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  1. Chewy07

    Wookiemax 3.0

    So wm 3.0 is finally here but as a 6.2 liter (so yes, it still gets to be called wookiemax) 2013 Chevy Silverado z71 4wd LTZ loaded expect a rear window slider and dvd. Clean 2 owner all its life in tejas. When i first looked at it I saw that it had a borla exhaust and a AFE intake in it. As i...
  2. Chewy07

    Wookiemax 2.0 fer sail

    Selling wookiemax 2.0 to make room for 3.0. I have a build thread on here for those who don't even know what the "wookiemax" is. Located in OK and 19k.
  3. Chewy07

    VLED switchback issues

    I'm on my second set of switchbacks since when I was in the oilfield the switchbacks would rattle around from lease roads, some of the little led pieces would come off and caused it not to be as bright or just be a dead row of leds. Anyways I've been noticing that on these second set of...
  4. Chewy07

    CM and Wheels

    Can someone change the wheels to the death metal or stealth Novakanes and the grille black and front chrome piece white.
  5. Chewy07

    Sig request

    Could I get a sig with it just saying Chewy somewhere on here.
  6. Chewy07

    OEM GMC HHD Headunit

    Right now I have a pioneer avhx 4700bs in the dash but since the skip and eject button don't work along with it randomly turning on and off sometimes is getting old. I'm kinda considering the newer gmc navi radio my question is will all the features work like navi without Bose? Is there anything...
  7. Chewy07

    07.5 GMC Duramax

    Figured I'd throw it up on here since I have an ad everywhere else. Have thread on here as well. More info in the ad. Located in NWOK and 17k for it. 07.5 GMC Sierra Duramax
  8. Chewy07

    Back to gas or stay green

    With the lmm for sale and hopefully will sell before end of the month comes my next issue. What to buy next. I wouldn't mind getting into a denali like daniels since I've always loved that color and its a 6.2 or some 6.2 nnbs , a nbs vmax or a n3bs 5.3. Or to still stay in the diesel game. I...
  9. Chewy07

    Chewy's millenium dmax

    Alright guys new slate. 08 Gmc Sierra duramax. Its another ext cab yes but i love it. Here's whats done. 20x10 Eagle alloy wheels 5" exhaust with muffler DSP-5 with shitty ass longhorn tunes 6k hids low and highs black billet grille with the outsides painted white Frontier front end...
  10. Chewy07

    Wanted: Clear Denali heads retrofitted

    Just as the title states. Looking for a set of retrofit denali heads. Doesn't matter if they have hids or not. Paypal ready
  11. Chewy07

    06 LBZ GMC ECSB Durmax

    Don't really need a diesel and found a truck in Dallas that I want. Well skip right to the good stuff. I bought it in Jan 2013 with 109k and it currently sitting at 123,xxx miles will go up since it is my dd. 27,000obo Brand new stock Allison transmission from the dealership done at 120,757...
  12. Chewy07

    Denali or 6.2 Owners

    How do you guys like the 6.2? I'm most likely be selling my duramax in the summer and really want to get into a nnbs. Mainly been wanting to get a denali after seeing daniels build on here. Any big problems I need to be aware of beside the afm which I will turn off with a BB tune. I will most...
  13. Chewy07

    Wheel ideas

    I was able to scavenging some funds for some new wheels and tires but really having a hard time deciding which wheels to choose. I'm most likely going with 305/55/20 trail grapplers again since I hate the way A/T tires look on a 3/4 ton and I loved them. I can either buy two new bmf wheels and...
  14. Chewy07

    The Great White build somewhat

    Okay peeps new here and I guess I'll share my current mods on it, the future mods and some pics Make and Model: 06 GMC SLT EC/SB 4x4 LBZ Duramax:pedobear: Current Mods Exterior: Painted front and back bumpers Black billet grill Some tint Antenna Delete 20x9 BMF Novakanes 305/55 Nitto...
  15. Chewy07

    New from Stillwater!

    Hey everyone:wave: New here but a member on the duramax forum and gmfullsize. Here's my 06 LBZ