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  1. slicksierra

    For Sale: Clear Retrofitted Denali Projectors and Clear APC Taillights.

    Discontinued Clear Denali Style Projectors. Retrofitted in 2014 with Morimoto Mini H1 6.0’s. Lenses were refinished using Meguiars Two Step system. Driver’s side headlight bracket has been jb welded. Includes HID ballasts and 5000k bulbs ready to drop in and run. $350 obo. Buyer pays...
  2. slicksierra

    For Sale: VLEDs 5K 3157 Switchbacks

    Titles says it all. Working condition. $80.00 for all 4 shipped OBO Located in Willow Street, PA Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  3. slicksierra

    SlickSierra v2.0

    As some of you on social media and personal contact may know, after the RCLB was totaled in February in an ice storm, I had been on the hunt for a upgrade/replacement. Immediately I began to look at all models that came with a larger engine in the 1500 platform. K2xx 6.2s were wayyyy out of the...
  4. slicksierra

    Wanted: WTB OEM Fender flares

    Looking to buy either smooth painted any color (black preferred) or textured OEM fender flares in good shape. Has to be OEM though only stipulation Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. slicksierra

    Brand new vleds HI VIS Amber 194 bulbs

    Hi guys, selling these brand new bulbs, no issues with them at all just didn't like the way they looked in the corner light next to my new switchbacks. Retail is 18.00 for the pair plus 6.00 for the shipping. 20 bucks and I'll ship them fo free. Here's a link: HIGH-VIS AMBER 4 LED BULBS 194...
  6. slicksierra

    Wanted: Samsung Galaxy 4G phone Verizon

    So I dropped my HTC One M8 while getting out of my truck this morning, screen is cracked and spider webbed and there is some damage to the LCD as well. Phone is 5 months out of insurance/warranty and I'm only I half way through my contract. Next available upgrade is November on my family plan...
  7. slicksierra

    Help me get free stuff

    So here's the deal. It's a referral program from Detailed Image, except you don't have to buy anything all you have to do is sign up for the newsletter and that's a credit toward free detailing supplies. So if you detail your own truck or vehicles check this site out, and sign up for that...
  8. slicksierra

    WTB NNBS stock air box.

    Like the title says looking for a stock nnbs air box if someone has one laying around. LMK Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  9. slicksierra

    For Sale: Microfiber towels

    Selling some microfiber towels that collect dust of my shelves. Selling my Adams Great White waffle weave drying towel. Good shape with hardly any staining not much use over the last year. $19.00+shipping Also selling 4 16"x24" blue waffle weave towels. One pair is from Adams the other is...
  10. slicksierra

    For Sale: Discounted detailing products Shine Supply, Adams Polishes

    Hey guys trying to make some room on my shelves by selling some products I just don't use anymore. All these last step products and polishes work great and the waxes are top notch I just don't have use for them anymore since I have coated my truck. Few items from Shine Supply that I had on my...
  11. slicksierra

    Detailing hacks!

    Not sure if we have a thread like this but I know there are more than enough pictures and videos to kick this thing off! HOW TO WAX A CAR - YouTube
  12. slicksierra

    18x9 BBS wheels

    Tried flipping these wheels but no luck. Now just looking to get out what I put in, strapped for cash. Link to eBay listing with pics and shipping info. Looking to get what I paid for em $250. located in Flemington, Nj. Pm or comment with any questions. BBs RW Truck Wheels | eBay
  13. slicksierra

    Winter Prep plans

    So winter will be here before we all know it and since I have given my truck a half decent correction I wanna do the best I can to maintain it over winter. This has me at two different schools of thought, a crossroads if you will. Last winter I had prepped the truck with Adams quick sealant then...
  14. slicksierra

    to Seafoam or NAWWW?

    Hello CGM I am currently replacing knock sensors. taking the intake manifold off I have noticed that I have a shit ton or carbon on the intake manifold and the intake runners on the head. Its only in the runners. from what I can see behind the valves looks good. I have never sea foamed before...
  15. slicksierra

    Non- GM related wiring question

    Hey guys Ive been helping my brother mod his truck. its a 2001 ford f150 super crew Lariat. He recently got a headlight upgrade which were these: Depo 330-1119PXASC2 Headlight Projector with Park Lamp and Black Bezel: Automotive They came with a new wiring harness that uses the...
  16. slicksierra

    WTB OEM NBS Sierra drivers side headlight bracket pn 16524544

    So I got hooked up big time by Khaos on some clear OEM lights, but one light is missing a bracket/cradle. Figured I would post it up see if anyone had one laying around. Only interested in OEM. Thanks
  17. slicksierra

    WTB: stock NBS GMC headlights Clear or amber

    Hey all, I tried to clear my headlights today and broke part of the reflector. I'm gonna doctor it up just enough so I can run it for a few days. If anyone has a pair laying around clear or stock aftermarket or OEM I don't care . Just let me know Sent from my potato
  18. slicksierra

    Adams now on Amazon with Prime!

    Hey guys when i was product shopping this morning I noticed that Adams Polishes is now on stocker on and available with there prime membership free 2 day shipping. This is an awesome advancement in there business. Having products sooner and with free shipping is always a major plus...
  19. slicksierra


    Recently sold him a tailgate bezel. After ironing out some paypal kinks he payed me promptly and was extremely pleasant to communicate with. Thanks for your business!
  20. slicksierra

    Disable Auto headlights 99-02

    This is the how to I followed for disabling the auto headlight feature on my truck, I added pictures which helps you visual learners: '99-'02 TRUCKS ONLY w/o AUTO CLIMATE CONTROLS Basically you will need a pair of wire cutters and a 1.5K ohm 1/2 watt resistor that you can get at Radio Shack...