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    How to declad GMC 20s

    ill ask him....if youve seen the glocktendo gun thats gone viral, he made hes super busy atm with gun work but ill see wassup. they arent cheap
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    shaving mirror caps

    asked him n I got that :rofl: wish I could help u but idk how he did it....I did see the mirrors in person and they look awesome tho.
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    shaving mirror caps

    he wont reply since he was banned n all
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    20" gmc declads

    his wife wont let him :roflpow:
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    climate control swap?
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    climate control swap?

    dorman sells a cheap replacement
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    climate control swap?

    most people stop right here when they find out how involved it is with sensors, wiring and programming required.
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    07C bagged ccsb build

    still a 32" tire....wish i could daily that size. my 29" will rub the top of the inner fender on hard dips :mexiokay: Would you mind posting pics of the 2pc drive shaft xmember when you get to that? My 1pc has a nasty ring on it and vibes like crazy around 80mph....Ive got the 2pc, just waiting...
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    Your vehicles as they sit now!

    wix is good stuff :shrug:
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    Camera Safari (odd, funny, weird or ricers)

    mah peoples
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    Post your detailing products review!

    Been using SCG All in it!
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    I finally bought a car - time to start working on it

    where the gaylos at?
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    For Sale: Holley LS valve covers

    do these have a lip underneath like oem covers? maybe post a pic of under side?
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    For Sale: Holley LS valve covers

    are these a dollar or 1 million dollars?
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    My '01 ECSB Slow Build

    got some jbl P660c u can has for cheap.
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    Alecks' hopes and dreams thread.

    sounds good....was that pre-tune?
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    04 RCSB Silverado Slow Build

    mini tub would probably let you go 5" up front but idk how the ride would be affected.
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    Question About LS6 243 Head Work

    allow me
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    Question About LS6 243 Head Work

    false....ptv can clear but be below minimum recommended clearance