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  1. ScottyBoy

    NBS parts: DL3 mirrors, door handles, E-fan Harness

    I have some NBS parts that I am not doing anything with, so they are up for sale. I have a complete OEM E-fan harness from a 2006 truck. This is a direct fit for any 03-04 to add E-Fans or you can wire up an additional relay so that this will work on a 99-02 truck. This has the relay block that...
  2. ScottyBoy

    Anybody ever used Folex carpet cleaner?

    I have been reading a lot on some detail forums about carpet and upholstery cleaning. A lot of people swear by Folex carpet cleaner and swear about how great it is. I had some bad stains on the carpet at work from some customers who spilled BOTH a soda and a chocolate milkshake on an area of...
  3. ScottyBoy

    Cammed LQ9 budget?

    What kind of money would I realistically be looking at to put a mild cammed LQ9 or LQ4 in my truck? I will need to purchase a good running low mile engine and then the parts for the cam swap, some long tubes, and I'm sure a few other parts. Can I realistically do this for around $3500 or less...
  4. ScottyBoy

    For Sale: Trailblazer tail lights $50 OBO

    I have a set of factory tail lights from a 2006 Trailblazer. They have a few minor scuffs and scratches, but nothing major. They come with the bulb boards. Looking to get $50 OBO for the pair, or $30 each. Located in Shreveport, LA. I'm willing to ship at your expense, or come pick them up locally.
  5. ScottyBoy

    Belt tension on a 01 5.3 engine??

    About a year or so ago, I replaced my alternator pulley with a smaller one to gain a little more amperage at idle (since I had converted my truck to E-fans). This ended up putting some more slack in the serpentine belt. So much slack that on cold mornings I would sometimes hear the belt...
  6. ScottyBoy

    Spark plugs on a 01 5.3 engine

    I'm getting ready to replace the spark plugs on my 01 Chevy 5.3 Suburban. I have already ordered the AC Delco 41-110 Iridium plugs from Rockauto. I thought it was odd that they were not listed as a replacement for my truck. I had to manually enter the part number in order to purchase them...
  7. ScottyBoy

    Car Insurance? What company do you have?

    I've been with State Farm for over 15 years. I've never had any problems with them and they have always been fair on any claims, and pretty fast in handling the claim also. But now we get a letter today saying that they will not renew the auto policy because of the accident my wife had a month...
  8. ScottyBoy

    Candying tail lights

    I want to candy the tails on my Suburban. I purchased a can of VHT tail light candy paint. I've been hearing mixed things about it. I've heard people say that this stuff is garbage. And others claim it works great. Im wondering if the people with problems applied it worng or didnt prep...
  9. ScottyBoy

    My wife totaled the 05 Altima

    This past weekend, my wife was in an accident. She wasn't paying attention and she slammed into the back of her dad's truck at a red light. Did minor damage to his 2012 Silverado, but it was enough damage caused on the Altima that State Farm said its a total loss. My 8 year old daughter was in...
  10. ScottyBoy

    Eastwood 2K Aero Spray

    I saw this stuff and it has some pretty good reviews. Its a aerosol can with a second chamber with a catalyst in it. You press a button to puncture the inner chamber and then shake it up and spray it. Thinking about using the epoxy primer and the clear to color match some parts myself, using...
  11. ScottyBoy

    FS: Iphone 4 and 4S Otterbox cases

    I have two Otter box cases for sale. Both are for an iphone 4 or 4S. One is a used one in fair condition. Has a tear in the rubber on the top left corner Asking $10 shipped for it. The other one is a brand new in box still seal Otterbox Armor Series in black and neon green. It retails for...
  12. ScottyBoy

    Looking for a Wii game console for cheap

    My kids broke their Wii, won't read any discs anymore. All its good for is watching Netflix. I'm just looming for a cheap used one to replace it. The few I do see on CL people want ridiculous prices because they want to sell ASA bundle with all the games they own. So I was just throwing this out...
  13. ScottyBoy

    For Sale: 06 2500HD Cluster with trans temp and blue LEDs

    I have a cluster from a 2006 2500HD for sale. It has been upgraded with blue LED backlighting. It also has a trans temp gauge, and has 144k miles on it. Looking for $200 shipped (in the lower 48 states). Located in Shreveport, LA.
  14. ScottyBoy

    For Sale: OEM 05-06 E-fan harness with LS1 fan plugs on it

    I have a OEM E-fan harness and relay block from a 2006 Sierra. The 06 fan plugs were removed and LS1 style fan pigtails were soldered on in their place. This is not the entire core support harness, only the wiring for the fans. Both ECM pins are intact, they were carefully removed from the ECM...
  15. ScottyBoy

    Anyone need NNBS ebony leather front seat covers??

    Saw that this guy on TahoeYukonForums is selling ebony 07 seat leather for $100 I figured someone might want these for a reg cab truck. Front Leather Seat Covers Ebony NNBS - Chevy Tahoe Forum | GMC Yukon Forum | Tahoe Z71 | Cadillac Escalade - Tahoe Yukon Forum
  16. ScottyBoy

    FS: Streamlight Packmate LED Flashlight

    I have a Streamlight Packmate LED flashlight. Its brand new in the package still sealed, and includes batteries. It retails for $60, I will take $45 shipped for it. Or $40 picked up locally in Shreveport, LA.
  17. ScottyBoy

    What is a TBSS engine and transmission worth?

    A friend of mine in New Orleans said he knows a guy parting out a 2wd TBSS. He wants about $2500 for the engine, transmission, wiring harness and ECM. So far, he is not willing to sell them separate. Supposedly it has 70k miles on it. Deal or not? My friend claims he can probably get him down as...
  18. ScottyBoy

    For Sale: FS: Surefire C3 Centurion Tactical Flashlight

    I have a Surefire C3 Centurion Tactical Flashlight brand new still sealed in the package. Asking $60 for it or $65 shipped. I'm located in Shreveport Louisiana.
  19. ScottyBoy

    For Sale: 05-06 OEM NBS Efan harness and relay pack

    I have a OEM E-fan harness and relay pack that I carefully removed from a 2005 Sierra. This harness is not the complete core support harness. Its just the wiring for the fans, which was picked apart from the core support harness. No wires are cut or butchered in any way. I even have the plug...
  20. ScottyBoy

    Time for a new battery. Ideas?

    My 3 year old Autocraft gold battery is going out on me. The 3 year free replacement warranty went out in December. FML. Anyways, not sure if I am gonna go with another Autocraft. Any suggestions? I need at least 900cca, and I would like to keep it under $150. 3 years (or more) free...