE NOTE, THESE WHEELS CANNOT BE RECEIVED BY THE BUYER UNTIL APPROXIMATELY JULY 26TH DUE TO WAITING...
  11. bayousam

    For Sale: Items from my NNBS and Misc

    Have a few items to list for sale that came off my 2011 GMC and a new item that will not work for what I wanted: ALL ITEMS ARE LOCATED IN ZACHARY, LA & SHIPPING CAN BE BYPASSED BY LOCAL PICKUP. I DO OCCASIONALLY DRIVE TO LAFFAYETTE AS WELL SINCE MY OFFICE IS IN SCOTT, LA 4 Chrome handles...
  12. bayousam

    My 2011 GMC Crew Build (Bayou Betty)

    I started this page over because it turned into 5 pages of random info and back and forth info that had nothing to do with what was going on, so I asked J to delete the old one to begin a new one when I got more into the build and back on track. This is how she sat when I took her off the lot...
  13. bayousam

    For Sale: 07.5+ McGaughy C-Notches

    I am going to list my McGaughy C-Notches for sale. I am going a different direction and will not need these anymore. They will fit nnbs trucks. Located in Zachary, LA (Baton Rouge for you guys who have not heard of Zachary). Item is brand new and only opened the box to inspect. I paid...
  14. bayousam

    Wanted: TPMS sensors for NNBS

    Wanted to see if anybody had some TPMS sensors they wanted to get rid of that will work with my 2011. I do not feel like taking apart and putting back the boss wheels for the sensors, so looking to pick up a set
  15. bayousam

    Wanted: Black Onyx NNBS Mirror Caps

    Looking for some NNBS black onyx mirror caps. LMK what you have if you are interested in getting rid of them. I have some chrome ones that can be put in the deal if necessary. Thanks
  16. bayousam

    Backspacing queston

    I am about to order my bonspeed 24's. I am going to run 24x10 on the back and 24x8.5 on the front. My question is this... I will be narrowing my rear to run the smallest backspacing I can. Question is what is the smallest backspacing I can run without running into issues with my leaf plate or...
  17. bayousam

    For Sale: Beautiful 07 CBR 600RR

    Well I decided to relist my bike for sale because I do not currently ride as much as I should and I could put the money towards the truck. Details: 07 CBR 600RR Miles about 7800 Arkapovic titanium slip on with titanium midpipe Custom gloss black fairings with gloss black solo seat Custom...
  18. bayousam

    Fiance's new ride!

    So my fiance and I were decided it was time for her to get a new car. After a week of shopping around, we ended up getting this beauty... brand new 2012 IS250 black outside black inside with navi... will try to get better pictures eventually but so busy with work havent gotten a...
  19. bayousam

    Shops in Baton Rouge Area

    well my shop that I always went to got sold out from the kenner area and since I live in Zachary (Baton Rouge area), I was wondering what some good shops were to go to for truck shit as in audio, tint, kits, and whatever else you can think of. I know I talked to peyton briefly and he...
  20. bayousam

    Need a sig

    MY PHOTOSHOP SKILLS SUCK! So as the title says, looking for a bad ass looking sig if someone has some free time they are looking to waste. Would really appreciate it! If need any different pics let me know. Thanks