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  1. HackMcMaster

    Tach signal

    anyone ever have an issue with the tach signal to the cluster? sometimes i get an RPM reading sometimes i don't, I'm also assuming it's not the cluster because when i try and remote start the truck starts, shuts off, repeats a couple times, then just stays shutoff and i get a tach notification...
  2. HackMcMaster

    mirror puddle lamp issues

    so i installed mirrors with puddle lamps a few weeks ago, last week i swapped the passenged side bulbt for LEDs and everything worked fine. when i went to install the housing back into the mirror both sides stopped working. The driver side still has the filament bulb in it. neither side...
  3. HackMcMaster

    need caliper P/N, RPO inside

    i have to do this next weekend so i cant order the wrong ones again. Thanks for the help
  4. HackMcMaster

    4l-60E shallow pan P/N?

    Im going to flush my trans and figured while im at it would swap to the shallow pan, but the only thing i can find is filter for shallow pan. so any help with AC-Delco P/N would be appreciated. BILLY!!!!
  5. HackMcMaster

    shaving mirror caps

    Just got my puddle lamp mirrors yesterday. I'd like to shave the mirror caps since I'm going to paint them. I was going to fiberglass and bondo it but I'm worried it's not going to bond well to the plastic
  6. HackMcMaster

    Dl3 mirrors (powerfold/heat/turn/dim)

    Fo sale $200 for the pair + shipping will be located in 92223 see sig for pic of badass mirrors ALSO
  7. HackMcMaster

    Pressing out Uca bushings

    So I'm in the process of redoing the front suspension this weekend. For the life of me I can't get these upper control arm bushings out. I'm going to leave three in after seeing how good they still are trying to get the first out. However I have made the first one unusable now, the only idea I...
  8. HackMcMaster

    best water pump?

    who makes the best water pump? i know AC Delco is what gm uses basically, but the bosch is like half the fucking price and i know bosch is usually like the best of the best which is why im slightly confused. the most expensive one is the hitachi. i have no issue paying the 152 for the hitachi...
  9. HackMcMaster

    building a tank

    would like to build my own tank over the winter so i dont burn my truck down like that guy in florida. looking for any info anyone might have after building their own tanks.
  10. HackMcMaster

    2500 cluster into 1500 problems

    so i got a 2500 gas cluster out of an 03 or 04, no stepper motors in it or bulbs. I have stepper motors and needles for it and am planning to swap LEDs in it. trying to put this in my 05 1500 LT for the trans temp and cause my rpm stepper motor appears to be on its way out. Anyway i went to plug...
  11. HackMcMaster

    Do I need torsion brackets

    My spindle rubs my bag when lifted and put a hole in the bag, was initially just the drivers side. Apparently I need more lift because the inner tires are wore the fuck out, and I'd rather fix this problem so I can drive higher before I put new tires on Sent from a secure terminal using the...
  12. HackMcMaster

    OEM Spare tire kit NBS?

    i finally got a job and have to commute so id like to get the spare tire stuff (Jack, wrench blah) guy who sold my truck to the dealer stole it before. i know one of you lifted guys who cant use it anymore has to have it.
  13. HackMcMaster

    brake light switch retaining clip pn

    i lost the damn thing and i have no idea what the part number is, and search is about useless as all hell.
  14. HackMcMaster

    Adding oil cooler

    My 05 CCSB has the block off instead of engine oil cooler want to add cooler and accumulator anyone ever do either or? Sent from a secure terminal using the classified military network
  15. HackMcMaster

    Plate relocation

    I got a roll pan coming Monday that does away with the plate, what did you guys do to relocate you plate? Sent from a secure terminal using the classified military network
  16. HackMcMaster

    Chopped top

    Anyone chop the top on a full size? Or got pics? Wanna chop my nbs cc Sent from a secure terminal using the classified military network
  17. HackMcMaster

    Wanted: 7" bag

    Need a 7" bag that can handle 200psi blew one the other day dual port or single port is fine Sent from a secure terminal using the classified military network
  18. HackMcMaster

    NBS Parts: sway bar, springs, shocks, u bolts, skid plate, & more

    NBS 150 CCSB parts for sale Location: Westmisnter, California want this shit phucking gone prices are not shipped all 4 shocks $40 stock u-bolts and bracket deal $5 front roll bar $50 rear bump stops $10 fuel tank skid plate $50 driver coil spring Free...
  19. HackMcMaster

    Wire when engine running?

    I'd like to hook up my compressors so they're only hot when the engine is there a wire like this? Or am I just going to have to do a ignition hot Sent from a secure terminal using the classified military network