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  1. Hunter.

    Your vehicles as they sit now!

  2. Hunter.

    Huck's 2006 Sierra Crew

    Do it the 4.10s are about it.
  3. Hunter.

    Your vehicles as they sit now!

  4. Hunter.

    Your vehicles as they sit now!

  5. Hunter.

    The Rag

    Cash talks, someone wanted it more than I did. If it had been a 4dr I'd probably still be driving it :shrug: . Appreciate the complements though!
  6. Hunter.

    Whore out your tint

    5% on the front matched all around, no strip or tint on windshield
  7. Hunter.

    Your vehicles as they sit now!

  8. Hunter.

    The Rag

    :wave: Been a while since I've posted Sold this Drove this for a while Bought this 2007.5+ NNBS ccsb lt z71 4x4 5.3/4l60e/4.10s/5" rcx/22x9 tbss replicas/285/55/22 trail grapplers first wax future plans: cleared headlights bigger block in black leather 4-8 cyl delete...
  9. Hunter.

    Victory Red Revival

    Thanks y'all. Got some new tires 295/55/20 trail grapplers
  10. Hunter.

    tbss reps shopped

    They make them in 20s yet?
  11. Hunter.

    Victory Red Revival

    :shake: They painted everything on the truck except the damn roof, took the bed off to paint the back part of the cab etc. It looks great I have a lot of people that work at other body shops ask me about it and complement me on it. There were A LOT of dings all over this truck too, they did...
  12. Hunter.

    17" 6 spoke OEM Sierra wheels and 285/70/17 Mickey Thompson ATZ

    Like new 285/70/17 Mickey Thompson ATZ on 17" 2010 Sierra wheels, tires look like new. I have both bowtie center caps and GMC center caps. LOCAL SALE ONLY. $1150, location: Wilmington, NC. wheels $425 tires $750
  13. Hunter.

    Victory Red Revival

    :shake: Thanks man. I think I am going to take it off tomorrow and scuff it. Thanks man. I might try and take some with my cheap Nikon tomorrow.
  14. Hunter.

    Your vehicles as they sit now!

  15. Hunter.

    Victory Red Revival

    No, from VVME.
  16. Hunter.

    SEM Interior colormatched paint?

    I used SEM on my dash and stuff. Matches great.
  17. Hunter.

    Victory Red Revival

    HID 5k lows 5k Lows and Fogs :squatlife: waxed it bowtie caps 5w CREE reverse lights 285/70/17 atz Random Tire got put on today
  18. Hunter.

    anybody ever seen a silverado bumper like this?

    :word: on the 03-07 unit.
  19. Hunter.

    Finally, some good reverse light LEDs

    Fuuuuuuu backorder.