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  1. ScottyBoy

    Dszx13's Yukon

    Mufukka? You literally said "can't remember his username, but his IG is....." Lol :areyousrs::bananadance:
  2. ScottyBoy

    Huck's shorty Yukon

    I would leave the spare on if it fits fine under there. If you ever get a flat on the front, just put the spare on the back and move your back tire to the front. The back can fit a wheel as small as a 16" if you still have the stock sized brakes. It will at least get your and your precious cargo...
  3. ScottyBoy

    Dszx13's Yukon

    Oh, and my username is ScottyBoy. Lulz
  4. ScottyBoy

    Dszx13's Yukon

    Just shoot me a text and we can talk about it.
  5. ScottyBoy

    Dszx13's Yukon

    Damn, that sucks to have to pull that damn transmission again. And I have been looking on Facebook and CL, but every time I see someone parting out a 2500HD, the hood is already gone. I am sitting on a HD grille and bumper cap though, I need to get them painted and lower my bumper, or do a 1.5"...
  6. ScottyBoy

    Dszx13's Yukon

    Gonna be sweet with the HD hood on it. I'm looking for one myself, but I only if I can find a screaming deal on one like you did.
  7. ScottyBoy

    For Sale: Black bear auto cal

    Do you need to buy a license to use this?
  8. ScottyBoy

    Starter kit.

    I have a HF polisher too. But mine is like 3 years old now, I swapped out the backing plate with a 5inch "Astro Pneumatic" backing plate that I copped off amerzon for like 7 or 8 bucks. Oh, and don't bother with the Harbor Freight backing plate or the cheap ass pads they sell at Harbor Freight...
  9. ScottyBoy

    Changing oil pan gasket.

    I just replaced the oil pan gasket on my 2001 back in March. Being that I have a 2wd, it wasn't terribly difficult. My only real obstacle was dropping the crossmember. Other than that, it was pretty straightforward.
  10. ScottyBoy

    My 06 Suburban LTZ/ 77 K20

    That LTZ is pretty sweet. I saw you post about it over on TahoeYukonForum about it. That carbon fiber looking dash bezel and door switch bezels seem to have ONLY come on the 06 LTZ. Then they seemed to have robbed parts from other GMT800 vehicles like the Silverado SS 20's, and the Escalade door...
  11. ScottyBoy

    Electric Fans Run Constant

    I concur with Ginger.
  12. ScottyBoy

    For Sale: 2007 Chevrolet Suburban LTZ with 153k miles

    Nice Burban. Good luck with the sale. I wish I could afford to upgrade. But I am broke and unemployed so I have to just stick with my old ass, paid for 2001 Burban. :( I almost bought a 2015 Silverado Crew Cab back in early 2015, drove a rental for almost a month while my wife's car was in the...
  13. ScottyBoy

    Aftermarket and OEM headunit both installed and working?

    You basically have two options to get this to work. The diodes won't work right on speaker wires. 1. You can just wire it up and mount some aftermarket speakers somewhere as well, like under or behind the seats. 2. The second option would be to wire relays up to the speaker wires and have the...
  14. ScottyBoy

    Static cling window tint

    I had it almost 20 years ago on my first car. It was straight up garbage. Was hell just to get it to stick, and it would ALWAYS come off if I tried to roll the window down. Hopefully it's improved over the years and gotten a lot thinner and sticks to the glass better. If not, it's just a waste...
  15. ScottyBoy


    ^^This. I have ordered a cluster before on Rockauto for the work truck at my previous employer. When you order it, they ask what the current mileage is on your cluster. (Or basically what you want them to program your new cluster to). Once you get your core charge back, you basically have a...
  16. ScottyBoy

    Coolant smell at front of truck

    I have had my heater hoses leak at those plastic quick connect fittings, and I had my water pump fail exactly this same way. I smelled coolant and I didn't see any visible leaks, yet I was losing about a quart of coolant every 3-4 weeks. I FINALLY discovered that it had a slow leak at the weep...
  17. ScottyBoy

    02 Suburban

    If you still need a harness, I have several 1995-2002 GM radio harnesses laying in my tool box. I'll mail you one for just the cost of shipping if you want.
  18. ScottyBoy

    Your vehicles as they sit now!

    Hmmm, I just redid my front brakes and I was wondering about the hubs. I can feel some slight resistance when turning the wheel by hand, but there no play or wiggle in them. Truck is a 2001 with about 150k miles. I seriously doubt the PO replaced them because I bought this truck back in 2006...
  19. ScottyBoy

    NNBS DIY Fog Light Wiring Harness

    Hmm, I don't remember seeing any texts about that harness. How long ago was that? Because I was without a phone for several weeks when my last phone broke. That was back around New year's though. Anyways, you know my number and you know where I live. Hell, you work like 3 or 4 blocks from my...